Dissociative Tendencies of President Obama

larryhuss Dissociative Tendencies of President Obama

Right From the Start

There is a dissociative element to President Barack Obama. It occurs between what he says and what he does contemporaneously, between what he says in scripted remarks and unscripted responses made contemporaneously, between what he says is fact and what he knows is fact, and between what he says and what he claims to have said.

One of the most recent and disturbing displays of this was two weeks ago when Mr. Obama appeared before the press corps to somberly express his sympathy for the family of the recently slain journalist James Foley and to be photographed shortly thereafter laughing it up with his friends on the golf course at Martha’s Vineyard. Even after weeks of criticism Mr. Obama failed to find fault in his conduct but allowed that the “optics” were inappropriate. Continue reading

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New Greg Walden ad: “Bandwidth”

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Wehby accepts four debates, awaits Merkley’s response

Dr Monica Wehby thb Wehby accepts four debates, awaits Merkley’s response

Dr. Monica Wehby for U.S. Senate

Portland – Today, the Dr. Monica Wehby for U.S. Senate campaign announced that Dr. Wehby would accept invitations to participate in four televised debates between now and Election Day. Accepting these debates underscores Dr. Wehby’s intention to address head-on Senator Merkley’s disingenuous and ineffective first term in the United States Senate.

These televised debates include a previously announced October 14th debate on KOBI (NBC), and three additional forums, hosted independently by Oregon Public Broadcasting, KOIN (CBS), and the City Club of Portland. Furthermore, the campaign asks that these additional forums consider televising their debates statewide. The Wehby campaign requests Senator Merkley to promptly accept these invitations in order to procure dates and times that will allow for a public discussion of competing ideas on how best to address our high unemployment and listless economy. Continue reading

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No Death Panels Here―Yet

CascadeNewLogo e1342826659899 No Death Panels Here―YetBy Steve Buckstein

ObamaCare mastermind Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel recently published an Atlantic magazine essay explaining why he hopes to die at age 75, which for him is eighteen years away.

He won’t kill himself, but plans to refuse any medical treatment other than palliative care for pain or disability. He says that like death, “…living too long is also a loss. It renders many of us, if not disabled, then faltering and declining, a state that may not be worse than death but is nonetheless deprived.” Continue reading

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Call for more PERS transparency

Dan Lucas 2012 thb Call for more PERS transparency

by Dan Lucas

For whatever reason, Oregon media outlets continue to present very deceptive impressions around how much PERS is costing all levels of government within Oregon. The Oregonian and the Salem Statesman Journal ran articles this past week on the latest PERS employer contribution rate news. The Statesman Journal took the deception to a new level with this headline: School districts see a large drop in PERS rates.

Both the Oregonian and Statesman Journal did selective reporting on a portion of the total PERS costs. As I wrote last month “PERS employer contributions only represent a portion of the PERS costs for school districts, the state and local governments.” Continue reading

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Where things stand

polldata Where things standA review of polls on major issues.
By Taxpayer Association Oregon PAC

We are officially heading into the final 30 days of the election. That means voters will be endure a blizzard of campaign TV, radio and direct mail advertisements. It is estimated that several millions of dollars of campaign activities will be spent during this condensed month to secure or sway public opinion on over a hundred candidates and ballot issues. Before it begins, it is an important lesson in understanding Oregonians to look at their first impression feelings on major decision points of the election.

For starters, the governor’s race began with a weak governor, with incumbent John Kitzhaber netting 46% support and challenger Dennis Richardson with a close 44% support. Unsure voters stood at nearly 1 out of 10 voters with 8%. Other polls showed variations on these numbers. It looks like a long year of headlines involving the governor created a weakening of his support. Continue reading

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Who Is Craig Wilhelm?

Craig Wilhelm thb Who Is Craig Wilhelm?

Craig Wilhelm

Promote Oregon Leadership PAC

Wilhelm Claims To “Love Bend” But Fails To Pay Local Taxes On Time, Fails To Vote In Local Elections And Chose To Register His Business In Washington State – Not Oregon

Salem, OR-  Promote Oregon today launched the website, www.WhoisCraigWilhelm.com, to educate Bend voters about the public record of Oregon House District 54 candidate Craig Wilhelm – a record that offers some stark contradictions to his campaign slogan and rhetoric.

Although Mr. Wilhelm claims to “love Bend” in his most recent campaign ad, his local record within the community paints a different picture. According to public records, Mr. Wilhelm failed to pay his local property taxes on time three years in a row and has failed to vote in 38% of local elections, missing important votes involving schools and public safety. He also chose to register his business, RRT American Services, in Washington state – not Oregon. Continue reading

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