Kitzhaber’s Cover Oregon cover up: Run John, run!

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by NW Spotlight

The rollout of Oregon’s health insurance exchange for Obamacare, Cover Oregon, has been a disaster. Oregon was supposed to be leading the nation. The Associated Press noted back in November that “Oregon officials set out to build one of the biggest and best in the nation — a model that other states would want to copy.”

It has now become a national embarrassment, and the state’s CIO in change of building the web site, Carolyn Lawson, has resigned.

It’s becoming obvious that many of the problems were known for a long time before the web site was supposed to launch on October 1, 2013.

KATU has been doing an outstanding job of researching the problems and trying to get answers.

On Thursday, KATU asked Gov. Kitzhaber some tough questions – especially about his having been warned in an email by former state Rep. Patrick Sheehan ten months before the web site launch date about problems with Carolyn Lawson and with the project. Gov. Kitzhaber claimed he hadn’t seen the email, and then the interview was cut short by the Governor’s spokesman.

Gov. Kitzhaber’s spokesman cuts the KATU interview short

Gov. Kitzhaber’s spokesman cuts the KATU interview short

Unfortunately for Gov. Kitzhaber, his running from the tough questions has not gone unnoticed. The Huffington Post ran an article on Friday with the headline Oregon Governor Walks Out Of Interview Over Questions About State’s Health Care Website. The Huffington Post also calls out the December 2012 warning from former state Rep. Patrick Sheehan to Gov. Kitzhaber, and notes that “Kitzhaber denied having seen the email, even though his legislative director responded to it, and claimed he didn’t know of problems with Lawson until late [in 2013].”

Here are some highlights from Thursday’s KATU story on the Cover Oregon disaster:

KATU talked about Gov. John Kitzhaber’s knowledge of the problems with Cover Oregon.

“KATU investigators uncovered a lot of red flags and mismanagement of the project – including a call for the Governor to fire the woman in charge of the botched web site development. Here’s what happened when KATU’s Hillary Lake asked him about that today.”

KATU “You knew about some of those red flags, or your office knew about some of those red flags – specifically with Carolyn Lawson – and people calling for her to be let go far before she resigned.”

Gov. Kitzhaber “Well I knew about the problems in late October – is when I first learned about the problems.”

“But ten months earlier, Rep. Patrick Sheehan sent an email to Gov. Kitzhaber’s Legislative Director pushing for the Governor to take dramatic action to change the course of the project. Sheehan was on the Legislative Oversight Committee for the project. He wrote that Carolyn Lawson should be terminated. She’s the woman who was in charge of developing the web site until she resigned for ‘personal reasons’ last month. Sheehan wrote Lawson was unfairly and untruthfully favoring Oracle as the only software company that could build Cover Oregon – when in fact other companies could have done the job.”

KATU “We have an email from Rep. Patrick Sheehan that went to you, and he encouraged you at the end of 2012 to let her go.”

Gov. Kitzhaber “It may have gone to my office, but I didn’t see it.”

KATU “You never actually saw it, OK.”

The Governor’s spokesman then said the interview would have to wrap up after one more question.

KATU later asked former state Rep. Patrick Sheehan (R-Clackamas) about the Governor’s claims that he hadn’t seen Sheehan’s December 2012 email.

Rep Patrick Sheehan

Sheehan “Well that’s disappointing, the Legislature is the eyes and ears of the people, and when a legislator brings something like that up, with all those flags, the Governor should pay attention.”

KATU “Do you believe he never got this information?”

Sheehan “Of course not.”

KATU “What makes you say that?”

Sheehan “This is the method that you get something to the Governor in the rare instance that you need to get something to him.”

Below are two different segments that aired on KATU on Thursday on Gov. Kitzhaber’s knowledge of the problems with Cover Oregon. They are well worth watching.

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  • Bob Clark

    I can’t believe this guy is the leading choice for governor. I can understand Democrats holding off running, as he’s the head of their party. But there’s got to be somebody on the GOP side with speaking capabilities. The biggest and most effective counter line is simply this: Isn’t twelve years enough already? Then, its “Rudy Crew,” Cover-up Oregon, Patricia Mackay(spelling) ethics investigation and CRC, the much failed state student testing program (CIM/CAM), and the first years of the Oregon Health Plan which Kitzhaber himself at one point called a failure. Twelve years of top down central planning, bureaucratic failings with Oregon’s economic standing relative to neighboring Washington state plummeting, not in coincidentally.
    Dudley only lost to this guy by 20,000 votes, and he was a novice with name recognition only and no debate skills. Dennis Richardson is running but his machine is rather quiet given the opportunities to present a different course. This is totally unbelievable. Where’s Vic Ateyah when you need him?

    • guest

      I do believe Allen Alley as capable of restoring common sense attending a diversion from Kitzhaber’s DNCgod slurry that’s gone on since ‘anneal’ sic [administrative pedophile] Goldschmidt’s] maladministration beget in 1987.

      On another denote: Methinks Scott Bruun would make for a 24k gold Secretary of State candidate who cud take out the Dem blubber stamp, Kate Brown. and udder left wing aspirants like Tina Kotek from their supercilious un-Tom McCall-like ruminations

      Too, condemn them udder Demeanors on the Left Coast, who bilk like Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Maria Cantwell and Patty ’em on the faus pas Murray – all deserving of of being extracted from their DEMass seats in Congress, asap!

