Oregonian refuses to retract false accusations over David Darnell

040927jeff kropf Oregonian refuses to retract false accusations over David Darnell
By Hon. Jeff Kropf,

Oregonian Refuses to Completely Retract False Accusations Regarding David Darnell

“GOP House Candidate Cites Business Ownership but Records Indicate Otherwise”—actual Oregonian headline.

That’s Not True. It’s a factual error. The unassailable fact is David Darnell is and has been a business owner.

David Darnell, candidate for State Representative for House District 18, today reports that the Oregonian has so far refused to completely retract all of the false statements made in an article published on April 22, 2014. They acknowledge they made false statements in the article and have retracted some of them. Yet they haven’t admitted to all their factual errors. In that article, the headline says Oregonian accuses David of not having a current business registration or license, therefore implying that Mr. Darnell produced false statements in his voter pamphlet statement by claiming he is a small business owner. Continue reading

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Is criticism of Hillary Clinton’s accomplishments fair?

Hillary Clinton 2012 thb Is criticism of Hillary Clintons accomplishments fair?

by NW Spotlight

Criticism of Hillary Clinton’s accomplishments, or lack of accomplishments, has been in the news again recently. Panelists on CNN laughed when a State Department spokesperson was unable to name a specific accomplishment of Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary of State. The NY Times reported on Hillary Clinton’s struggle to name “her proudest achievement as secretary of state” in front of “a friendly audience at a women’s forum in Manhattan.”

So are these legitimate questions and concerns, or a symptom of a misogynistic double-standard for female Democratic candidates? Continue reading

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Word Gets Around: Obama’s Promises Ring Hollow

larryhuss Word Gets Around: Obama’s Promises Ring Hollow

Right From the Start

In Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal, Gerald Seib writes:

“Of all the lessons one might draw from Russia’s bullying of Ukraine, this may be the most coldblooded of all: If you want to behave badly, it helps to have a lot of oil and gas. Much will be forgiven, or at least ignored.

“European nations, international energy companies and China are all, in their own ways, driving home the point. The Europeans are afraid of pushing economic sanctions against Moscow too far lest they be cut off from the Russian natural gas that provides a significant share of their energy.

Mr. Seib is right but he is not completely right. In addition to the “oil and gas” you also have to have a weak-kneed bullshit artist as your primary opponent. And Russian President Valdmir Putin has that in President Barack Obama. Mr. Obama has worn out his welcome in the capitols of our allies because of an unbroken string of high-minded promises followed by low-rent actions. The only nation that he has acted strongly against is our most constant ally in the Middle East – Israel. Continue reading

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Portland Tribune endorses Dr. Monica Wehby

Dr Monica Wehby thb Portland Tribune endorses Dr. Monica Wehby

Dr. Monica Wehby for U. S. Senate

“Monica Wehby is the one Republican candidate most capable of mounting a credible November challenge.”

Today, the Portland Tribune Editorial Board announced their endorsement of Dr. Monica Wehby in the Republican primary. The endorsement emphasized the fact that Dr. Wehby is the only credible challenger to Jeff Merkley this Fall, writing that Monica will “give fits to U.S. Senator Merkley in November’s general election” and that, “When it comes to knowledge of the issues, Wehby can go deep when talking about health care, which Republicans hope to campaign on in the fall.” Continue reading

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Huffington Post: Monica Wehby has “changed” her Obamacare views

 Huffington Post: Monica Wehby has changed her Obamacare views

Jason Conger for U.S. Senate

Monica Wehby, Oregon GOP Senate Candidate, Shifts Message On Obamacare Repeal

The Huffington Post published an article last Thursday questioning Monica Wehby’s position on Obamacare and the claims she makes in her new TV ad. After several months of contradicting statements and policy shifts, the article says it is uncertain where she stands on the issue,

“She’s struck a milder tone on issues such as abortion, immigration, and gay marriage, mindful of voters who have not elected a Republican to statewide office since 2002. But as the GOP moves to frame this year’s midterm elections around Obamacare, it’s not entirely clear where Wehby stands on the health care law.” – The Huffington Post Continue reading

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Do You Know Taxes Take 30% of Your Year?

CascadeNewLogo e1342826659899 Do You Know Taxes Take 30% of Your Year?By Kathryn Hickok

If every penny earned since the beginning of the year went to pay federal, state, and local taxes, by April 21 Americans would have worked long enough to pay this year’s tax bills (April 20 for Oregon). Tax Freedom Day is a calendar-based illustration of the cost of government which divides all taxes by the nation’s income. By this calculation, Americans will work 111 days in 2014 and pay 30.2% of their earned income to all levels of government. Continue reading

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Big government and big banks: Too Big to Fail 2.0

capitol DC.serendipityThumb Big government and big banks: Too Big to Fail 2.0

by NW Spotlight

We recently documented the de facto nationalization of the home mortgage industry, which is fattening government coffers by giving 100% of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac profits to the federal Treasury.  This has left private investors at a complete loss, and a bill introduced in the Senate Banking Committee recently (Johnson-Crapo) will make permanent that rule.  That means investors will have no access to the courts to argue the merits of their case.  But, hey, who needs due process when there’s a political process? Continue reading

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