Revisiting Republican Congressional Campaign Commitments (2nd Edition)

This in an update to a column I wrote in April of this year. The italics reflect the previous column while the updates are in regular type: During the 2014 congressional campaigns the Republicans told us that if we would … Continue reading

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Oregon Dems’ scandals & investigations

by NW Spotlight OK, this is just getting overwhelming. There were already 4 different federal investigations into the quarter of a billion dollars wasted on the Cover Oregon disaster, and now there are more federal and state investigations as part … Continue reading

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No wonder Gov. Kate Brown wants to punish the whistle blowers!

by NW Spotlight A few days ago we reported on Gov. Kate Brown’s chilling moves to silence & punish state employees who refused to delete Kitzhaber emails. KATU is reporting today on new findings about Kitzhaber’s dealings in those emails, … Continue reading

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Independent Party now Oregon’s 3rd major party

by NW Spotlight Secretary of State Kate Brown announced Monday that the Independent Party of Oregon (IPO) has achieved major party status. The IPO met the threshold of at least 5% of the number of registered voters in the most … Continue reading

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Kitzhaber meltdown underway

by NW Spotlight Well it hasn’t been a good day for Oregon’s Gov. John Kitzhaber (D). Willamette Week started the day with more tough articles asking the tough questions that Kitzhaber won’t answer: Climate, Changed, Kitzhaber Hired Ally Who Arranged … Continue reading

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Kitzhaber’s stonewalling consistent with Oregon’s “F” grade

by NW Spotlight After Willamette Week’s Nigel Jaquiss began uncovering a series of problems with Oregon First Lady Cylvia Hayes, many other members of the Oregon media began requesting information about Hayes and her potential blurring of lines between her … Continue reading

Posted by at 06:21 | Posted in 2014 Election, Cylvia Hayes, Gov. Kitzhaber, Media | 25 Comments

“Tax the Rich,” Reprise

In President Obama’s State of the Union address this evening, he apparently will advocate for more taxes on the rich. It’s a tried-and-true political platform aimed at gaining support from those who think that some people make too much money … Continue reading

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Equal Outcome Is the Wrong Goal

By John A. Charles, Jr. In Governor Kitzhaber’s final inaugural address last week, he focused on the themes of equality and community. Specifically, he wants to reduce the gap between rich and poor. He also believes that only through collective action … Continue reading

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More fallout from Nov 2014 crushing GOP wins nationally

by NW Spotlight An article in Governing Magazine this month, Democrats’ Future Looks Grim, talks about another facet of the crushing November 2014 Republican victories across the county. It’s a problem that will sound familiar to Oregon Republicans – but … Continue reading

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Oregon kicker limits what state can spend during flush times

Watch for Dem effort this year to eliminate the personal “kicker” tax refunds by Sen. Doug Whitsett Oregon taxpayers may receive a pleasant surprise in the form of an income tax “kicker” refund check, in the event that state revenues … Continue reading

Posted by at 05:39 | Posted in 2014 Election, OR 78th Legislative Session, State Budget, State Taxes | 17 Comments

2014 was a very good year for GOP nationally

by NW Spotlight As an analysis in the Washington Times noted on Sunday, “Republicans smashed the Democrats in the 2014 midterms.” Republicans have won control of the U.S. Senate, and so will now control both chambers of Congress. They increased … Continue reading

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Dems further tighten stranglehold on Oregon

by Dan Lucas Last month’s election further consolidated what the Oregonian’s Steve Duin has called the Democrats’ “near-monopoly on political power” in Oregon. Democrats have returned to super-majority status in the Oregon Senate – an advantage they’ve enjoyed for 3 of the … Continue reading

Posted by at 06:51 | Posted in 2014 Election, Gov. Kitzhaber, OR 78th Legislative Session, Oregon Attorney General, Oregon Government, Oregon House, Oregon Senate | 2,344 Comments

DMV seeking end-around of your Measure 88 NO vote

You can thank President Obama and Oregon Democratic officials who pick and choose when to follow laws and the Oregon Constitution by Mike Nearman The will of the people is poised to take another beating. You’ll recall that in 2013 … Continue reading

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