Poll: 78% unaware of PERS debt disaster

chart-pers-pollPoll: 78% unaware of PERS disaster
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon Foundation

Oregon’s public employee retirements system (PERS) is now a staggering $20-$22 billion in unfunded liability. Just this week it was announced that it grew by another $3 billion and made front page news.  A 2015 telephone poll of 300 Oregonians by the Taxpayer Association of Oregon Foundation showed that the public is clueless to this gigantic PERS debt hole which will consume state and local budgets for police, fire and schools.

The Foundation asked Oregonians how big Oregon’s public employee unfunded liability is. Nearly half (43%) had no idea. Over a third 34% guessed below the actual amount (1-to-5 billion 9.3% or 5-to-10 billion 24.7%). Less than a quarter of Oregonians (22.7%) guessed correctly that the PERS debt was over $10 billion. Continue reading

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The Curious Case of John Kitzhaber.

Right From the Start

Right From the Start

The Curious Case of John Kitzhaber.

Saturday, February 13, marks the one-year anniversary of former Gov. John Kitzhaber’s (D-OR) resignation in the face of a conflict of interest scandal involving the governor and his paramour, Cylvia Hayes. At the time of Mr. Kitzhaber’s resignation, the Justice Department was said to be conducting a grand jury investigation into the matter, and the Oregon Attorney General had suspended her investigation in order to defer to the federal government. That is the Justice Department that was being run by then Attorney General Eric Holder (D). Continue reading

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Trump, Sanders win decidedly in New Hampshire


by NW Spotlight

Donald Trump decidedly won the Republican New Hampshire primary tonight, and Bernie Sanders decidedly won the Democratic New Hampshire primary.

Republican delegate winners in the 2016 New Hampshire primary (UPDATED):

1 Donald Trump 35.34% 10 del.
2 John Kasich 15.81% 4 del.
3 Ted Cruz 11.68% 3 del.
4 Jeb Bush 11.02% 3 del.
5 Marco Rubio 10.57% 3 del.
6 Chris Christie 7.42% 0 del.
7 Carly Fiorina 4.12% 0 del.
8 Ben Carson 2.29% 0 del.
9 Jim Gilmore 0.05% 0 del.

Source: USA Today (100% reporting) Continue reading

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Bud Pierce: Solving Oregon’s transportation woes

Bud Pierce_thb

Bud Pierce for Governor

Unlike many public policy or political issues, the transportation issue gets personal in a hurry, especially if you’re a Portland area commuter. You see it (and you’re stuck in it) almost every day as you head back and forth to work, go to the grocery story, or ferry the kids to school or activities. It’s getting worse.

So why haven’t our state’s roads, bridges, and transportation arteries kept pace with our population growth and demands of the 21st Century? Why is gridlock costing Oregon jobs and driving up prices for working Oregonians who are wasting time stuck in traffic? Failed leadership in Salem. Continue reading

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Oregon ‘short session’: Democrats’ one-party authoritarian regime

Gail Whitsett

by Rep. Gail Whitsett

In response to a question posed to me recently, it’s my opinion that public input has no value in a completely controlled and strictly adhered to agenda like we are seeing this session. The outcome is pre-determined and the bills that are allowed to a floor vote will pass.

I still urge people to testify and we minority party legislators still speak up on the floor and in committees and vote “no” – but the outcome is fully predetermined. That’s how it is this session and that’s how it was last session. That’s how it is anytime you have a supermajority or near supermajority.

Even the moderate Democrats are so afraid of their leadership and the loss of their committee chairmanships and committee assignments that they concede to the stated agenda and vote party line. Continue reading

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Not One Dollar More

CascadeNewLogoBy John A. Charles, Jr.

The State of Oregon will sell 84,000 acres of the Elliott State Forest by March 2017, in order to make money for public schools.

However, the lands will not be auctioned to the highest bidder. In fact, they will not be auctioned at all. The State will set the price based on appraisals, and purchasers will pay that price.

If there is more than one offer, the tie will be broken based on which buyer promises the most “public benefits.” Those benefits are defined as public access to at least 50% of the property; preservation of old growth timber; protection of stream corridors; and the guarantee of at least 40 jobs for 10 years. Continue reading

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New website on scandals & pay-to-play politics of Salem Democrats

Salem Dems web_thb

Promote Oregon Leadership PAC

Salem, Ore.Promote Oregon Leadership PAC launched a website and ad campaign highlighting the scandals and pay-to-play style politics of Salem Democrats. The website, www.SalemDemocrats.com, includes the release of a digital ad featuring ex-Governor John Kitzhaber, former First Lady of Oregon Cylvia Hayes, Governor Kate Brown and House Speaker Tina Kotek, and exposes the corrupt dealings of Oregon’s majority party.

“Salem Democrats control every aspect of Oregon’s Capitol, yet feign surprise when members of their own party are forced to resign and their own state agencies face federal investigations,” said David Huguenel, Executive Director of Promote Oregon. “Instead of cleaning up their act, they’ve done nothing but double down on a partisan agenda, pandering to their out-of-state-donors and special interest allies so they can line their pockets with millions of dollars in campaign donations.” Continue reading

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