Richardson asks US Attorney to investigate Hayes and Kitzhaber

NW Spotlight thb Richardson asks US Attorney to investigate Hayes and Kitzhaber

by NW Spotlight

Politico reported yesterday that Dennis Richardson had “called for a federal criminal investigation into the activities Gov. John Kitzhaber and first lady Cylvia Hayes, likening their actions to those of convicted former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and his wife.”

The Oregonian reported yesterday that the accusations against Kitzhaber and Hayes are felonies that can carry heavy fines or prison. Richardson called for an investigation into “bribery, money laundering and conspiracy” on the part of Gov. John Kitzhaber and First Lady Cylvia Hayes. The Oregonian noted the severity of the charges: “The fraud charge alone carries a potential punishment of 30 years in prison and up to a $1 million fine.” Continue reading

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Under my command, Paul Evans would have been court-martialed

Jeanne Arana thb Under my command, Paul Evans would have been court martialed

by Jeanne L. Arana, LTC, USA (Ret)

I have a strong family history of military service and love of country. My grandfather, father, uncles, brothers, husband and I all served our nation with great pride and honor. In fact, my husband and I administered the enlistment oath to two of our sons—a very proud day for our family.

After 23 years of service, five on active duty, I retired as a Lieutenant Colonel, Army Nurse Corps. My last assignment in the Oregon National Guard was Commander of Charlie Med, a forward support medical company with the 41st Infantry Brigade. My responsibility was to ensure the unit was fully trained in the treatment and evacuation of injured soldiers in a combat environment.

Continue reading

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New Monica Wehby TV Ad: ‘The New Normal’

“But over the last six years with Jeff Merkley, more Oregonians were put onto food stamps than found a job”

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Poll Shocker: Kitzhaber tanking

Taxpayer Association Oregon PAC

From KATU-2 News

The poll found that 18 percent of people who had planned to vote for Kitzhaber have changed their minds in the wake of the Cylvia Hayes scandals, and now intend to vote for Republican opponent Dennis Richardson.If those numbers hold, Richardson would win by a wide margin.The poll found that 38 percent of respondents planned to vote for Kitzhaber, and still do. But another 18 percent said they’ve shifted allegiances, which, added to the 37 percent who already planned to vote for Richardson, would be enough to give Richardson the election. Another six percent of voters as a whole – and nine percent of Democrats – said they’re still unsure how they’ll vote. One percent said they had planned to vote for Richardson but will vote for Kitzhaber instead.

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Senator Bruce Starr on keeping the internet tax free

brucestarr 300x121 Senator Bruce Starr on keeping the internet tax freeBy Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Senator Bruce Starr spoke at a Taxpayer Association “Pizza Town Hall” event in Hillsboro, along with economist Dr. Eric Fruits and Jason Williams, Taxpayers Association of Oregon Director . The main topic was educating people that the law keeping the internet tax free expires on December 11th.   Senator Bruce Starr and friends warned that taxpayers could see taxes increase as a result of the law expiring.  The internet tax ban, otherwise known as the Tax Freedom Act, is expiring with little public debate or discussion.

Also shared at the meeting were a storm of other looming tax threats, such as the Portland Street Tax, cell-phone taxes and the Oregon Legislature advancing the Carbon Tax plan idea. Senator Bruce Starr shared on the need for government to be cost effective and wisely spend the existing tax dollars it has. Williams shared on how when governments unfairly allocate telecommunication taxes it has the effect of limiting freedom of choice for consumers for their internet and cell-phone options. The meeting was hosted by the Taxpayer Association of Oregon.

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The Accomplishments of Gov. John Kitzhaber

larryhuss The Accomplishments of Gov. John Kitzhaber

Right From the Start

In 1985, Vera Katz (D-Portland) was the Oregon Speaker of the House and John Kitzhaber (D-Roseburg) was the President of the Oregon Senate. Some clever political wag dubbed them “Kitz and Katz.” (It represented the same level of banal intelligence that produced Hollywood references to “Benniffer”, “Bradjolena” and “Jayonce.”) Be that as it may, each had a significant goal in mind while in the legislature and each rode that goal to higher office.

Ms. Katz was the guiding light for adoption and implementation of Oregon’s notorious
standardized educational testing know as the Certificate of Initial Mastery (CIM) and the Certificate of Advanced Mastery (CAM). After nearly fourteen years it was abandoned. However, during that fourteen years CIM/CAM became the playground of the education elites and the teachers unions. As with most new programs implemented by Oregon’s liberal establishment, available and proven national testing programs were ignored in deference to the “Oregon way” which began without a clue and ended without a conclusion. It was an excuse to spend more, work less and devote copious amounts of time to “training and professional development.” It fostered the next boondoggle, the Quality School Model, for financing schools at a level that would bankrupt the state. Continue reading

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Why credit Kitzhaber for being ‘bipartisan’ in a one-party state?

Dan Lucas July 2012 BW Why credit Kitzhaber for being bipartisan in a one party state?

by Dan Lucas

In a recent endorsement of Gov. Kitzhaber for a 4th term as Oregon Governor, the Statesman Journal Editorial Board wrote “A key example is how Kitzhaber worked with the Legislature to have a successful, bipartisan special session last fall on pension reform, mental health care, taxes, school finance and other issues — at the same time the federal government was shut down because of partisan gridlock.”

Christian Gaston at The Oregonian expressed a similar sentiment last October after the “Grand Bargain” session. Gaston wrote “Against a backdrop of gridlock in Congress, Kitzhaber can boast that Oregon stands as a national model of bipartisan cooperation.” That was seven months before the same Christian Gaston left The Oregonian to “work for Gov. John Kitzhaber’s re-election campaign.” Continue reading

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