Oregon gets good marks for being small business friendly

by NW Spotlight

A November 8, 2012, article in Entrepreneur titled “Which State Is Best for Small Business?” gives Oregon a grade of “A-” based on a survey earlier this year from Thumbtack.com and the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. In the actual Thumbtack.com survey, Oregon received an overall grade of “B” in Small Business Friendliness.

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Oregon’s best individual category rating in the 2012 Entrepreneur survey was an “A-” for “Ease of starting a business”, and Oregon’s worst individual rating was an “F” for “Hiring costs”. Click here to see all Oregon’s individual category ratings.

One of the comments in the survey came from a dog trainer in Deschutes County “There isn’t any sales tax in Oregon. That is a huge thing in making it easy to start a business and to operate a business.” A wedding photographer in Columbia County noted “The fees and taxes seem high, and the regulations for some types of businesses are unfriendly.”

Oregon’s good marks for being small business friendly differ from a survey last year by Chief Executive of 550 CEO’s. That survey placed Oregon near the bottom (#33) for maintaining a business-friendly atmosphere.

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  • mike

    they obviously did not interview anyone with an actual small business. This state is the most unfriendly around. And the phone tax…don’t get me started.

    • Oregon Engineer

      Mike you must live in Portland. Last one out turn out the lights.

      • valley person

        And move to where…Curry County? Portland businesses are thriving compared to most of the state.

    • Oregon Engineer

      Mike. You must live in Portland. Last one to leave turn out the lights.

  • @oraclelink

    The only way they could justify this rediculous claim is if the only criteria judged was if it is based on taking advantage of the massive cheap labor pool. I’m with mike in ‘don’t get me started’ either.

  • http://www.facebook.com/burton.keeble Burton Keeble

    I can just hear the stampede for Oregon. Katie, bar the door!

  • HBguy

    Here is the data, how it was analyzed and the explanation of the Kaufman survey.


    Kauffman is not some Marxist organization ladies and gentlemen. It is an established, well funded, non profit focusing on entreprenuers and appears to have a deep knowledge of the area.

    It’s study focused on (true) small businesses and entreprenuers. And I’d ask you to consider what is more accurate, a real survey or real Oregon small business persons, or a survey of 550 CEO’s who may most probably have never even opened an office in Oregon and certainly, with two exceptions perhaps, never even had an office here. Heck, some may never have even stayed overnight here.

    On a very related note, the reason the Republican party cannot attract moderates in Oregon is because it seems like facts don’t matter to many in the republican base when those facts contradict their ideology and beliefs. Why would voters trust power to candidates who have too often denied science, economics, and history in favor of ideological purity and fervent assuredness in the face of contradictory facts.

    So…..while there may be problems with the Kaufman survey and analysis, a knee jerk rejection because it doesn’t fit a certain belief system isn’t very convincing.

  • DavidAppell

    #33 is “near the bottom??” Hardly — its in the middle.

    These kinds of lies are why it’s difficult to take so-called conservatives seriously.

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