New Mike Nearman TV ad: Trust

Republican Rep. Mike Nearman is the current representative for House District 23 (Independence) and is running for re-election.

To visit his campaign web site, please click here: Mike Nearman for Oregon

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Oregon should learn from others’ bad green energy policies

Sen Doug Whitsett

by Sen. Doug Whitsett

Oregon’s Democrat leadership has demonstrated resolute determination to implement policies under the guise of protecting our environment that are tantamount to social engineering. Examples are numerous.

During the 2015 legislative session, the controversial Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) was enacted. Again in 2016, the so-called “Coal to Clean” bill was passed and signed into law by Governor Kate Brown.

These kind of policies are not new to Oregon. Citizens in other nations whose leaders have decided to take them down a similar path are finding the costs prohibitive while the benefits are not measurable. We can expect similar policies will have little, if any, environmental benefits for Oregonians, while causing significant negative economic consequences. Continue reading

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Measure 97’s passage is in serious doubt

Reagan Knopp2_thb

by Reagan Knopp

Final Measure 97 vote may not even be very close

As of late, stories have suggested that Measure 97 — the tax on Oregon sales — will be close in the end. I don’t think it will actually be that close. Yes on 97 has led for most of the campaign but the latest numbers suggest to me that No on 97 has taken a small but commanding lead. I also think that they will continue to expand that lead in the three weeks before Election Day.

Here’s what we know: Continue reading

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Responding with the truth about Brad Avakian

Dennis Richardson SOS

Dennis Richardson for Secretary of State

It’s disappointing that my main opponent has run a campaign short on ideas and long on negative attacks. With each new endorsement I’ve received, his attacks have become more shrill, and misleading.

I have tried to run a very positive, solutions-based campaign because I believe voters are looking for a leader who has a plan to help Oregon families.

Newspapers across Oregon all agree. Every paper that has issued an endorsement has said I am the only candidate who will bring the necessary skills and integrity to the office of Secretary of State. Continue reading

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Does Oregon Rank Dead Last in Corporate Taxes? NO

CascadeNewLogoBy Steve Buckstein

Trying to sell voters on the largest tax increase in Oregon history, Measure 97 proponents claim that “Oregon ranks dead last in corporate taxes.” But the nation’s leading independent tax policy research organization, The Tax Foundation, says this claim is misleading. It looked at three ways to rate corporate taxes and found:

  • Oregon’s top marginal corporate income tax rate is the 18th highest in the nation.
  • On a revenue per capita basis, Oregon’s corporate income tax is the 28th highest.
  • The Foundation’s State Business Tax Climate Index ranks Oregon 37th nationally for overall corporate income tax structure.

The “dead last” corporate tax claim relies on two national reports (AEGCOST) that look at total business tax burdens, not just the tax burdens of large C corporations, the only entities directly targeted by Measure 97. Even so, both these reports make clear that they rate Oregon’s business tax burden low not because corporate taxes are low, but rather because Oregon doesn’t have a sales tax. Continue reading

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Light Rail to Bridgeport Village: The Dumbest Train Project Yet

CascadeNewLogoBy John A. Charles, Jr.

TriMet and Metro are promoting the idea of a new light rail line from Portland State University to the Bridgeport Village shopping mall in Tualatin.

The question is, who would ride it?

We already know from experience that mall shoppers prefer private cars to trains. The Red Line to the airport was opened in 2001 specifically to service the Cascade Station shopping center, which is anchored by IKEA, Target, and Best Buy. Field observations conducted by Cascade Policy Institute in 2010 and again in 2016 showed that more than 98% of all passenger-trips to and from Cascade Station are made in private automobiles. Light rail is simply irrelevant. Continue reading

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Graphic: Oregon already taxes & spends too much

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon,


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