65% dislikes tax credit-tax hike swap

polltax-35thmajority-dNew survey shows that 65% of Oregonians dislike tax credit-tax increase swap
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon Foundation,

One of the most discussed issues in the Legislature is the complex issue of combining tax increases with renewing tax credits into a single bill with the concept that it evades the 3/5th majority rule pass by voters.   Some say this grossly unconstitutional while others say this is perfectly legit.  We asked  average Oregonians on their opinion of this complex topic.   The survey results show that over 60% of Oregonians disapprove of combining tax credits and tax increases into a single bill as a way to avoid the 3/5th majority rule for tax increases.  Only 12% support the idea.  With nearly a quarter of the public undecided or unsure shows the need for more information on this topic.

Question: Oregon law requires that lawmakers can only pass tax increases if they receive a 60% majority approval to pass. Some wish to bypass this 60% majority rule if a bill raises a tax on one group while lowering taxes for another group. Do you support allowing lawmakers to pass a tax increases with fewer votes if tax increases are linked to renewing offsetting tax credits?


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Rep. Stark: Sober centers give police options

stark-policeRepresentative Duane Stark’s Sober Center Bill passes in House
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon Foundation

On June 25, 2015, the house passed a bill by Representative Duane Stark that would give legal protection to sobering centers, places where police can take people who are publicly intoxicated. Under current law, police can take intoxicated people home, to treatment facilities, or if none are available, to jail and hold them for up to 48 hours. A sobering center would offer police another alternative.

The sobering center bill (HB 2936) was sponsored by the Committee on Health Care at the request of the Grants Pass Sobering Center and carried by Representatives Duane Stark and Carl Wilson, both from the Grants Pass area. Continue reading

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Does PCC-Sylvania Need a Light Rail Tunnel?

CascadeNewLogoBy Emma Newman

Metro and TriMet are jointly considering an expansion of the light rail system to PCC-Sylvania in SW Portland, by building a tunnel to the campus from Barbur Boulevard. The tunneling would have a significant impact on the surrounding neighborhood, forcing many homeowners to move away while still requiring PCC students to make a long walk to their classes.

Currently, 84 percent of PCC students drive to school, even with the campus being served by both shuttles and busses. If this tunnel plan is chosen, Oregon taxpayers will be saddled with paying half of the two billion dollar cost. Continue reading

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Executive Club: Allen Alley July 1st

Allen Alley_thbKeynote Speaker: Allen Alley
Executive Club Meeting
7:00 pm • Wednesday July 1st
Portland Airport Shilo Inn

A successful entrepreneur, free-market capitalist,husband and father, Republican candidate for Treasurer for a time Chairman of the Oregon Republican Party, and he even ran for Governor once already.  But he also served in Kulongoski’s administration as Deputy Chief of Staff. And… drives a Smart Car (isn’t that an oxymoron?)  So, Executive Club, let’s welcome a man who’s got the energy and drive. Continue reading

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Transportation package: A major failure

Jeff Kruse

This entire Legislative Session has been pretty much defined by politics winning out over policy

Environmental groups rejected bipartisan plan that almost doubled the level of carbon reduction because they were more interested in the carbon trading program (that would have made some people rich) than actual carbon reduction results

by Sen. Jeff Kruse (R-Roseburg)

I thought this week I would actually be able to report some good news, but as of Wednesday night that opportunity went away. Late Wednesday night the Governor contacted the Senate President and informed him she was no longer interested in pursuing a transportation package, which ended the activities of the Senate workgroup, and killed the legislation we had been working on. Several of us had put countless hours into this process and find this result very frustrating.

In what has been the most partisan legislative session I have served in this would have been the one truly bipartisan product and now it is gone. Continue reading

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Oregon House & Senate GOP on failed transportation package


Republicans refuse to increase gas tax twice – Dems have left Oregonians with a hidden gas tax and no improvements to roads and bridges

Oregon House Republican Office

Salem, OR – House Republican Leader Mike McLane (R-Powell Butte) issued the following statement in response to Democrats’ inability to move forward with a sustainable transportation package: “From day one, House Republicans were committed to crafting and passing a much-needed, bipartisan transportation package to fix our roads and bridges and improve public safety across our state. Continue reading

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Over one million Oregonians will be harmed by today’s Supreme Court ObamaCare decision

The U.S. Supreme Court decision today in the King v. Burwell case is a sad reminder that the President of the United States and his Administration can arbitrarily interpret laws passed by Congress to suit their own purposes.

In this case, the Affordable Care Act clearly states multiple times in its text that federal subsidies to offset insurance premiums can only be granted to individuals purchasing policies through an exchange “established by the state.” When most states failed to establish such exchanges, the IRS arbitrarily decided to grant subsidies to individuals who purchased insurance through the federal exchange, healthcare.gov, as well. By a six to three vote, the Court told us that the President and his Administration need not follow the language of the law because in the Court’s opinion that could cause harm to the intent of the law which was to make insurance more affordable. Continue reading

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