Online Poll on Immigration Reform: What needs to be done?

Online Poll:

It has been nonstop headline news this month on children crossing the border. What needs to be done. Here are some of the leading answers being suggested which include; Expand the wall, More enforcement against business, More national guard, One big bipartisan bill that does it all, More high-skills work visas, fewer family visas,Reform citizenship process & long-term work permits
and other ideas.

Please vote on the RIGHT HAND margin of this website.

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  • guest

    Si, illegal immigration is as illegal as the operation-ales can be.

    As a nation of laws, it is imperative to enforce the already established one’s in place and send the ‘wantons’ in back to the end of the line. Period!

    As for US, IA Rep, Steve King, has a verily practical plan to mitigate to tsunami of illegal immigration.

    Many blogs abound but the crux of the matter is to cull the appetite of those who hire them with common sense taxation.

    IOW, cull the carrot and the bugsy bunnies will self deport aback to South of the Bordello, Mexico and points extending into regions South, there-Inn.

    Indeed, allow Lars Larson to encompass to questionnaires of such matters and, please support it and ‘squire’ scofflaw employers of insurgents to pay a taxing price for their lackadaisical Tom Fool-erances.

  • MrBill

    Everyone who gets picked up should be sent back to where they came from with instructions that if they wish to enter the country they should do so through the legal channels.

    • guest

      Simple principle, enforce the law(s), end the nonsense of patronizing scofflaws on both sides of the border.

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