IP 28 will result in over 20,000 lost Oregon jobs, higher prices

Oregon Senate Republicans IP28’s Regressive Tax Would Have Devastating Effect on Oregon’s Economy Salem, Ore. – Yesterday, the Oregon Senate Interim Committee on Finance and Revenue heard a report on the potential effects of Initiative Petition 28, a ballot measure … Continue reading

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Report: State employee salaries rising while K-12 underfunded

Oregon Senate Republicans LFO Report Reveals State Employee Salaries Rising While K-12 Education Budget Remains Underfunded Salem, Ore. – Last week, Oregon’s Legislative Fiscal Office (LFO) reported the average cost for a state employee in 2015, including salary and benefits, … Continue reading

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Are Oregon public employees becoming a privileged class?

by Sen. Doug Whitsett Last September, my office and the Senate Republican Caucus asked the Oregon Department of Administrative Services (DAS) and Legislative Fiscal Office (LFO) to determine both the average and median compensation for Oregon state employees. Completing the … Continue reading

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Proposed new business taxes to pay for huge state worker payroll increases

by Sen. Doug Whitsett Over the past several months, representatives of Governor Kate Brown and the progressive liberal Democrat Party majority have been quietly discussing new labor contracts with the State’s public employee unions. Not surprisingly, these labor negotiations, with … Continue reading

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Forced union dues collection: Bigger problem than most realize

Letter to the Editor Unions of government workers in Oregon have lavish bank accounts resulting from mandatory dues payments by state workers, who currently have no choice whether to support the union financially or not. Many voters applaud current efforts … Continue reading

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How Would You Spend $100 Million?

By Steve Buckstein How would you spend $100 million? If you’re Mark Zuckerberg, founder of the most successful social network on the planet, you spend it trying to improve one of the most unsuccessful public school districts in America: the … Continue reading

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Employee Freedom Respects Workers’ Choice

By Kathryn Hickok Why might workers like the opportunity to opt out of union membership? Some believe they can make better use of their own money rather than giving it to a union. Others “vote with their feet” against what … Continue reading

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