Obamacare: More flaws now that we’re finding out what’s in it

by Sen. Doug Whitsett The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was debated throughout much of 2009 and eventually enacted on a party line vote of Congress. The president signed Obamacare into law on March 23, 2010. During the national … Continue reading

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Should President Obama Be Impeached?

I am a huge fan of Gov. Sarah Palin. No, I don’t think she should be president (or vice-president) but she certainly could not have done worse than the present occupants of those two offices. My enthusiasm for Ms. Palin … Continue reading

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Supreme Court rulings & rebukes challenging for Obama

by Sen. Doug Whitsett The United States Supreme Court has been busy this summer. The preponderance of their body of work has been focused on reaffirming their constitutional authority to check the powers of governments. The high Court has acted … Continue reading

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Obama and the General Motors Cover-up

General Motors Company (ruefully labeled Government Motors) has issued recalls for over 17 Million cars in the United States alone. Some 2.6 Million of those involved the faulty ignition switch that has been blamed for over fifty accidents and some … Continue reading

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Poll: Most Oregonians disapprove Obama

By Taxpayer Association Oregon PAC Roughly 46% of Oregonians think Obama is doing a “poor” job, compared with 41% who think he is doing an “excellent” or “good” job.   This news is from a May 29- June 1 poll of … Continue reading

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Obama announces new cabinet position: Secretary of Scandals

by NW Spotlight The White House announced Friday that President Obama has created a new cabinet position – the Secretary of Scandals. The President said “We need a way to track all of the scandals coming out of our own administration – … Continue reading

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Iraq: The Epic Failure of Incompetence and Naivete

There are no good choices remaining for dealing with the collapse of Iraq and the ensuing brutality those people will now suffer – particularly the women. Five and one-half years of ineptitude, inaction and incredible naivete by President Barack Obama … Continue reading

Posted by at 05:00 | Posted in Hillary Clinton, Iran, Iraq, Liberalism, President Obama | 3 Comments

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