The Real State of Employment in Oregon

A recent article in The Oregonian reported that Portland (apparently for The Oregonian that is all there is in the state) was reaching “full employment” and that economic growth will now slow down.  Well The Oregonian did not so much … Continue reading

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A Shaky Assumption?

Earlier this week Nigel Jaquiss wrote that the proposition a “growing population means more traffic” is a shaky assumption. I admire his making a contrarian point, and I’ve long been an admirer of his writing for Willamette Week, but let’s subject that … Continue reading

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Bad Consequences of Public Policies Aren’t Really “Unintended,” Just “Unacknowledged”

By Steve Buckstein Decades of research and experience tell us that raising the government-imposed minimum wage results in fewer younger and lower-skilled individuals being hired, and in some of them losing jobs they previously held at lower wages.* Decades of … Continue reading

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Making Youth Unemployment Worse

–The unintended negative effects of raising minimum wage rates By Randall Pozdena and Steve Buckstein President-elect Donald Trump has nominated the CEO of one of the nation’s largest fast food chains to serve as U.S. Secretary of Labor. The food preparation … Continue reading

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Uber Translated: Better Service for the Underserved

By Lydia White It’s not news that free-market visionaries provide better service than their corrupt competitors, but big government advocates are reluctant to admit it, even when such enterprise benefits their causes. Ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft provide cheaper, … Continue reading

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Oregon lags nation in business start-ups

by NW Spotlight Businesses start-ups at an all-time low (in Oregon and nationally) Yesterday’s Oregon Economic and Revenue Forecast from the State of Oregon’s Department of Administrative Services, Office of Economic Analysis, contains a chart showing that Oregon lags the … Continue reading

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Two-Thirds of Oregon Union Members Want to End the Unions’ “Forced-Rider” Problem

By Kathryn Hickok and Steve Buckstein Last month, National Employee Freedom Week (August 14-20, 2016) called attention to the rights of union members to opt out of union membership if they choose and to stop paying dues and fees to unions … Continue reading

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Oregon Union Members Want the Option to Represent Themselves

By Steve Buckstein National Employee Freedom Week (NEFW, August 14-20, 2016), aims to educate union members across the country about their rights to opt out of union membership and stop paying some or all of their dues and fees to … Continue reading

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Cascade Policy Institute Opposes Measure 97, the “Sales Tax on Steroids”

August 8, 2016  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PORTLAND, Ore. – Cascade Policy Institute’s Board of Directors has voted to oppose Measure 97, the 2.5 percent gross receipts tax on C corporations with Oregon sales above $25 million. It would be the … Continue reading

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Oregon Teens Discover Their “Lightbulb Moment” at Young Entrepreneurs Business Week

By Kathryn Hickok Your average high school students may not be able to explain a fictional company’s dividends to a lecture hall full of adults from the business world. But after five days at Young Entrepreneurs Business Week, they could. … Continue reading

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The Road to Economic Ruin Runs Through Obama/Clinton

The numbers were out Friday on the United State’s economic growth and it wasn’t good.  For the third quarter in a row the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was at 1.2% or lower.  (For those of you forced to endure an … Continue reading

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Voters Decided to Leave Themselves Stranded by the Side of the Road

By Steve Buckstein In the month since voters in Austin, Texas upheld new city regulations on ridesharing companies like Uber, the law of unintended consequences has been confirmed. Austin’s highly regulated taxi industry got the city to impose strict regulations … Continue reading

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Oregon’s anti-business administration

by Sen. Doug Whitsett The Oregon Legislative Assembly maintained a modicum of equality in political power during the years between the 2010 and the 2014 general elections. During all four of those years, our bipartisan Senate coalition maintained a 15-member … Continue reading

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