Even PolitiFact acknowledges Nancy Pelosi is a liar

by NW Spotlight House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif) spoke at her weekly press conference about the recent Supreme Court decision on Hobby Lobby. In her press conference, Pelosi lied about the Supreme Court decision and made sexist comments about … Continue reading

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PBS challenge for conservatives: submit content

by Chris Brass Public Broadcasting has a reputation of being a liberal station, but the truth is that I don’t see it completely that way. I would admit that it leans in that direction, even in the case of the … Continue reading

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Colorado recalls: voter polling that matters

by Dan Lucas There was some shoddy journalism in The Oregonian and Statesman Journal earlier this week that allowed a very partisan gun background check poll to be passed along without revealing the partisan nature of the polling firm or … Continue reading

Posted by at 05:00 | Posted in 2014 Election, 2nd Amendment, Gun Control, Media, Oregon Senate | 2 Comments

Left-leaning PolitiFact loses last shred of credibility

by NW Spotlight There’s a brilliant article by Avik Roy in Forbes on the left-leaning political tool PolitiFact. Here’s all you need to know about PolitiFact: 1. In October 2008 during Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, PolitiFact rated this statement by … Continue reading

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Does the media have an anti-Christian bias?

by Maria Kelso | The Heritage Foundation In Prodigal Press: Confronting the Anti-Christian Bias of the American News Media, Warren Cole Smith, journalist and author, explains how a liberal worldview has pervaded America’s mainstream media and how its anti-Christian worldview is influencing American society. … Continue reading

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Obama scandals: fair to the media?

by NW Spotlight When the American media signed on to be Barack Obama’s Pied Piper, they signed on with gusto! They sold him with so much baseless hype that he got a Nobel Peace Prize for just showing up! So … Continue reading

Posted by at 07:45 | Posted in Media, President Obama | 783 Comments

Life was simpler under George W. Bush

by NW Spotlight Remember when George W. Bush was president? Back then, it was a simpler time. When something went wrong, you knew who to blame. War overseas? Bush’s fault, even if Congress voted overwhelmingly in support. War casualties? Bush’s … Continue reading

Posted by at 10:20 | Posted in Afghanistan, Federal Budget, Media, President Obama | 804 Comments

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