Missing: Gov. Kitzhaber – please call KATU if found!

KitzCarton thb Missing: Gov. Kitzhaber   please call KATU if found!

by NW Spotlight

Oregon Gov. Kitzhaber made national news in early January after he bolted when asked a tough Cover Oregon question by KATU.

As we reported back on January 11th “ KATU asked Gov. Kitzhaber some tough questions – especially about his having been warned in an email by former state Rep. Patrick Sheehan ten months before the web site launch date about problems with Carolyn Lawson and with the project. Gov. Kitzhaber claimed he hadn’t seen the email, and then the interview was cut short by the Governor’s spokesman.”

Well, it looks like things have gone from bad to worse for Gov. Kitzhaber.

KATU has more questions for him, and now he’s gone missing! KATU’s Hillary Lake had scheduled an interview with Gov. Kitzhaber yesterday – after trying to get the Governor to answer more questions for weeks. Then KATU got a call from the Governor’s office claiming there was no interview, but KATU has the email confirming the interview.

What is Governor Kitzhaber hiding? Why won’t he talk to KATU?

Click here to watch KATU’s excellent coverage this week of the Cover Oregon disaster.

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  • Sally

    This blue-Jeaned cowboy doctor has all the answers, so why is hiding like a little crybaby?

  • tmukherjee711
  • NotaNiceGuy

    Looking for leadership? You won’t find it with this re-tread!

  • Bob Clark

    Actually, State Representative Richardson was also out in front of the Cover Up Oregon fiasco, and sent the governor a letter I think in August of last year warning him of serious problems in the Cover Oregon exchange roll out.

    Kitzhaber is the epitome of the typical downside to Soviet Style Centrally planned economies. Rudy Crew, Educational testing called CIM/CAM, DMV computer failure, Oregon Health Plan one which couldn’t be funded and went to a selective Lottery system, Oregon Health Plan two which will no doubt within a few years also become seriously underfunded; and most importantly, more than a decade of plummeting relative economic performance vis-a-via the neighboring state of Washington under the government centered regime of Kitzhaber 1, Kulongoski, and Kitzhaber 2.

    Sure would be nice if Richardson could sneak in as Governor for a term or two. This would put off the possibility of socialist Tina Kotek for maybe as many as 16 years, seeing how Wheeler is next up for the Dems after Kitzhaber.

  • Noble Durham

    John Kitzhaber: Ad infinitum lock, stock and barrel of gaffes, continuing to ‘blue’ Oregon over and away since Neil Goldschmidt smurf-ed onto the scene, January 12, 1987.
    nil carborundum illegitemi

    “Yes We Can” Restore OR state dignity and fiscal responsibility by taking Dem responsible out to Animal Farm in MD or RI.

  • Jack Lord God

    Politicians are interested only in power over your health care, not the actual health care anyone gets.

    The proof of that is in their actions. Once the health care laws are passed, Oregon Health Care Plan, Obamacare, the power granted to politicians is instant. They lose interest right after that. These guys don’t give a damn about your health care, what they do care about is power over it.

    Did Kitzhaber follow progress on Cover Oregon in a manner that someone actually interested in the publics health care would? No, he didn’t, that’s why it was a surprise to him when it failed.

    Did Obama follow the problems with Obamacare in a manner of someone actually interested in the issue? Nope. When problems arose we got the standard “Gee, wasn’t here, first time I heard of it read about it in the papers like you”

    Now consider their other actions – Was Obama ahead of the curve when he postponed the employer mandate? You bet, that guy was on top of that one, postponing it long before the individual mandate struck and people got shafted, turning them even more against Obamacare.

    Somehow Obama was really on the ball with an issue that would affect election results, but gee, on the website, or issues that actually affect people, he just didn’t know.

    With that kind of overwhelming evidence only a chump could still believe these guys are trying to help with health care.

  • james

    Let’s get rid of Kitslabber.

    • .

      Indeed, this PT Barnum redux ought be to forwarded on to stage at Scary Reid’s, Jerque du Solei in Lost Wages, Nevamindah!

  • tmukherjee711
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