More than 1,700 attend Portland conservative rally

2016 Freedom Rally_thbby NW Spotlight

More than 1,700 people attended today’s 2016 Freedom Rally for conservative values at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland. The rally, put on by the Oregon Liberty Alliance, was to support fiscal responsibility, life, public safety, family values, and religious liberty.

This was the third year for the rally, and attendance has continued to grow. There were more than 750 people at the first rally in 2014, over 1,500 at last year’s rally and more than 1,700 at this year’s rally. Continue reading

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Revelation this week left Oregon Dems scrambling on min wage hike

Sen. Ted Ferrioli

Sen. Ted Ferrioli

Oregon lawmakers urged to thoroughly vet all major policy bills during ‘short session’

Salem, Ore. – Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli released the following statement urging lawmakers to thoroughly vet all major changes to Oregon policy, avoiding unintended negative consequences from the 2016 legislative session:

Tuesday’s assertion by Linn County Commissioner Roger Nyquist that the Oregon Constitution allows counties to not comply with a proposed minimum wage mandate shocked policymakers convinced Oregon needs a higher minimum wage. This major hitch in the minimum wage plan left supporters stunned and scrambling to determine if their plan is enforceable, and if not, how they can compensate local governments for the unfunded mandate. Continue reading

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Call to join the Oregon Citizens Lobby


Rob Taylor

Warning, the Oregon legislature is in the 35-day short session, and even though the procedure limits legislators to introduce two bills each your money and freedom is still in serious risk from the overreach of overbearing politicians.

How do you stop the onslaught of these tyrannical hacks without having to occupy a desolate national refuge only to face certain death in a shootout with law enforcement?

One way to defend yourself is to go on the offensive by becoming a government watchdog and using the existing system to defeat, or at least stifle your opponent’s agenda. Continue reading

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Willis announces legislative leadership team

Colm Willis 2016_thb

Colm for Congress

Legislative leaders from across the state endorse Colm Willis for Congress

Stayton, OR — Colm Willis’ bid for the Republican nomination for Congress in Oregon’s 5th Congressional District was bolstered Thursday when the campaign announced the endorsements of 8 local lawmakers.

The Colm for Congress legislative leadership team will play an instrumental role in providing policy background and support for Willis’ campaign for Congress. Members will be added as the campaign progresses. Continue reading

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GOP candidate for SD 5: Lincoln City Councilor Dick Anderson

Dick Anderson_thb

Dick Anderson

by NW Spotlight

Democrats currently have a super-majority in the Oregon Senate – something they’ve had in four of the last six 2-year Oregon Legislative Assemblies. They hold the super-majority by one seat – Democrats hold 18 seats to Republicans’ 12 seats. Half of the 30 Oregon Senate seats are up for election.

As was noted in Oregon Catalyst last August on the Oregon Senate races “There are 8 Republican seats and 7 Democratic seats up for election. The more competitive districts were up for election in 2014. In this cycle, SD 5, the seat currently held by Arnie Roblan, is likely the most competitive district.” Roblan is the Deputy Majority Leader for the Oregon Senate Democratic Caucus.

During the Kitzhaber resignation a year ago, Roblan was rumored to be interested in the Oregon Secretary of State position that was about to be vacated by Kate Brown. However, Brown appointed Jeanne Atkins as a placeholder, and Roblan is not one of the Democratic candidates for Secretary of State. Continue reading

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Closed door green energy deals are not the Oregon way

Sen Doug Whitsett

by Sen. Doug Whitsett

The Oregon Public Utility Commission (PUC) was created by the Legislative Assembly to ensure that “safe and reliable utility services are provided to customers at just and reasonable rates, while fostering the use of competitive markets to achieve these objectives.” That body is charged with regulating only the investor-owned utilities (IOUs) that are owned by private companies such as PacifiCorp and Portland General Electric (PGE).

IOUs are given monopolies within their utility service areas. These monopolies are approved and regulated by the state. The PUC is charged with ensuring that the more than 1.5 million PacifiCorp and PGE customers in Oregon are treated fairly by those two companies. Continue reading

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Call for minimum wage testimony today at 1pm

Kim Thatcher_2014_thb

by Sen. Kim Thatcher (R-Keizer)

As many of you already know, there have been proposals from the legislature that would significantly raise Oregon’s minimum wage.

Today in Workforce and General Government committee Senate Bill 1532 has been scheduled for a public hearing and work session. It would create different zones of a minimum wage increase in Oregon with Portland being the highest at $14.75.

I would highly encourage you to come and testify about how this increase will affect your life or business. If you cannot be there please call or email the committee members and tell them what you think. Continue reading

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