Speaker John Boehner: spending is the problem

U.S. House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio)

Here’s a copy of a House Budget Committee chart I used at a press conference this week to show how Washington’s spending problem threatens our future. As you can see, the president’s fiscal cliff plan does nothing to address runaway spending.

House Republicans are offering a truly balanced approach to avert the fiscal cliff with significant cuts and new revenue generated by closing special-interest loopholes. If the president will step up and acknowledge Washington has a spending problem that can’t be fixed with tax increases, I think we can begin to do some real good for our economy over the days ahead.

[chart is from the American Enterprise Institute]

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  • HBguy

    This is great. So in order to put this graph together, the Republican leadership has to know where all the money is being spent on.

    So, can I expect tomorrow the Republican leadership to announce what spending on what programs it believes has to be cut?

    No, of course not.

    Here’s the Republican dilema. In the past, voters would turn on anyone who proposed either tax increases or spending cuts. So the R’s and D’s had a sort of mutually assured destruction standoff.

    But times have changed, and now the D’s aren’t afraid to announce their tax increases because the voters approve of them. But the voters still don’t want spending cuts, so the Republicans are in quite a pickle. They are trying the best they can to make the D’s propose the benefit cuts as well as the tax increases, but so far, that hasn’t worked.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Republicans in congress have brought up a budget every year for the past three years. The Ryan budget. Hank Reid brought up an Obama budget once a few years ago and it went down in flames. He hasn’t brought one up since out of fear of the same embarrassment. Obama has no intention, interest or inclination to cut spending. Republicans need to face that and call it good. Walk away, you are going to get blamed anyway. Spend your time on getting the PR right rather than negotiating with someone who has no intention of compromising.

  • valley person

    Interesting. Assuming the validity of the chart, which is assuming a lot given the source, the chart confirms that our deficit/debt problem is not a “growing’ thing until 2021, presumably because we will have a lot more old people cashing SS checks and on Medicare and Medicaid.

    So if we really want to tackle that problem, we have to cut the benefits of the only age group that just tried to elect Republicans, or we have to raise taxes further than Obama has proposed, or we have to better control medical costs.

    Republicans seem to have selected option 1, which should doom them to permanent minority status.

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