The Man Behind the Tree

Over the past year, Oregon Democrats have perfected a technique of unprincipled politics that was poetically captured in a March 1932 Collier’s Weekly article titled “Tax Everyone But Me” which included an astute observation of American progressive politics: At the … Continue reading

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What I learned at PSU

When I first started writing for the Oregon Catalyst in 2011, I managed a hedge fund that had weathered the storm of 2008 well; indeed we profited from it since my fund was actually hedged. But things were not looking … Continue reading

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Randal O’Toole Pioneers the Future of Tolling

With his signature colonel ties and a home address in Camp Sherman, Randal O’Toole certainly projects the image of a pioneer, but in the case of testing out the future of transportation financing, he’s as much substance as style. The Beaver … Continue reading

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HB 2004: Moderation is Winning

There is something worse than growing housing rents: a permanent housing shortage. That’s what rent control gives a city. Rental prices go up as demand growth begins to outpace supply growth, but markets adjust when those higher prices signal profits … Continue reading

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Join With Me on Memorial Day

I’ve been asked to speak at the Oregon Vietnam Veterans Memorial for its annual Memorial Day ceremony to tell the story of Corporal Lyle Tate. He was killed in action 50 years ago this month in the Republic of Vietnam. 

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A Shaky Assumption?

Earlier this week Nigel Jaquiss wrote that the proposition a “growing population means more traffic” is a shaky assumption. I admire his making a contrarian point, and I’ve long been an admirer of his writing for Willamette Week, but let’s subject that … Continue reading

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Is the Governor Serious About Transportation?

The legislature is going big on transportation infrastructure improvements, hopefully before it goes home. The Joint Committee On Transportation Preservation and Modernization has released the broad outline of a ten-year plan to relieve congestion across the Beaver State, which is … Continue reading

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The Other Form of Climate Denial

There are few political epithets that are as marginalizing as being called a “denier,” because that word naturally evokes in our minds the crackpots that deny the Holocaust. It can be inappropriate in a scientific context to marginalize doubters, because true … Continue reading

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Why a Progressive Supports Redistricting Reform

We live in a time of highly partisan redistricting. Secretary of State Dennis Richardson has developed a plan to lead us in a new, less partisan, less biased direction. Many Democrats have been lining up to call this a power … Continue reading

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The Poor Aren’t Getting Poorer

Bruce Sacerdote, Professor of Economics at Dartmouth College, has submitted a new paper to the National Bureau of Economic Research tackling a vexing measurement error problem in tracking the growth of income over the past fifty years. Despite popular perceptions … Continue reading

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Transportation Bait and Switch

Democrats love to promise “infrastructure spending,” a phrase ripe with the logical fallacy of equivocation where a loaded term means different things. For many businesses across our state, infrastructure most readily means expanding freeway capacity in the Portland area so that our … Continue reading

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The Game Theory of the Filibuster’s Demise

There’s little reason to expect the filibuster for legislation to hold now that it’s been removed from all judicial nominations. What’s remarkable is that this procedural rule has lasted this long.

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Soraya Deen: meet a real American Muslim

The City Club of Salem hosted Soraya Deen last Wednesday to talk about what it’s like being a Muslim in America. You can hear the story of her faith in Islam and her optimistic faith in America at the City … Continue reading

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