Lars Larson: Stop the silly lawsuits


by Lars Larson

It’s about time we stopped silly lawsuits over things like Cup-a-Soup.

A mother has a cup of soup. Her teenage daughter accidently spills it on her little 3-year-old brother. The little boy suffers third degree burns. It’s terrible, he’s had to have skin grafts.

But now the mother is blaming the company that makes Cup Noodles. Cup Noodles is a simple product, it comes dry, you put hot water into it and you’ve got a soup.

The 16-year-old girl accidently spilled that soup on her brother. That’s not the noodle company’s fault. And the mother is saying that the noodle company should redesign its cups to make it harder to spill out of them.

How about this? Just take ordinary care. If you’re handling hot liquids around little kids, if you spill them it’s your fault.

Start taking responsibility and stop looking for a big lawsuit lottery payout that’s going to fatten your bank account and do no good for anybody else in America.

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  • DavidAppell

    Lars’ entire job is about stiring up outrage. Obviously it doens’t matter about what.

    • Leathermouth

      YOUR entire job is about stirring up outrage. Obviously it doesn’t matter about what.

    • David Clark

      David, do you have any problem with what Lars wrote?

      You appear to have no facts, so you launch a personal attack.

      • .

        Appell, lacking one of his personally ‘roiled’ out pie charts, miscalculated the arc of his applique, that boomeranged back and ‘left’ him foaming around the mouth of his jackassertations.

  • DavidAppell

    How do you think someone like Larson makes a living?
    By keeping the plebes stirred up. He knows it, I know it, and you know it.
    The minute people are no longer outraged about the most ridiculous things, Larson is out of a job.

    • David Clark

      David, how much do you make as a paid liberal blogger?

      • S Robeal

        Appell is a freelance writer (in other words can’t write and is unemployed). Maybe he’s looking for that big story by posting on boards.

        • Michael Hagmeier

          If you think David Appell can’t write, how about this HEADLINE on Lars’ website:

          “Watch: taxpayers tak school superintendent to taks for ABSURD $663,365 salary!”

          • .

            David fascinates his peer machinatioa half fast Appell leering as DEM-Man on the Moon, t’wit butt,, the booger is-not .

            Nest up, 3H and his bogey’s afar afield.

          • Michael Hagmeier

            The second comment was not posted by me.

            What is Oregon Catalyst’s policy about spoofing other people? The comment should be removed.

      • DavidAppell

        0. How much do you get paid to blog?

  • Oregoncowboy

    Americans’ are so stupid, they have to be spoon fed so that they don’t stick a fork in their own eyes. Get a life people, tort laws need to be reformed and people need to be respondsible for their own actions. 50 years ago we would have booted any numb nuts bringing such a thing up to the curb where they belong.

  • Michael Hagmeier

    First off, Lars, someone who has this as a HEADLINE on his website is in no position to be yammering about “personal responsibility: “watch-taxpayers-tak-school-superintendent-to-taks-for-absurd $663,365 salary!”

    It’s even in the web address:

    Pathetic. From some other things that I’ve seen Lars post, it’s clear that he doesn’t read what he’s written.

    Second, why doesn’t Lars care about companies taking responsibility for the dangerous products that they sell. This is a known problem with these products:

    “‘I don’t have them in my house,’ says Dr. Warren Garner, director of the burn unit at University of Southern California’s County Hospital in Los Angeles. ‘I would say that we see at least two to three patients a week who’ve been injured by these products.'”

    There used to be ads for Lars that said “He’s on your side.” He’s only on your side if you’re rich or a corporation. If you’re an average person who’s been injured by a dangerous product, then he’s definitely NOT on your side.

    Third, Lars has been silent when it comes to frivolous lawsuits filed by his buddies like Bill O’Reilly, James O’Keefe, and Rush LImbaugh. It is hilarious, though, that Limbaugh is suing Sean Hannity.

    Lars is consistently on the side of the powerful, and against the powerless. He’s about as un-Christ-like as you can get.

    • guest

      Absolutely not! Un-Christ-like emanates from Revelations-ary secular farces bent on destroying US and our Constitutional foundation.

  • Myke

    @David, so what if Lars makes living out of “stirring” up stuff. Some things need stirring, and people find it entertaining to know what that is. You sound a little jealous of his success.

    • .

      Also lacking a Scott, Adam’s apple, Appell’s likely envious because he can’t measure up to the Dickens Cider ads coming out of Awestralia.

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