Senator Knopp: Privacy concerns over government car tracking

knoppcarreadState Senator Tim Knopp Seeks Limits to Government Retention of Data on Individuals (SB 639, SB 640, SB 641)
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon Foundation

Government’s use of technology to keep track of citizens is advancing exponentially, and Oregon Senator Tim Knopp believes we need to take a step back and evaluate what this means.  Tim Knopp is sponsoring three bi-partisan bills in the current Legislative Session (SB 639, SB 640, SB 641) that would curtail government’s ability to store and use information against Oregonians.

In particular,  Senator Knopp wants to target so-called “license plate readers,” which allow law enforcement to electronically read the plate of every passing car, truck or motorcycle. While this ability has some usefulness for the immediate interdiction of a car whose owner may have outstanding warrants, or in an “Amber Alert” situation, Knopp is concerned about what happens when that’s not the case. Current law allows law enforcement agencies to keep indefinitely information about where and when a vehicle passed a certain point. Over time, these agencies could build up a “profile” of an individual driver – where they drive, what time of day they drive, what day of the week they drive – essentially mapping a private citizen’s daily routine. Continue reading

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Proposed Tobacco Tax Increase Will Simply Encourage More Smuggling

By John A. Charles, Jr.CascadeNewLogo

State legislatures across the country have piled on the tobacco taxes over the past decade. Not surprisingly, this has created a growing problem of tobacco smuggling. As the tax rate rises, it encourages people to buy products from low-tax states and sell them illegally in high-tax states.

New York is the most obvious example of this problem. The Empire State has a tax rate of $4.35/pack, far higher than most other states. As a result, an estimated 57% of all cigarettes sold in New York are brought in by smugglers. Continue reading

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Executive Club Speaker: Senator Baertschiger

Sen Herman Baertschiger_thbHear about Oregon’s port crisis (West Coast strike, Hadjin exit) and how it’s becomming our new economic nightmare
Keynote Speaker: State Senator Herman Baertschiger Jr.
Oregon Executive Club
Wed. March 4th, 7:00pm
Portland Airport Shilo Inn,
11707 Northeast Airport Way, Portland, OR Continue reading

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Will legal marijuana accelerate global warming?

marijuana leaf_thb

by NW Spotlight

“a single Cannabis cigarette [grown indoors] represents about 10 pounds of CO2 emissions, an amount equal to running a 100-watt light bulb for 75 hours”

Oregon RPS & Global Warming Commission

In Oregon, “the 2007 Legislature created a renewable portfolio standard (RPS) that requires the largest utilities in Oregon to provide 25 percent of their retail sales of electricity from newer, clean, renewable sources of energy by 2025.” The RPS is intended “to promote the development of new renewable resources and decrease reliance on fossil fuels.”

The 2007 Legislature also created the Oregon Global Warming Commission, “to prepare for, adapt to, and combat global warming.” The Global Warming Commission web site notes that “About 40% of Oregon’s carbon dioxide emissions come from using electricity.” Continue reading

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Oregon Republican Party elects new officers

ORGOP press release logo

by NW Spotlight

The Oregon Republican Party elected new officers today at the Monarch Hotel in Clackamas.

Bill Currier is the new Oregon Republican Party Chair. He had previously been serving as Vice Chair. Jeff Mapes at the Oregonian reported that Art Robinson had decided not to run for a second term as chairman. Continue reading

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Bad week in the Legislature, but just the start

Jeff Kruse

by Sen. Jeff Kruse (R-Roseburg)

The balance of power in Salem has definitely moved significantly to the left this year. Elections do have consequences, and in a representative republic the winners do get to set the agenda. The reality in the Oregon State Senate is the Democrats can pass anything they want. Just going by the numbers it would require only two Republicans to be present when bills come to the Senate floor for a vote to meet the quorum requirement.

We are already seeing some heavy handed actions taking place. Under most circumstances the chairperson of a committee has the ultimate authority over the activities of the committee. There have already been a couple of times when the members of the committee were attempting to work towards a compromise on a bill only to get direction from leadership to pass the bill un-amended. That is the power of a super majority. Continue reading

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Oregon Dems’ scandals & investigations

Oregon Democrats' Scandals & Investigations_thb

by NW Spotlight

OK, this is just getting overwhelming. There were already 4 different federal investigations into the quarter of a billion dollars wasted on the Cover Oregon disaster, and now there are more federal and state investigations as part of the massive criminal public corruption probe into former Gov. John Kitzhaber and former First Lady Cylvia Hayes!

Then new email revelations this week brought Patricia McCaig back into the news. McCaig, “a secretive campaign consultant who liked to call herself the Princess of Darkness,” ran Kitzhaber’s 2010 gubernatorial campaign. Once elected, “Kitzhaber made her his top adviser on the Columbia River Crossing.” While serving as Kitzhaber’s adviser, McCaig also worked for the CRC’s top contractor and she “eventually collected $553,000 for her work on the CRC, which was never built.” Continue reading

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