Rep. Kim Thatcher sponsors bills to repeal Measure 66 & 67 taxes

by Rep. Kim Thatcher

Oregon State Representative (R-Keizer)

This session offers many challenges and opportunities. There is a lot of heavy lifting to do this year, especially with a $3.5 billion dollar gap between the amount of tax revenue coming in to the state and the amount agencies say they need to maintain current programs.

The challenges come in juggling the budget. The opportunities come in looking for ways to revamp the way we do business in state government. If there was ever a time to establish solid priorities of government and match spending accordingly, this is it. If there was ever a time to reform PERS and other benefits provided to state workers, this is it. This list goes on but I think you get my point.

We also need to help our economy recover from the recession. Oregon businesses need the state to get out of the way. They need fewer regulations, taxes and fees; not more. I’m optimistic that the legislature will look for ideas to create the kind of tax and regulatory environment where businesses will create more jobs.

I’ve been encouraged by some of the changes our new Governor has proposed, but I am waiting to see how he will follow through. For the first time in state history the House of Representatives is split with 30 Republicans and 30 Democrats. The Co-Speakers have promised to work together on important issues and I hope that spirit of cooperation can be maintained through the difficult decisions ahead.

This week the list of committee assignments were distributed and I was honored to be named the Co-Chair of the new Joint Legislative Committee on Audits, Information Management & Technology. I expect this committee will be able to really drill down in certain areas of government accountability. I was also placed on the Joint Committee on Ways and Means, and selected to be Co-Vice Chair of the Ways and Means Subcommittee on Human Services.

Rep. Thatcher is sponsoring the following bills to reduce Oregon’s tax burden:

HB 2817 Eliminates Oregon’s inheritance tax.

HB 2819 Repeals Ballot Measure 66 which raised personal income taxes to 11 percent for some Oregonians.

HB 2820 Repeals Ballot Measure 67 which raised corporate tax rates to 8 percent for certain businesses.

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  • Lara

    Thank you Kim!!

  • Justin Myers

    No thank you, Kim!

    • begone with what’s left of US

      JM, Typical looney tooney maroonski

  • Steve Plunk

    An aggressive approach to legislation is just what we need. While legislators like Greenlick propose their silly bills the Republicans should be pushing bills like Rep. Thatcher’s. Legislating is serious business and should be kept to serious issues. If we want to get Oregon back on track we need more business friendly bills and a firm recognition that all of our wealth springs forth from American business.

  • Bob Clark

    Thatcher for governor! Deregulation, and stabilizing or freezing state government spending is what we are talking about. The Greeks are finally doing it, the Brits are on board with it, and Oregon is in need of it.

  • Oregonnative

    Thanks Kim Thacher,
    Hopefully other Senators and that represent the people may understand how this these ballot measures affects the business people of Oregon. Thank-you Teachers Union for voting it in ( their union monies paying for ads for it). Oh by the way Intel does not have to pay any, because all their products are shipped out of state. Or any other manufactures that ship out of state. I bet also that any corporation in Oregon that their headquarters is out of state, did not have to pay this tax also. Does the public really know who is paying or who is not going to have to pay, when they voted. Poor farmers and ranchers that provide the food for Oregonians, thier taxed on the gross. The state is saying feed us and we will tax you for your effort. Every Oregon State politician that voted for this should be “kicked” out of office.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Thank you so much for doing this. It was absolutely unconscionable to be handing out pay raises to state employees and then coming to small business and asking them to pay for it with Measure 67.

    The idea that in the middle of a recession a mom and pop business, very likely doing with less income in these times, had to pony up more money, to take food off their kids tables so that state employees could have more was wrong.

    Is there anyone with a conscience left? We pay PERS recipients extra money on top of their retirement benefits to offset Oregon state taxes. That’s just wrong.

    We also pay those offsets to PERS recipients who dont even live in Oregon.

    That’s even more wrong.

    And yet when it comes to a family run store or some guy running a roofing business we say to him we are going to jack your taxes with Measure 67.

    Not content just to raise the corporate minimum, we also let the Secretary of State triple business registration fees.

    Measure 67 was just wrong and was sold on a lie – that by incorporation someone could magically pay only $10 a year in taxes.

    Where was the state to set clear that this was not true? Nowhere.

    Oregon needs to face up to that and do the right thing. Giving public employees a raise and whopping it up when you are taking food off the tables of small business owners might get chuckles in Salem, but wont in the minds of anyone who knows about the issue.

    • oregonnative

      I agree with “Rupert”, that is on Oregon Catalyst often, as myself seldom.
      When are we going to get politicans to act responsibly? I think we ( the public ) are very responsible of what is happening also. We sat back and allowed our politicans and goverment agencies, ( remember that is a lot) take over the ecomony to suit their needs.
      Like for instance stimilus money to states for infranstructure. Do you see the bidding process with private contractors working on our hy-ways and bridges. Why is it State Workers with that PERS ( what ever level). Does not anyone think the private sector might get it done cheaper.
      Oh Well, dinner is on the table, while a record number in Oregon are on food stamps. How does it feel to be on food stamps ????

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Woo Hoo! Ok, this is off topic, but related to States financial issues and something I have been saying would probably come soon.

    State bankruptcy options, specifically to alter union contracts regarding unsustainable pensions, are quietly being discussed.

    Alright, that doesn’t mean bankruptcy as an option for states is here, or will be soon, it does mean it is being discussed, at least according to the New York Times.

    As someone who has been predicting this would happen, in some form, for the past two and a half years, I did get a chuckle from the Times article making the headline one on Drudge. That doesn’t mean I want it to happen. It does mean I think it will, in some form. Those last three words being crucial. Simply put, discharge of contractual agreements with public employee unions, such as classic bankruptcy, or assumption of that debt by the federal government, such as with Chrysler, will probably be the way it will happen.

    • valley person

      They would also have to stiff bondholders. You’re ok with that?

      • Steve Plunk

        Rather than stiff bondholders a bankruptcy plan could renegotiate bond interest and payments. Not great for the bondholders but not a complete loss.

        The public employee unions are the parties that have done the most damage and accordingly I would expect them to be required to make most of the concessions. You never know though, this is all uncharted territory.

  • valley person

    Why would the legislature repeal something the voters decided? What happened to phony right wing populism?

    • Steve Plunk

      The phony things are the lies used to pass 66 & 67 along with the fact the new taxes did not do what was promised. We are still in a fiscal mess and the tax is hurting private sector growth. You know, the private sector, the place where all real wealth comes from.

      • valley person

        So the legislature should overturn the will of the people?

        • Tdlopez

          We live in a REPUBLIC not a democracy we must restore our Republic is we want actual freedom.

        • Tdlopez

          We live in a REPUBLIC not a democracy we must restore our Republic is we want actual freedom.

  • TheNorthernSurvivalist

    i don’t mean to go off subject, but she’s cute. :)

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