Oregon Legislative Committee Moves HB 3391: Expands Abortion, Coerces People & Organizations to Pay for Abortions

By Oregon Right to Life To ask your elected officials to vote no on HB 3391, please click here. Today the Joint Ways and Means Sub-Committee on Human Services passed out House Bill 3391 to the full Ways and Means Committee … Continue reading

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In the Aftermath of the Inauguration

President Donald J. Trump noted in his inaugural address: “For too long, a small group in our nation’s capital has reaped the rewards of government while the people have borne the cost. Washington flourished—but the people did not share in … Continue reading

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Unbelievable! What’s Next?

I didn’t believe it would happen, but my wife did.  I didn’t believe it could happen but her cousin in Dunthorpe did.  I couldn’t believe it was happening but one of my old college roommates, now living in Gig Harbor, … Continue reading

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2016 Freedom Rally this Saturday at Noon!

Oregon Liberty Alliance Dinesh D’Souza, Michelle Malkin, Todd Starnes and Congressman Greg Walden! Oregon Liberty Alliance member organizations are hosting the 2016 Freedom Rally on February 6th, 2016 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland. Join with fellow conservatives to … Continue reading

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Do parents know what’s happening in Oregon school-based health centers?

by NW Spotlight There is an event planned for the upcoming ‘short session’ of the Oregon Legislature to promote Oregon school-based health centers. It’s important for Oregonians to understand what all happens in those school-based health centers – without parental … Continue reading

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Join the annual Roe v. Wade Memorial Rally in Portland

Oregon Right To Life Portland, OR—Tomorrow (Sunday, January 17, 2016), in Pioneer Courthouse Square, thousands of Oregonians from around the state will be convening to commemorate the 58 million lives lost to legalized abortion since 1973. The rally begins at … Continue reading

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Realigning the Priorities of Congress

Last week Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) “stunned” the political world by announcing that he was resigning as Speaker and from the United State House of Representatives at the end of October. I’m not sure why the “political … Continue reading

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Re-energizing the Authority of Congress

Former Secretary of State and current presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is scheduled to appear before the House Select Committee on Benghazi on October 22, 2015. For those of you expecting anything near the truth to be outed during this hearing, … Continue reading

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What’s Tina Kotek afraid Oregon will learn about Planned Parenthood?

by NW Spotlight The Oregon House Committee on Healthcare WAS going to hold a public hearing to question Oregon Planned Parenthood about allegations of selling and transferring fetal organs and tissue from aborted fetuses for profit. That hearing WAS going … Continue reading

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Oregon House committee to hold hearing on Planned Parenthood

Oregon House Republican Office Public Hearing Granted In Response To Request From House Republican Members Salem, OR – House Republican members Friday announced that the House Committee on Healthcare will hold a public hearing to question Oregon Planned Parenthood officials … Continue reading

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Am I accountable for the abortions I fund?

by Dan Lucas In the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court legalized abortion. Since that ruling, there have been more than 53 million abortions in the U.S. That’s more lives stopped than the entire population of the … Continue reading

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A personal look inside Planned Parenthood

by Ashley Atkin With all of the information surrounding Planned Parenthood in the media right now, I wanted to put my experience out there. In 2010, just weeks after getting married, I found out I was pregnant. It was an … Continue reading

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Hundreds rally in Beaverton to call for defunding Planned Parenthood

by NW Spotlight Several hundred pro-life supporters rallied in front of the Planned Parenthood building in Beaverton yesterday. It was part of the “Women Betrayed” nationwide rallies calling for state governments and the federal government to investigate and defund Planned … Continue reading

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