Dennis Richardson on Cover Oregon: Oregonians deserve the truth

Dennis Richardson SOS

Dennis Richardson for Secretary of State

Dennis Richardson Statement on US Congressional Review of Cover Oregon

Central Point, Oregon – Secretary of State candidate Dennis Richardson, who as an Oregon state legislator and Ways and Means Co-Chair, blew the whistle on the Cover Oregon scandal, this week called for increased transparency and a complete audit of Cover Oregon.

Richardson cites the release of a US Congressional Oversight and Reform Committee report that found Governor Kitzhaber mismanaged Cover Oregon funds and made management decisions for personal political gain during his 2014 gubernatorial campaign. Further, the Congressional committee has asked the US Department of Justice to launch a criminal investigation into the collusion between Kitzhaber’s campaign and his public employee staff as it related to management decisions for Cover Oregon. Continue reading

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Coalition slate sends unity message to GOP convention

gopconventionBy Taxpayer Association of Oregon

An unprecedented coalition of  activists have come together to promote an Oregon Grassroots Coalition Slate to send to the National GOP Convention.   The Grassroots Coalition brings together people of diverse voices & values (Oregon Family Council, Right to Life, Taxpayer Defense Fund, Common Sense for Oregon, Oregon Anti-Crime Alliance, Taxpayer Association of Oregon, as well as support from Oregon’s Trump & Cruz campaigners) in a shared act of unity to elect a slate of convention delegates that have pledged to protect the fundamentals of the GOP Party Platform.   Please elect these delegates at the Oregon GOP convention June 4th to send them to the National Convention.

AT Large Delegates
1. Tim Nashif
2. Russ Walker
3. Chris Barreto
4. Representative Bill Post
5. Senator Kim Thatcher
6. Kevin Hoar
7. Jeff Kubler
8. Cythia Kendoll
9. Larry Talbert
10. Betsy Close Continue reading

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Free Speech and Liberal Repression

Right From the Start

Right From the Start

One of the pillars of freedom is free speech. Without it a democracy becomes an oligarchy (rule by the elite) and from there devolves to a kakistocracy (rule by the least competent). Free speech only exists when the public has access to all of the information upon which it can, individually and collectively, form an opinion. Back in the ‘60’s and ‘70’s, the Free Speech Movement was populated with America’s intellectuals, students, and liberal activists – its sanctuary was America’s college campuses.

It showed its greatest impact during the protests against the war in Vietnam* and the civil rights movement. It resulted in such things as the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act, the Freedom of Information Act and a myriad of lesser actions at the state and federal level to ensure that citizens not only could exercise their rights but had the information upon which to exercise those rights and most importantly that the organs of government did not suppress that access. Continue reading

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Willis named to NRCC Young Guns program

Colm Willis 2016_thb

Colm for Congress

NRCC Grants On The Radar Status to GOP Nominee in CD 5

Stayton, OR — On May 23rd, the Nation Republican Congressional Committee named Colm Willis to their successful, nationally recognized “Young Guns” program. Willis’ campaign has been given “On The Radar” status within the NRCC’s Young Guns program.

“I am humbled by all the support our campaign continues to receive. People all across the country now recognize that we are in a position to win this seat in November. It is a credit to all of the hard work of our supporters and volunteers.” said Willis. Continue reading

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IP 28 will result in over 20,000 lost Oregon jobs, higher prices


Oregon Senate Republicans

IP28’s Regressive Tax Would Have Devastating Effect on Oregon’s Economy

Salem, Ore. – Yesterday, the Oregon Senate Interim Committee on Finance and Revenue heard a report on the potential effects of Initiative Petition 28, a ballot measure to implement a 2.5 percent gross receipts tax on sales of consumer items in Oregon.

The nonpartisan Legislative Revenue Office estimates that it will be a highly regressive $6.1 billion tax increase that will cost middle class families $500 to $868 per year and eliminate 20,400 jobs. This is the first in-depth report lawmakers have received on the likely outcome of the passage of IP 28 in November.

Supporters of the measure submitted what is expected to be a sufficient number of qualifying signatures last week. Continue reading

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Google’s War on the Poor

CascadeNewLogoBy John A. Charles, Jr.

Google announced recently that it would no longer run ads for payday loans, the short-term loans that typically have high annual interest rates due to the poor credit of customers.

Google’s decision is significant because many states (including Oregon) have effectively regulated payday lenders out of existence, so much of the business has moved online. If Google cuts off ads, potential customers will have a more difficult time getting loans.

Google undoubtedly considers this decision part of its “corporate social responsibility.” What they overlook is the adverse impact it will have on low-income individuals. A week ago, payday loan customers had few legal options for short-term borrowing. Now they have even fewer. Continue reading

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Step in the right direction in preventing wildfires

Sen Doug Whitsett

by Sen. Doug Whitsett

The season for northwest wildfires has arrived, with two major forest fires already occurring in Northwestern Washington. Catastrophic wildfires have become progressively more destructive, causing enormous damage to both public and private forest and range lands, as well as posing severe risks to public health and the environment.

Pundits and politicians often claim the increasing wildfire frequency and severity is being caused by recent man-caused climate change. However, several of the largest and most destructive fires in our history occurred long before the terms “global warming” and “climate change” were coined. They happened during severe drought conditions in the 1930s and 40s in Oregon coastal range forests. Continue reading

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