Tumult in Turkey: Obama’s Latest Mistake

Last Saturday elements of the Turkish military, intent on removing President Recep Erdogan from power, staged an attempted coup.  It failed primarily because, for the first time in a long list of Turkish coups, the military failed to act as … Continue reading

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The Ignominious End to Politics and Truth

By Larry Huss, No wonder the political class is universally despised. It is virtually impossible for them to tell the truth about anything. In most instances the truth is found in what the politicians choose to ignore. Here are three … Continue reading

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These are ominous and concerning times

by Dan Lucas These are very disquieting times. North Korea is believed to be conducting hydrogen bomb testing and has successfully launched a missile capable of reaching the United States – breaking many U.N. Security Council resolutions in doing so. … Continue reading

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Lessons of 9/11: Iran nuke deal a bad idea

by Lars Larson America marks the anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks today even as the President of the United States celebrates the deal that paves the way to nuclear weapons in Iran. Now that should make you pause. Have … Continue reading

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Iran nuke deal worse than Babe Ruth trade

by Jeff Anderson Worst deal ever….until now. It was almost 100 years ago that Red Sox owner, Harry Frazee traded Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees in exchange for funding of a Broadway Musical. It is considered by many … Continue reading

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Rewarding Consistent Bad Behavior

Psychologists, economists, criminologists and parents routinely tell us that past performance is the best predictor of future behavior. Only in politics is that adage routinely ignored – and no more so that when liberals/progressives find past performance an inconvenient barrier … Continue reading

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Obama’s Arab Summit: Prelude to a Backstabbing

Last week President Barack Obama assembled his ill-fated “summit” with the leaders of the Gulf Cooperation Council (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman.) Because of the distrust in Mr. Obama held by most of these … Continue reading

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Waiting on the Promises of the Republican Majority

The mainstream media is fawning over President Barack Obama’s striking a deal with Iran to allegedly ban their development of nuclear weapons. And FOX News and the talk radio hosts are equally dyspeptic over Mr. Obama creating a pathway for … Continue reading

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Will President Obama Accede to the Demands of Iran?

As this column is being written the determination as to whether the administration of President Barack Obama and the leadership of Iran will strike a deal on limiting Iran’s ability to develop nuclear weapons remains undetermined. At last report Iran … Continue reading

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The Duplicity of the Obama Foreign Policy

As this column is being written, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is preparing to address the United States Congress. I have no idea what is in that speech but I do know two things about the speech. First, it is … Continue reading

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The Petition to Request President Barack Obama to Resign

For the past several months my columns have detailed the damaging activities of President Barack Obama during his presidency and have stated that he is unfit to serve in the high office of President of the United States. At the … Continue reading

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Obama Fumbles Again on Cuba and North Korea

With the New Year approaching, I was hoping that we might be able to forget about the steady stream of lies, gaffes and ineptitudes by President Barack Obama that demonstrate his inability to lead the country. But Mr. Obama insists … Continue reading

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Is Islam at War with the West?

With the recent rise of the newest barbaric terrorist group – the self-proclaimed “Islamic State” – and the increasing number of individual attacks by home grown Islamic terrorists, the question I hear most often is “Are we at war with … Continue reading

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