Help Oregon fight ISIS, terrorism

I am enlisting Oregonians in the fight against ISIS and terrorism

By Jason Williams
(Founder of Taxpayer Association of Oregon, OregonCatalyst, OregonWatchdog)

Average Oregonians need to be engaged in this historic battle against terrorism, ISIS and in the Syrian war.

Here are four ways you can help;

(1) Send a care package to our troops.  There’s nearly 6,000 troops in the Syria-Iraq war zone region.  Let’s not forget them as the missiles are flying.
(2) If you Pray, please do.  General Patton issued a prayer during WWII, George Washington fasted and prayed during his war.
(3) Support Oregonians going there to help.  I’m soon going on a medical relief trip to Lebanon to help refugees.  Your donation can make it happen.
(4) Invent your own creative way – There are ways you can help the refugees locally or abroad and there are ways unique to yourself on how you can raise awareness of this historic battle we are in.   One brave Oregon man even volunteered to fight with the Kurds.

My appeal is not about what government should and shouldn’t do, or what our military should and shouldn’t do, but rather about what individual Oregonians like yourself can do with this very troubling epic crisis.

Average Oregonians can make a difference.

I had a chance to serve refugees in Iraq (2015) and in Serbia (2016).   Read my Iraq story here.

I believe in American exceptionalism which inspires me to share our values and liberties to oppressed people around the world.

If you want to help me, you can make a charitable tax deductible donation here.  I need to raise $3,700 by June 1st.

Serbia November 2016

During Thanksgiving 2016 I joined Operation Mobilization to serve refugees in Serbia (Border town of Sid).  Our team helped clean the camp and serve 1,000 cups of hot tea everyday.  The photo shows me teaching an teen girl how to draw using a children’s Ed Emberly book.   Children of refugees are stuck with no school and nothing to do, so the smallest of gestures of learning brings excitement and curiosity.

This photo is of me and my Operation Mobilization partner (an Italian doctor) dancing a Kurdish dance with Turkish refugees.  While at the camp I met a Afghani man who fled with his family because the Taliban demanded that he poison the American troops through his soda business.  I met two Iranian journalist fleeing persecution from Iran.  I met so many Syrians and Iraqis fleeing ISIS.

2. Helping refugees in Iraq — 2015

In November 2015, I joined a local Beaverton church that went to Soran in Northern Iraq to help refugees.   We distributed medical supplies and bought them local items like pesticide to fight scorpions in the camp.   This month, the same church is sending team of mostly teens back to help out again!!!

I brought my grandfathers military funeral flag to share with the Kurdish mayor of Soran whose grandfather also served in his military.   Kurdish Iraqis just love America and Americans.  It was awesome.

Medal of Honor winner, Desmond Doss, of the film Hacksaw Ridge said it best…

“With the world so set on tearing itself apart, it don’t seem like such a bad thing to me to want to put a little bit of it back together.”

Remember there are four ways to help

(1) Send a care package to our troops.
(2) If you Pray, please do.
(3) Support Oregonians going there to help. 
(4) Your own creative way

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  • Oregon Engineer

    Mr. Williams your actions are laudable. your cartoon is wrong. the State should be the US flag with bully as the caption . change ISIS to Syria. that more accurately tells what is happening. the US is not fighting ISIS they are fighting Syria. Trump just declared war by the unprovoked attack on Syria. The sole purpose is to depose Assad. the excuse is the purported gas attack by Assad on his own population. This smells much like the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq leading to the bush 2 war. I will be praying for you that you do not become an indirect victim of the US foreign war policy and I will be starting an anti war letter writing campaign to get our congressmen and senators to either openly declare war on Syria and Russia or get out of that country entirely. Our own leaders have admitted they cannot tell the “moderates” from the “extremists” and by that admission the US should with draw.

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