Oregon’s Dismal Employment Picture Isn’t Gov. Kitzhaber Fault – Just Ask Him

  Gov. John Kitzhaber wants to be re-elected again – for the fourth time. At the end of his second term he deemed Oregon “ungovernable” which is liberal newspeak for “it’s not my fault that I failed.” After eight years … Continue reading

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Stockton bankruptcy: Calif PERS may be on chopping block

by NW Spotlight The Fresno Bee is reporting that the judge in the Stockton, California bankruptcy case is leaning towards making the city’s California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS) “pension obligations debts that could be trimmed along with those of … Continue reading

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Oregon should be 25th state to adopt Right to Work Law

by Sen. Doug Whitsett In a truly free market economy, labor relations should be decided in voluntary negotiations between business and labor interests. People should have the right to work in any labor environment that is mutually acceptable to the … Continue reading

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Free Speech vs. Collective Bargaining (Non-legalese)

Last week’s column dealt with the United States Supreme Court’s recent decision in Harris v. Quinn. This is the case in which the court ruled that the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) could not require individuals who received public funds … Continue reading

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The End of the Agency Shop for Public Employees?

  As the government of President Barack Obama steers a steady course towards government intrusion in all aspects of life, the United States Supreme Court appears to side instead with individual rights and liberties guaranteed under the Bill of Rights. … Continue reading

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Timothy Geithner – Protect Your Own.

When history is written the catch phrase that will best describe President Barack Obama’s two terms will be “Protect Your Own.” In a previous column I wrote about Attorney General Eric Holder’s recurring decisions to protect the Wall Street officers … Continue reading

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Twisting the Political Process in Crook County

Each Spring at the annual meeting of my golf club, somebody stands up to propose rule changes.  In virtually every instance it is because the person proposing and/or his golfing buddies aren’t winning and they believe a change in the … Continue reading

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