Kitzhaber’s stonewalling consistent with Oregon’s “F” grade

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by NW Spotlight

After Willamette Week’s Nigel Jaquiss began uncovering a series of problems with Oregon First Lady Cylvia Hayes, many other members of the Oregon media began requesting information about Hayes and her potential blurring of lines between her public and private activities.

Gov. Kitzhaber (D) successfully stonewalled most of those requests until after the November 2014 election. The Oregonian wrote in frustration about the stonewalling back in October, before the election. The article noted that Willamette Week had been waiting on requests since July, and that the governor’s staff was also stonewalling The Oregonian and the Associated Press. Continue reading

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The Inevitable Rise of Ideas

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by Rep. Mike Nearman

Get on the bandwagon

First of all, I’m not a Republican because I like the color red or because I like elephants. I’m a Republican because the party articulates principles that I hold. You can look them up in the party platform. For me, success is not measured by gaining Republican numbers or even by Republicans winning elections. It’s measured by the advancement of those principles.

For far too long, the Democratic party has laid claim to the loyalty of people whose principles are not being advanced, including pro-life Catholics, socially conservative Latinos, blue collar workers, opportunity-seeking minorities and more. Over generations, these emotional ties erode and ideas become more important. Additionally, parties themselves no longer hold the sway they once did. Continue reading

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Oregon: Get ready for the bad news energy bills

Sen Doug Whitsett

by Sen. Doug Whitsett

Oregonians are about to be reminded that elections do matter.

At least 45 bills relating to energy have already been introduced for the 78th Legislative Assembly. Most, if enacted, will be bad news for Oregon’s economy.

The list of bills cited here are representative of what is being planned, but is by no means complete. The measures generally fall into three categories.

1. Artificially Increasing Fossil Fuel Costs Continue reading

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Obama on oil: I DID build that!


by NW Spotlight

After years of zigging and zagging on energy policy, President Obama has final found a strategy he can embrace: take credit for what other people are doing.

That’s the key takeaway from the State of the Union speech last night where he touted the domestic oil and natural gas boom that is driving down the price of fuel for Americans from Boston to LA. It’s a moment that surely gave his environmental base heartburn, but he knows smart politics when he sees it.

Unfortunately for him, he can’t lay claim to any of his own policies that are driving this energy boom. The exploration and production of domestic oil and gas is taking place almost entirely on private land, not through leases on public lands or offshore reserves. The success, however, is undeniable. Continue reading

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Obama and the Internet

Right From the Start

Right From the Start

President Barack Obama didn’t invent the internet (that honor is reserved for former Vice-president Al Gore) but he may well retard its growth. According to Politico, Mr. Obama will propose increasing competition for high speed internet service by encouraging local municipalities to offer their own internet facilities in competition with existing providers. And while Mr. Obama may believe that this is a brilliant new strategy; it is neither new nor brilliant. In fact, it may prove to be one of the dumbest ideas that Mr. Obama has ever proposed or initiated.

First, Mr. Obama has apparently noted there are “large numbers” of Americans who do not have high speed internet access. As usual with Mr. Obama you have to define what “high speed internet access” is. In his speeches he is talking about speeds of 100 Mbs – a capacity far in excess of what is needed by most people using the internet.

Second, municipal governments competing with existing private providers is neither fair nor efficient and it does virtually nothing for those who live in areas where distribution facilities are unavailable. There are several things wrong with that bizarre notion: Continue reading

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“Tax the Rich,” Reprise

CascadeNewLogoIn President Obama’s State of the Union address this evening, he apparently will advocate for more taxes on the rich. It’s a tried-and-true political platform aimed at gaining support from those who think that some people make too much money and/or they have more money than they need.

Cascade founder Steve Buckstein addressed this issue in 2010 after the President said, “I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money.…” We link to Steve’s Commentary here so that everyone can put the President’s latest tax-the-rich proposals into the perspective they so richly deserve. Continue reading

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Early Legislature Turkey Bills

dog-logo-stampBy Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Below are some early bills that are either turkeys, curiosities or new layers of bureaucracy.

HB 2625Creates crime to park in alternative fuel parking spot.  While some parking fines are $20 this one hits $250.
Hb 2641A crime to chase an animal?  New laws regarding animal as prizes which include forbid chasing of animals.  Penalties as high as $2,500.
HB 2762Ban on certain foam plates in school lunches Continue reading

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