      • harrymallory

        Even the RINO Allen Alley is no match for the “Progressive” juggernaut. Liberalism will always fail, but will also always be somebody elses fault.

        • guest

          Negatory! Oregon still has some common sense bright stars and if you disapprove of Allen Alley, there’s others capable of turning the narcissist dotty gov’s insight out. I sincerely hope the good doctor seeking Malarkey’s seat won’t be discouraged if the Dems deny her an opportunity to prove she’s the right stuff to represent Oregon in Congress or Salem.

          • harrymallory

            Capable has nothing to do with it. Reason and common sense has nothing to do with it. Emotional narrative is all that counts. It makes no difference who you put up. The media will always knock that person down and the majority of the electorate isnt going to bother to look beneath the surface.

          • .

            Might you feel a tad inCONtent with “Ralph” (cede dung below) pulling your leg – or, at least sniffing and or tinkling your sensibilities with his cuckold knows?

          • harrymallory

            Im sorry, could you filter that out so that it makes sense? Thanks.

          • .

            Did you slake in Ralph’s trough (below) before placing what you stated above in jeopardy?

        • Alex

          Alley is NOT a RINO. He worked with the Tea Party on the anti-Measure 66/67 campaign.

          • harrymallory

            Oh yes, he’s a RINO. Agreeing with a couple of actual conservative issues doesnt make him a conservative if he’s also swallowing the environmentalist cause and he supports the man made global warming nonsense agenda. Alley’s not a true conservative and not a fit replacement for Kitzhaber.

          • Alex

            I’ll bite. Who do you suggest then? Serious question. If the answer is “nobody is going to win”, then I don’t want to hear it.

            Alley is pro-life, pro-gun, pro-business, and in Oregon, that’s good enough for me. You’ll never find a 100% fit anywhere.

            Frankly, I’d even be fine with a “RINO” in Oregon over the Democrats who are less like the party of Kennedy and more like the Tammany Hill boss system with the OEA at the head.

          • harrymallory

            Why do you assume Im not serious when I say not even a RINO will win? I mean what I say. Its a blue state thru-and thru. Thats just the reality.

          • guest

            “You can’t prevent birds of sorrow from flying over your head, but you can prevent them from buildng nests in your hair.” ~ Chinese Proverb

            Oregon Dems ought be red faced for their deeds but won’t be until their schlep of state is overturned by commoner sense that last I heard, wasn’t deceased as yet.

          • harrymallory

            Why would Dems need to be red-faced? To be embarrassed you need to have to feel that youve diminished yourself in the eyes of your peers. Being a Dem and diminishing yourself in the eyes of conservatives only makes you a hero to your liberal peers. The media will continue to cover for you. Common sense was killed off in this state decades ago.

          • .

            May your cynical cycle Oregon be put in a s’longboat outbound for China or propelled toward the outer spaced gesticles entailing David Appell White.

          • .

            Then why, harrumallory, continue with culling Barred Owls to spare Spotted Owls – or, isn’t all left wing governmentia nuttn’ butt a crock of do do bard of poo-poopery nonsense ?

  • james

    This can be expected from KitSLABBER, the same as he was before as a useless Governor.

  • John J Radford

    With the DMV project early 1990’s, ODOT’s financial system back in the mid 80’s, major PERS system issues early 2000’s, and now a national disaster in 2013; one would eventually think leadership would start to evaluate the underlying structural causes which should begin not in politics, but in a deep self evaluation of Oregon’s weaknesses and an honest assessment of it’s capabilities.

  • schmuck281

    Evidently the ghost of John Banner is running political seminars for Democrat Pols. Dems like Obama and Kitz attend a six week class which consists of Banner’s (Sergeant Schultz from Hogans Heros) ghost having them repeat “I know nothink!” over and over again. It is held at 5 Star Resorts in the Bahamas and Hawaii with the $13 million pricetag billed as “A really, really cheap office supplies, Inc”.

  • justicewon1

    Do not re-elect, for third term, Kitzhaber. His days are over. I have never elected him, and never will. We need a good, positive Conservative.

  • Myke

    Whats odd is in New Jersey, the FBI gets involved because the traffic gets backed up. But in Oregon, where the tax payers get bilked out of 300 million dollars, know one knows anything. Apathy rules the day. This should be in every headline, “Where is the Money?”

  • Ralph

    This man is very smart and will soon fix everything. These things are complicated and most people don’t know just how smart he is.
    I, for one, am very impressed with this man’s ability to fool people every election. How smart is that?
    Very smart.

    • Myke

      Its the boots, keeps him above the bull…

  • Oracle is a Database Server. They work with the companies to give them the design to create the programs needed to make the websites happen. The people in charge building the system for Oregon told me we can’t turn it on with out crashing. This was 3 weeks before the Oct.1st rollout. If Kitzhaber didn’t know then he was too busy trying not to know. He is a complete liar and blaming Oracle is a complete joke. Period.

    • guest

      And Kitzhaber is a travesty attending the old poke: “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me!” D’oh, fool me ‘forgivin’ Kitzhaber a third term, [sic} on the ad – and get a load of the Oregon’s lemming dream song this sway: Napoleon XIV: They’re coming to take…

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