Representative Parrish submits 9 ethics bills

prrshgdgvntParrish Looks to Re-Establish Public Trust in Government
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon Foundation

Long before the revelations of alleged mis-deeds by former Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber, Representative Julie Parrish was working toward a more open, transparent government. Although the actions of Kitzhaber and his fiancée Cylvia Hayes have perhaps added a new urgency to the push for ethics reform, the need was obvious enough for Parrish to have offered bills on the subject in each of her Sessions in the Legislature.

For the 2015 Session, Parrish has offered “The Ethics and Campaign Reform” agenda, which would increase accountability and transparency in Oregon government, and would also close some loopholes that can be found in older statutes which have failed to keep up with modern practices. Continue reading

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Parents demand answers from Head of Oregon Ed Dept Rob Saxton

Parents Rights in Educ_thb

Parents Rights in Education

Parents’ Rights in Education (PRIE), a grassroots organization advocating for parents’ rights to guide the education of their children, recently sent a letter directed to Deputy Superintendent Rob Saxton in response to a  February 17, 2015 KOIN 6 Investigative Report.

During this report, Saxton was asked about events that occurred at the 2014 Adolescent Sexuality Conference (ASC) held in Seaside. He said, “I don’t believe there was anyone who took anyone to a cybersex site in the story you’re talking about,” he said. “I think you have some audio that doesn’t show that. I think what you have is a presenter who is saying here are some negative websites that you wouldn’t want your child to go to.” Continue reading

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Oregon DAS Director Michael Jordan is out!

DAS Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan

by NW Spotlight

The Oregonian and Statesman Journal are reporting that the Director of the Oregon Department of Administrative Services, Michael Jordan, “has resigned with no explanation.”

According to a Feb 23rd Oregonian article, “Jordan was one of Kitzhaber’s closest allies in state government.”

Today’s Oregonian notes “Jordan had sparked controversy by, shortly before Gov. Kate Brown took office, launching a criminal investigation into the leak of former Gov. Kitzhaber’s emails from his personal account. He later placed two top managers in the state data center, a focus of the investigation, on leave. Later, a manager in the data center characterized the probe as ‘purely political’ and offered a version of events that at times conflicted with Jordan’s.” Continue reading

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A Bush is not a Bush is not a Bush

Bill Sizemore_thb

by Bill Sizemore

As the Republican nominee, I attended the 1998 Republican Governor’s Conference in Miami, Florida. It was a pretty small group of us. There were a few U.S. Senators, some movers and shakers in the Party, some big name reporters, and of course most of the Republican governors. George Bush was there and so was his brother Jeb.

I especially remember one evening when three or four of us “guys” were hanging around after a meeting. We were laughing and swapping political war stories like old college chums at a reunion. It was a good time and one I remember well. Bill Owen from Colorado was there. Jeb Bush was there. He was running for governor of Florida. And George was there, too. The thing I remember most about that night is that Jeb Bush was just one of us guys. There was no blue blood air about him. He laughed and joined in the conversation and was in no hurry to leave. Continue reading

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Oregon House GOP views on SB 324 (Low Carbon Fuel Std)


Oregon House Republicans

“Supporters of SB 324 should be prepared for some hard conversations with constituents”

House Republicans’ Call To Halt Program And Prioritize Transportation Package Garners Support From Across The State

The Albany Democrat-Herald: “The initiative means well, but it never has been clear that it would have more than a symbolic impact on greenhouse gas emissions…The delay could help the way for something that should be a higher priority for the Legislature: Getting the bipartisan support that will be required for a wide-ranging transportation package.” (“House should derail clean-fuels program,” Albany Democrat-Herald, 3/2/15) Continue reading

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The Duplicity of the Obama Foreign Policy

Right From the Start

Right From the Start

As this column is being written, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is preparing to address the United States Congress. I have no idea what is in that speech but I do know two things about the speech. First, it is a speech from a nation that is at greatest risk should Iran acquire nuclear weapons. That is not speculation that is a promise from the demented ayatollahs who run Iran.

And second, it is a speech that will produce more truth and honesty about the explosive nature of the Middle East and the reality of Islamic terrorism than anything you will ever hear from the administration of President Barack Obama. I can never tell whether Mr. Obama’s foreign policy is based upon the two-fold naiveté of America’s far-left or his stubborn belief that we should ignore the obvious when it conflicts with his vision. (The two-fold naiveté of America’s far left is that 1) whatever the problem, it is our fault; and 2) you can pick up dog poop by the clean end – in this instance that the world’s despots can be trusted to do the right thing.) These are routinely on display when anyone in a leadership position in the State Department (lately Secretary John Kerry and his two vacuous spokesmen, Jen Psaki and Marie Harf) speaks. Continue reading

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Oregon Senate Dems pass bill to line pockets of trial lawyers


Oregon Senate Republicans

HB 2700 lines pockets of trial lawyers at the expense of Oregon schools – trial lawyers who gave over $300K to Dem campaigns in Oregon this past election

Salem, OR – Today, Senate Democrats passed a partisan bill lining the pockets of trial lawyers at the expense of Oregon schools. Despite admitting the bill needed “further review,” Democrats insisted on fast-tracking HB 2700 through the legislative process without allowing a single amendment.

Senate Republicans introduced a minority report that would have aligned Oregon’s class action rules with that of the federal government and a majority of other states while dedicating unclaimed awards from class action lawsuits to domestic violence and family law legal aid programs. It failed on a party-line vote. Continue reading

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