Latest Dennis Richardson ad: Kitz pays women less

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Banning Smoking on Oregon’s Beaches

The do-gooders of Oregon’s Nanny State are at it again. Recent news articles detail a proposal by the Oregon Parks Department to ban smoking on Oregon’s beaches. The alleged purpose is to reduce the amount of litter and debris on … Continue reading

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Dennis Richardson wins first debate

Dennis Richardson for Governor Salem, OR – State Representative and candidate for Governor Dennis Richardson delivered a commanding win in his first debate with John Kitzhaber at the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association Convention. “I’m grateful to the ONPA for hosting … Continue reading

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Oregon’s Dismal Employment Picture Isn’t Gov. Kitzhaber Fault – Just Ask Him

  Gov. John Kitzhaber wants to be re-elected again – for the fourth time. At the end of his second term he deemed Oregon “ungovernable” which is liberal newspeak for “it’s not my fault that I failed.” After eight years … Continue reading

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Lars Larson: Crisis growing in Oregon’s timber counties

by Lars Larson A crisis is growing in Oregon’s timber dependent counties along with the Douglas Firs. Law enforcement is falling apart in that half of the state where you don’t find a Starbucks on every corner. I talked with … Continue reading

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Gov. Kitzhaber is responsible for Cover Oregon failure

by Dan Lucas Cover Oregon, Oregon’s attempt at a health insurance exchange, has been a disaster. It didn’t start out that way — it started full of promise and high expectations. Back in 2011 Gov. Kitzhaber spoke of the support … Continue reading

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Call for independent investigation of SAIF CEO firing

by Brandon Smith and Krystal Smith We’ve been silent publicly to this point. However, silence accomplishes nothing. We are not whistleblowers. We have no inside information. Sadly, the only information we have has been provided by Bob Wilson at Thank … Continue reading

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