Oregon’s Dismal Employment Picture Isn’t Gov. Kitzhaber Fault – Just Ask Him

  Gov. John Kitzhaber wants to be re-elected again – for the fourth time. At the end of his second term he deemed Oregon “ungovernable” which is liberal newspeak for “it’s not my fault that I failed.” After eight years … Continue reading

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Seattle taxpayers stuck paying to defend unfair $15-hour min wage

Washington Lodging Association (WLA) Seattle taxpayers forced to fund expensive outside counsel for city attempt to defend discrimination SEATTLE, July 8, 2014 – The City of Seattle’s decision to hire expensive outside legal counsel to try to defend its discriminatory actions … Continue reading

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Politically motivated science destroying the economy

by Sen. Doug Whitsett The College of Veterinary Medicine, at Oregon State University, has asked me to speak at their graduation for each of the past ten years. Last Sunday, Representative Whitsett and I were once again privileged to participate … Continue reading

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Franchises sue Seattle over $15 per-hour min wage equal treatment

International Franchise Association Federal Complaint Alleges Discrimination Against Franchisees  SEATTLE – The International Franchise Association (IFA), a Washington, D.C.-based trade group, and five franchisees today filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Seattle on June 11, 2014, seeking to … Continue reading

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Kitz on coal: I’ll make decision by May 30, but answer will be NO

by NW Spotlight Kitzhaber cares more about environmental activists than jobs for Oregon – he admits to stretching state’s regulatory morass to what the Oregonian calls “the snapping point” to try to stop this low environmental impact project and the … Continue reading

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Wealth and Mobility

Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal carried an article by Liz Hoffman about Pfizer Inc.’s pending offer to buy AstraZeneca for nearly $100 Billion dollars. The essence of the article is found in the first paragraph: “Pfizer Inc.’s nearly $100 billion offer … Continue reading

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Big government and big banks: Too Big to Fail 2.0

by NW Spotlight We recently documented the de facto nationalization of the home mortgage industry, which is fattening government coffers by giving 100% of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac profits to the federal Treasury.  This has left private investors at … Continue reading

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