Politics and Public Liars

In the aftermath (or it may simply be the middle) of the Brian Williams scandal, we should take a look at public liars. It appears that these public liars fall into three categories: The first group includes those who inflate … Continue reading

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Update on the Petition Requesting President Obama Resign

A month ago we started a petition drive requesting President Barack Obama to resign as being unfit for the office of President of the United States. At that time we promised to provide the results of our efforts. In a … Continue reading

Posted by at 05:00 | Posted in Bill of Rights, Free Speech, Government Regulation, IRS Scandal, President Obama | 9 Comments

Obama on oil: I DID build that!

by NW Spotlight After years of zigging and zagging on energy policy, President Obama has final found a strategy he can embrace: take credit for what other people are doing. That’s the key takeaway from the State of the Union … Continue reading

Posted by at 08:59 | Posted in Economy, Energy, President Obama | 4 Comments

Obama and the Internet

President Barack Obama didn’t invent the internet (that honor is reserved for former Vice-president Al Gore) but he may well retard its growth. According to Politico, Mr. Obama will propose increasing competition for high speed internet service by encouraging local … Continue reading

Posted by at 05:00 | Posted in Government Regulation, Government Waste, Internet Regulation, President Obama, Public Employee Unions | 3 Comments

The Petition to Request President Barack Obama to Resign

For the past several months my columns have detailed the damaging activities of President Barack Obama during his presidency and have stated that he is unfit to serve in the high office of President of the United States. At the … Continue reading

Posted by at 05:00 | Posted in Benghazi, Ethics, Foreign Relations, Iran, Israel, Leadership, Obamacare, President Obama, Scandals, Transparency | 19 Comments

Obama Fumbles Again on Cuba and North Korea

With the New Year approaching, I was hoping that we might be able to forget about the steady stream of lies, gaffes and ineptitudes by President Barack Obama that demonstrate his inability to lead the country. But Mr. Obama insists … Continue reading

Posted by at 05:00 | Posted in Cuba, Iran, Leadership, North Korea, President Obama | 15 Comments

Greg Walden: Keeping IRS, EPA, UN, Obama excesses in check

by Greg Walden Plan to keep spending in check, rein in federal red tape Speaking at community meetings in Lakeview and Klamath Falls, I gave an update on the bill passed by Congress to fund most of the government through … Continue reading

Posted by at 05:00 | Posted in Congress, Environment, Federal Government, Government Overreach, Government Regulation, President Obama | 18 Comments

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