Subsidizing Healthcare for the Poor

The bill establishing the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is 906 pages long.  There are over 13,000 additional pages of regulation that accompanies the bill.  Because Obamacare touched so many other areas of the law including taxation, licensing, and welfare estimates … Continue reading

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The Filibuster and Its Abuse by Senate Slackers

The “filibuster” is the least understood and most abused parliamentary maneuver in the United States Senate.  It has a rich historical pedigree that dates back to ancient Rome where Cato the Younger, a Roman senator, was said to have used … Continue reading

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Added Trouble for PERS

What is an annuity cash flow calculator?  What is the net present value of a stream of income?  Why are the public employee unions so concerned about it?  Okay, if you were forced to endure a teachers union led education … Continue reading

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Forbes Magazine calls out Brad Avakian abuses

by NW Spotlight Oregon and its arrogant one-party rule by Democrats has once again drawn negative national attention. This latest national attention is on Oregon’s Labor Commissioner, Brad Avakian, who is now running for Oregon Secretary of State. Yesterday, Forbes … Continue reading

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Twenty-Five Years Litigating for Liberty

By Steve Buckstein How many attorneys do you know who make their living defending liberty? Well, 43 attorneys work full-time at the national public interest law firm Institute for Justice. They protect school choice, economic liberty, the First Amendment, and … Continue reading

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Free Speech and Liberal Repression

One of the pillars of freedom is free speech. Without it a democracy becomes an oligarchy (rule by the elite) and from there devolves to a kakistocracy (rule by the least competent). Free speech only exists when the public has … Continue reading

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Full Employment Act of 2016: Dealing with Cheats

I like to think of myself as a rational human being. But there are a few things that drive me to irrationality simply by their frequency, duration, and in-your-face public display. In this case we are talking about the abuse … Continue reading

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New website on scandals & pay-to-play politics of Salem Democrats

Promote Oregon Leadership PAC Salem, Ore. – Promote Oregon Leadership PAC launched a website and ad campaign highlighting the scandals and pay-to-play style politics of Salem Democrats. The website,, includes the release of a digital ad featuring ex-Governor John … Continue reading

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Sen. Betsy Johnson’s bill to hold state agencies accountable

by NW Spotlight Nigel Jaquiss at Willamette Week is reporting that Sen. Betsy Johnson (D-Scappoose) is introducing a bill in the upcoming Oregon legislative ‘short session’ to create a Legislative Committee on Accountability. The bill is SB 1577 (LC-0052), and … Continue reading

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Ending state agency abuse of attorney-client privilege

by Sen. Doug Whitsett Attorney-client privilege is an uninfringeable pillar of our legal system. That system rightfully and unambiguously protects disclosure of those communications. Further, attorneys are specifically excluded from being compelled to testify regarding most communications with their client … Continue reading

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Keep Obama’s Justice Department Out of Burns

Last weekend, after a rally in support of convicted arsonists, Dwight Hammond, and his son, Steve Hammond, a group of armed men occupied the headquarters of the Malhuer National Wildlife Refuge in Burns, Oregon, in protest over the heavy hand … Continue reading

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Freedom in Film: Becket (1964)

By Kathryn Hickok Film and stage legend Peter O’Toole died December 14, 2013, at age 81. Best known for his epic Lawrence of Arabia, O’Toole is also remembered for his dramatization of King Henry II in Becket (1964), for which … Continue reading

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BETC scandal highlights bigger problems in state government

by Sen. Doug Whitsett Governments often attempt to impose their social and political doctrines by using public funds to influence investment behavior. One method of choice is issuing tax credits that encourage and induce speculation in ventures that free market … Continue reading

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