Kitz explores sales tax – shuts out Republicans

by NW Spotlight

The Oregonian is reporting that Governor Kitzhaber has been “quietly and informally” meeting over the last six months to “find common ground among a broad swath of interest groups, including business, labor and local governments,” on restructuring state taxes.

The labor group mentioned in the article was SEIU, that combined with fellow public employee union AFSCME, contributed $750,000 to Kitzhaber’s 2010 gubernatorial campaign. The “business” organization mentioned was the Oregon Business Association (OBA). The OBA was founded to represent businesses with “more moderate to progressive views.” OBA supports the elimination of the personal and corporate kickers, and is headed by former Democratic state legislator Ryan Deckert.

Kitzhaber has been having state revenue officials analyze a number of tax scenarios, most of them looking at some form of a sales tax “against lowering Oregon’s highest-in-the-nation income taxes.”

According to the Oregonian, Republicans have been excluded over the last six months: “Republican House Co-speaker Bruce Hanna was surprised to learn about the talks, as was Rep. Vicki Berger, Republican co-chair of the House Revenue Committee.”

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  • Rupert in Springfield

    The SEIU and AFSCME, great. I’m not sure what groups you could possibly meet with that sends a clearer signal that its time to wring more money out of those damn taxpayers.

  • Mike in Selma

    Doesn’t mater how much revenue. They will NEVER have enough to keep buying their jobs and opening doors for themselves …………….

  • conservatively speaking

    Kitzhaber’s tax utopia would be to NOT simply add a 3rd leg (tripod) support for governmentium nirvana, but suck all income into the contingency room of his Mt. Olympus treasury deportment and redistribute as he and his phoney baloney cronies see fit.

    Nuts to any such scheme-antics. Period!

  • Marvin McConoughey

    The concept of tax reform would receive greater public support if only those calling for reform were honest with taxpayers. Without any great exception, all proposed Oregon tax reforms are merely a cloak for trying to reduce retained household earnings. Most Oregonians may think that their household earnings have been reduced quite enough by Oregon’s slow economy.

    • Rupert in Springfield

      So true.

  • Oregonnative

    Wow, a governor that spends money like candy and taxes about 50 % of the population. Once we started the Oregon Health plan we have been subisided by the Feds. We are being subsiside by the feds because Oregon is the top 5 Food Stamps recipitents in the nation. Wow, governor you have something to be proud of..
    Let us not kid ourselves here, our governor will retire with triple PERS. and he is taxing us to pay for this. He is being like our “President of the USA”, just make a ruling and that is it for the people of our proud state ! ! !.
    Can you inagine that 50% of the people of Oregon are on food stamps and Oregon recieves money from the feds because the state is over budjet.
    My question is to our Governor: Who is really going to pay and why?
    Oregon has changed…

  • Mike

    A sales tax is the only way to get the poor to pay taxes.

  • conservatively speaking

    The 44th POTUS has been described as bearing a ‘narcissist’ disorder – and, indeed, is not the prognosis also manifesto-ed attending regon’s 35/37th GOTSO?“`Yes, evidences exuded, one can observe so and sufficient to apprise them with a tea party in their illusory bay of governmentium digs. Mitt Romney and Allan Alley belong in the respective chairs to rehab US back to fiscal health.

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