Exclusive: Democrat Governor Candidate Poll

Riley Research poll: Of these potential candidates, respondents were most familiar with Bill Bradbury (78%), followed by Rick Metsger (62%). Of those who indicated they were familiar with Bradbury and Metsger, 25% and 13% (respectively) said they were “very familiar” with those candidates. The sample was 175 (+/-7%)

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  • anonymous

    *”Familiarity breeds contempt”*

    There’s is much “contempt” for Billy Bradbury. He is, afterall, a very contemptible individual and perhaps worse.

  • Provo

    Just the opposite. Bradbury is well known and well likeld. He has been Senate President and SOS and easily could be governor.

    • anonymous

      Yeah I guess you’re right Provo. Billy was so *”well likeld”* (sic), that he got his ass kicked by the contemptible RINO, El Gordo Smith. I yield to you.

  • Vernon

    Where is Kitzhaber?

  • anonymous

    Tieing flies!

  • Bob

    Q: Who paid Riley to do a name-recognition poll of possible candidates, but exclude DeFazio and Kitzhaber?

    A: Someone toward the top of the list of candidates he did include. My money’s on Metsger, a) since Bradbury and Novick are smarter than to release something this useless, and b) with an embarassingly cheap sample size of only 175(!?!) this is clearly meant to be a fishing expedition for cash.

  • Joe Blow

    Bradbury is a buffoon, a mere figurehead and has been exactly that all along. Bill is not smart enough to hold any of the positions he has held, from senate president forward. He is a front guy, who takes credit for things his staff does.

    Right wingers always attack the evil Bill Bradbury for all the bad stuff his crew does. Bradbury doesn’t think this stuff up. Even when he tesitifed before committees, he was scripted.

    No, Bradbury will not be the guy, though Oregonian are easily dumb enough to elect an unqualified, dim-witted person to a high office. That seems to be their preference.

    This time around I am pretty sure it will be the egomaniac doctor who has held the office before who will run and win the Dem primary. Kitzhaber has been coddled all his life and believes he should have everything he wants and he is wanting to be governor again. This time he will run and Bradbury will bow out.

    • anonymous

      You are 100% correct-a-mundo about how dumb Bradbury is and how his staff does the “bad stuff”.

      John Lindback is as EVIL as they come. None worse!

  • UB

    Bradbury/Blagodevich – Novick/No way – Courtney/Cockeyed – Bates/Jefferson States – Kitzhaber/enough already – DeFazio/Godfather – Metzger/Moderate and Larsable.

  • dan

    bill bradbury is horrible.

    he continues to spread his global warmin alarmism mumbo jumbo across the state

    he will be ten times worse than Ted.

  • Bob Clark

    I’d take Metzger over all the other Demo’s. Bradbury’s a union backed hack.

  • Rufor

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