Should President Obama Be Impeached?

I am a huge fan of Gov. Sarah Palin. No, I don’t think she should be president (or vice-president) but she certainly could not have done worse than the present occupants of those two offices. My enthusiasm for Ms. Palin … Continue reading

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Oregon’s Dismal Employment Picture Isn’t Gov. Kitzhaber Fault – Just Ask Him

  Gov. John Kitzhaber wants to be re-elected again – for the fourth time. At the end of his second term he deemed Oregon “ungovernable” which is liberal newspeak for “it’s not my fault that I failed.” After eight years … Continue reading

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Free Speech vs. Collective Bargaining (Non-legalese)

Last week’s column dealt with the United States Supreme Court’s recent decision in Harris v. Quinn. This is the case in which the court ruled that the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) could not require individuals who received public funds … Continue reading

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The End of the Agency Shop for Public Employees?

  As the government of President Barack Obama steers a steady course towards government intrusion in all aspects of life, the United States Supreme Court appears to side instead with individual rights and liberties guaranteed under the Bill of Rights. … Continue reading

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Obama and the General Motors Cover-up

General Motors Company (ruefully labeled Government Motors) has issued recalls for over 17 Million cars in the United States alone. Some 2.6 Million of those involved the faulty ignition switch that has been blamed for over fifty accidents and some … Continue reading

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Iraq: The Epic Failure of Incompetence and Naivete

There are no good choices remaining for dealing with the collapse of Iraq and the ensuing brutality those people will now suffer – particularly the women. Five and one-half years of ineptitude, inaction and incredible naivete by President Barack Obama … Continue reading

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The High Cost of Liberalism

The high cost of liberalism continues to increase. Tuesday mornings Oregonian reported on another “green energy” fantasy slipping into failure at considerable cost to taxpayers. An article by Molly Young stated: “Portland’s SoloPower Systems has missed another monthly payment on … Continue reading

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