The Votes Are In: Small Scholarships Have a Big Impact

By Kathryn Hickok The Children’s Scholarship Fund is a nationally recognized, privately funded scholarship program which has helped more than 139,000 low-income children attend tuition-based elementary schools nationwide since 1998. The program recently surveyed scholarship families in New York about their experiences. The results … Continue reading

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Don’t Pay Twice for Public Education

By Steve Buckstein Last week, the American College Testing organization (ACT) released the results of its national college admissions examination consisting of tests in English, Reading, Math, and Science. Thirty-six percent of Oregon’s 2014 high school graduates took the tests. … Continue reading

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Charter Schools Achieve Superior Outcomes with Unequal Funding

By Kathryn Hickok The University of Arkansas has published a first-ever comparison study of cost effectiveness and return on investment between different types of public schools.The Productivity of Public Charter Schools rates 28 states and the District of Columbia according to … Continue reading

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What do you think of Common Core?

by Sen. Doug Whitsett By now, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the controversial national education initiative known as Common Core. The stated goal of Common Core is to unify the standards used by school districts throughout the country and better prepare … Continue reading

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Portland Public Schools’ New Ombudsman Should Be Independent

By Joel Grey In response to parent complaints, Portland Public Schools will create a new ombudsman position. An ombudsman is a person within an organization who provides accountability and investigates complaints. It’s a good thing for public schools to have an … Continue reading

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“Pay-It-Forward” Is a Step Back

By Joel Grey The Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission is considering a proposal called “Pay-It-Forward.” This pilot program would give free tuition at a state university to one thousand high school graduates each year, beginning in 2016. In exchange for free tuition, students would cede 3-5% of their … Continue reading

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Sen. Jeff Kruse: Legislative Days disappointing

by Sen. Jeff Kruse (R-Roseburg) While I still think the concept of Legislative Days, a block of time during the interim when all committees in both Chambers meet, is a good one, I am disappointed in what has transpired this … Continue reading

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