Rep. Greg Walden: Obamacare increasing health insurance 27-55% in Oregon


U.S. Rep. Greg Walden (R-Ore.)

You deserve to know why your health insurance costs are going up

At many of my town hall meetings this year, I’ve heard from Oregonians about the rising costs of health insurance. Unfortunately, the new health care law is expected to make this problem worse, according to a new report by the House Energy and Commerce Committee (Click here to read the report ). In fact, premiums in the “individual market” are expected to rise by 27 percent to 55 percent in Oregon due to the health care law.

If the federal government is going to play such a big role in our health care going forward, we have the right to know just how much it costs us. That’s why I introduced the “Patients’ Right to Know Act,” which will require health insurers to provide consumers with a line-by-line summary of how the new health care law’s taxes and fees are impacting their insurance premiums.

As I looked at my home power bill from PacifiCorp this weekend, I noticed how that company has a very detailed disclosure of charges, including amounts pre-paid for the potential removal of the Klamath River dams.

During the debate over the health care law, then-Speaker Pelosi said “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.” Well, it’s law. Consumers deserve the right to know how much of their premium is attributable to the nearly trillion dollars in taxes associated with the new health care law. You have a right to know how these new taxes and fees add to the cost of your health insurance premium.

The committee I serve on, the House Energy and Commerce Committee, held a hearing on the impact of the health care law on insurance premiums last week, and discussed my bill. I’ll keep you posted as it works its way through the process.

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  • DavidAppell

    Single Payer Now.

    • Appell Sauce

      Move to Canada David. Oh, that’s right, their immigration laws don’t permit the unproductive and useless to immigrate.

  • Even Ally Alley can do better

    IMO, Greg Walden ‘quantifies’ as in position boding as the next really good Governor for the State of Oregon.
    Reality, since Tom McCall an’ even his more condescending com-promssioner, Vic Atiyeh (ahem!) virtually farced with foul bawlers, hackers on deck, i.e;. predator infamous, BFDeel Goldschmidt. upstanding in the sock puppet drawers of udder sugar-booger parfait-accompi, Robe’s peer Straubeneur, BooraBarbaraUS CONfusUS – and OMG, the beast nitwithstang three interminable Jaundice KitzenjammerHead, current resigrunt of hiss boom bah consort of CylivaDream, visqueen of Malapropia Hall.

    • See what’s obscene jellybean

      three interminable…periods pending maintenance of malpractice, Juandice…

      Well hell, know small wonder attending PT Burnum’s infamous guote,

  • D = Dunce

    How long is it going to take some people to realize that the classic democrat play is to impose crippling bureaucracy, often favorable to key constituencies, on market sectors until they’re screwed up, and then claim they need to be completely overhauled with more regulation to “Fix.”

    Democrat meddling in mortgage lending practices led to the 2008 crash, Democrat meddling in healthcare (and both parties’ open border policies) led to much of the skyrocketing healthcare prices over the last twenty years, and now Obamacare accelerates those cost increases. The D solution? Have the government take total control of healthcare.

    Really, how stupid are you folks who keep voting D?

    • DavidAppell

      A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep. (Saul Bellow) It was unregulated market greed that caused the housing crisis, not any party’s meddling, and it been unregulated market greed that’s created the unaffordable prices in US health care. Immigration has nothing to do with it (except as a scapegoat for some people).

      Every advanced country in the world has health care that is cheaper than ours, better than ours, and universal. Our system is primarily intended to ensure profits of insurers, hospitals, and doctors, not to serve people’s needs, and most Republicans like it that way just fine.

      • havetoask

        I must compliment you on your Saul Bellow’s quote. He was really brilliant and apparently knew you all too well as you certainly personify the meaning of his statement.

  • D = Dunce

    Greg Walden – first to close the barn door after the horses are out.

  • marvinmcconoughey

    This is an excellent essay and the reform sought by U.S. Representative Walden is doable and useful. As with most new federal programs, consumer knowledge of costs helps individuals understand program effects, and helps program managers to monitor the program and seek reforms where needed.

  • HBguy

    My company’s Kaiser health care premiums went up less than 1% this year. I couldn’t believe it, after annual increase of between 8-18% year after year.
    I know that a single anecdotal incident doesn’t mean that its a universal truth, but I have to think that if that’s all Kaiser raised their premiums, there must be something more to what Rep. Walden is reporting. Like perhaps the individual market is different than the group market. I suppose if the individual market can no longer just take healthy people, and has to provide a level of care similar to the group market (There are some really crappy individual policies out there that are cheap), then the individual market probably is going up a lot. Of course, that means that for us using the group rates, we don’t have to pay for all those uninsured or underinsured (with their lousy coverage) anymore.

    So…how have other peoples group rates been this year?

  • havetoask

    Doesn’t it confuse you when you hear Walden and so many other Congressman berate ObamaCare but still fund the damn thing?

    • DavidAppell

      Not really. Republicans would berate Obama if he said the sky was blue. Obamacare’s individual mandate is, of course, what conservatives suggested 20 years ago and what Mitt Romney instituted in Massachusetts. If Romney hadn’t had to pretend he never did that, in order to appease the extreme components of his own party, he might be President right now.

      • guest

        Say hey Br’er Rabbit, beware of the ObamaCareSnare so covertly hidden, not even the Easter Bunny knows what’s really in the basket .

        Per se, who eggzactly in ConnedUS read the entire document before bloating it into law?

        Answer: Knot nearly enough to hang this ill-Constitutional rag out to dry, dragnabbit!

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