Dennis Linthicum announces primary run against Greg Walden

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Linthicum for Congress

KLAMATH FALLS, ORE. – Today, Klamath County Commissioner Chair Dennis Linthicum announced that he is running against incumbent Republican Congressman Greg Walden for the U.S. Representative position in Oregon’s 2nd District.

“Like many in the 2nd District, I think the Federal government is unwieldy and harmful in its current state,” Linthicum said. “As we saw with the recent shutdown debate – ordinary individuals and businesses are punished for Washington’s inability to manage our money. I want to stand up for everyday Oregonians, the farmers, ranchers, parents, students, entrepreneurs and individuals who make our country great with their ingenuity, work ethic and community spirit.”

“I’ve been so humbled by the outpouring of support during the exploratory phase of this run,” Linthicum continued. “I’m excited to continue to hear from people in the 2nd District as we work together for common-sense policies and individual liberty. Folks here care about economic growth and Constitutional conservatism, but their voice is largely going unheard. We need to allow enterprise to create jobs, build infrastructure and grant opportunity to everyone equally, not creating carve-outs for specific industries or kick-backs for those with connections.”

Linthicum said that his experience as a County Commissioner, a role in which he is very popular, led him to recognize that more reforms are needed at the Federal level. From the county office, he often feels unable to help his community, because of Federal regulations and intrusion on local life. He said this is unfair to Klamath, as well as other counties across Oregon, and he wants to help solve those issues and restore control to citizens and local governments.

Linthicum also said that he is committed to Oregon’s interests first. “I’m not trying to climb a political ladder or gain power,” he said. “I have deep knowledge of the economic forces and environmental issues that Oregonians face, and an inspiring view of America that sees possibility and not liability, hope and not fear. I believe that ‘We the People’ can take on the Washington elites and that every person can make a difference. As part of that, I think I can bring a fresh Constitutional perspective and common-sense solutions to our concerns, that the voters of Oregon’s 2nd District will whole-heartedly support.”

Supporters can help Commissioner Linthicum run for Congress on his website at

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  • .

    Better that Linthicum run for Merkley’s seat.

  • james

    Yes, Run for Mallarkys seat, spelled the way is should be.

  • kat70747

    Merkeley does nothing except bow to Obama, listen to Obama and he does nothing else. Oh sure. Yes. He collects a hefty paycheck so that he NEVER has to listen to Oregonians!

  • Ballistic45

    Mallarky, yes that’s good… Anyway go for Mallark’s seat in the Senate.. He has had his head up Obama’s ass sense he got there. Every time Obama farts Mallarky yells back Yes Master, what ever you want….

  • Craig

    Another unfortunately misguided far right junior county Commissioner that believes taking on one of the best representatives the 2nd district has ever known is a widely supported idea. Those of us in conservative circles that follow Greg Walden and support his efforts will not jump ship for Dennis. Though Dennis has a good heart and his interests are pointed in the right direction, if he were successful at unseating this high level Republican Representative, he would be a solid decade away from reaching anywhere near the position in Congress that Walden now serves. Several of us close to Dennis begged him to stay in his Commissioner role and focus on growing into that role further and helping Walden and the rest of us interested in the same goals that he is. Apparently we failed to convince him that he was going to sacrifice his current constituency in Klamath County for seat that he is not likely to win.

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