Marijuana in Oregon is only MOSTLY legal

Dan Lucas_July 2012_BW

by Dan Lucas

In the brilliant 1987 movie The Princess Bride, Billy Crystal’s character Miracle Max tells some people asking for his help “your friend here is only MOSTLY dead.”

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission was in the news recently for their $350,000 campaign to educate Oregonians about the state legalization of recreational marijuana that goes into effect today. Campaign materials and the OLCC website state “Starting July 1, Oregon’s recreational marijuana laws are in effect. That means adults age 21 and older can legally possess and use recreational marijuana.”

That’s not true. Continue reading

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The Welfare Mentality and Dealing With Greece

Right From the Start

Right From the Start

According to European financial markets managers, the “bail out” of Greece began in 2009. In fact Greece has been sliding into bankruptcy for decades. That’s what happens when, in spite of weak economic growth you continue to grow the size and cost of government through welfare programs. It is accelerated by rapid increases in the number of and benefits for government workers. And the coup de grace is a pension system that is both economically unsustainable and politically immune from change.

The recognition of a future European Union (EU) bailout was recognized almost immediately after Greece accepted the “euro” as its common currency. Acceptance of the euro required certification of certain economic conditions by Greece. Those conditions included recognition of the nation’s debt structure, budget deficits and inflation rate. One of the premier requirements was that the government debt load remained at sixty percent or less of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and that its budget deficits remained at three percent or less of GDP. Continue reading

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Rep. Davis: Bill that hides tax hikes in tax credits is dead

johndaviscapBill that hides tax increase within a tax credit is dead
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Rep. John Davis (R-Wilsonville) said it looks like the bill (SB 925) that hides a tax increase within a tax credit is dead. “With Republican solidarity and participation from voters, we successfully killed it,” said Davis. Many voters contacted their lawmakers to urge them to vote no on SB 925. The bill was sent to the House Committee on Revenue, which at this late date is in essence sending it to the graveyard, said Davis. Continue reading

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Next Gen. Essay Winner — Life lessons forged in Iraq

justinjustinbrecht2By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Justin Brecht of Canby has won the 2015 Next Generation essay contest and  a new Apple Watch as top prize!

The Taxpayer Association created the contest to give a voice to Oregon’s younger generationPlease read his amazing essay on how serving in Iraq help shape his political worldview.

How my own personal experience shaped my political world view
By Justin Brecht, Canby

The most enduring experience that has shaped my political views is without a doubt, my two deployments into Iraq as an enlisted infantry Marine. In 2004 it became my lot in life to fight in the city of Fallujah. This was the biggest urban battle since Hue city in Vietnam. To put this in perspective, of the approximately one hundred and thirty Marines in my infantry company, eighty five received purple hearts—a sixty five percent casualty rate. Continue reading

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This 2nd award needs your online vote

vyBy Taxpayer Association of Oregon

The 2015 Next Generation Essay award has been announced, but the People’s Choice award takes the next top 5 finalists and allows the people (like yourself) to vote for the winner online and help them win a $100 gift card.

Please support the dreams & talents of Oregon’s younger generation by reading the 5 essays below and VOTING HERE for your favorite. Continue reading

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65% dislikes tax credit-tax hike swap

polltax-35thmajority-dNew survey shows that 65% of Oregonians dislike tax credit-tax increase swap
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon Foundation,

One of the most discussed issues in the Legislature is the complex issue of combining tax increases with renewing tax credits into a single bill with the concept that it evades the 3/5th majority rule pass by voters.   Some say this grossly unconstitutional while others say this is perfectly legit.  We asked  average Oregonians on their opinion of this complex topic.   The survey results show that over 60% of Oregonians disapprove of combining tax credits and tax increases into a single bill as a way to avoid the 3/5th majority rule for tax increases.  Only 12% support the idea.  With nearly a quarter of the public undecided or unsure shows the need for more information on this topic.

Question: Oregon law requires that lawmakers can only pass tax increases if they receive a 60% majority approval to pass. Some wish to bypass this 60% majority rule if a bill raises a tax on one group while lowering taxes for another group. Do you support allowing lawmakers to pass a tax increases with fewer votes if tax increases are linked to renewing offsetting tax credits?


Continue reading

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Rep. Stark: Sober centers give police options

stark-policeRepresentative Duane Stark’s Sober Center Bill passes in House
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon Foundation

On June 25, 2015, the house passed a bill by Representative Duane Stark that would give legal protection to sobering centers, places where police can take people who are publicly intoxicated. Under current law, police can take intoxicated people home, to treatment facilities, or if none are available, to jail and hold them for up to 48 hours. A sobering center would offer police another alternative.

The sobering center bill (HB 2936) was sponsored by the Committee on Health Care at the request of the Grants Pass Sobering Center and carried by Representatives Duane Stark and Carl Wilson, both from the Grants Pass area. Continue reading

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