The Antics of a Postal Union Worker

Last week, a moron flew his gyrocopter onto the White House grounds without incident. He penetrated the heavily fortified defenses of the White House with ease and without triggering an armed response. The pilot, Doug Hughes, was arrested and subsequently … Continue reading

Posted by at 06:52 | Posted in Free Speech, Government corruption, Leadership, McCain, Public Employee Unions | 19 Comments

The Strange World of Obama’s Foreign Policy

  It has been a strange couple of weeks for President Barack Obama as his legacy has come home to bite him. On a domestic level we have known for a long time that Mr. Obama is liar – not … Continue reading

Posted by at 05:00 | Posted in Foreign Relations, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, President Obama | 7 Comments

Waiting on the Promises of the Republican Majority

The mainstream media is fawning over President Barack Obama’s striking a deal with Iran to allegedly ban their development of nuclear weapons. And FOX News and the talk radio hosts are equally dyspeptic over Mr. Obama creating a pathway for … Continue reading

Posted by at 05:00 | Posted in Congress, Employment, Ethics, Iran, President Obama | 8 Comments

Will President Obama Accede to the Demands of Iran?

As this column is being written the determination as to whether the administration of President Barack Obama and the leadership of Iran will strike a deal on limiting Iran’s ability to develop nuclear weapons remains undetermined. At last report Iran … Continue reading

Posted by at 05:00 | Posted in Economy, Foreign Relations, Iran, John Kerry, Leadership, President Obama | 4 Comments

Hillary Clinton and the Trail of Slime

Like Oregon’s ubiquitous banana slug, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton leaves a trail of slime on everything she touches. I recognize that this is an unkind cut but the unbroken line of unethical conduct by Ms. Clinton well deserves … Continue reading

Posted by at 05:00 | Posted in 2016 Presidential Election, Ethics, Hillary Clinton, President Obama, Scandals | 42 Comments

The Duplicity of the Obama Foreign Policy

As this column is being written, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is preparing to address the United States Congress. I have no idea what is in that speech but I do know two things about the speech. First, it is … Continue reading

Posted by at 05:00 | Posted in Cuba, Foreign Relations, Hillary Clinton, Iran, Israel, John Kerry, Leadership, Liberalism, President Obama, Terrorism, Ukraine | 13 Comments

The Burial of the Kitzhaber Scandal

The aftermath of the scandal that forced Gov. John Kitzhaber (D) to resign is like watching a cat bury its poop – a lot of litter is scratched up to cover the mess but the poop is still there and … Continue reading

Posted by at 05:00 | Posted in Cylvia Hayes, Ethics, Gov. Kitzhaber, Government corruption, Media, Oregon Government, Public Employee Unions | 15 Comments

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