The Antics of a Postal Union Worker

Last week, a moron flew his gyrocopter onto the White House grounds without incident. He penetrated the heavily fortified defenses of the White House with ease and without triggering an armed response. The pilot, Doug Hughes, was arrested and subsequently … Continue reading

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The Burial of the Kitzhaber Scandal

The aftermath of the scandal that forced Gov. John Kitzhaber (D) to resign is like watching a cat bury its poop – a lot of litter is scratched up to cover the mess but the poop is still there and … Continue reading

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Cascade Report Exposes $2.6 Billion in Unfunded Liabilities

By Kathryn Hickok Cascade Policy Institute has released a new report showing that Oregon public employers have more than $2.6 billion in unfunded actuarially accrued liabilities associated with non-pension benefits promised to current and future retirees. Referred to as “Other … Continue reading

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Bill Sizemore: Grateful to have felonies removed

by Bill Sizemore On Thursday of this week, Marion County Judge Claudia Burton signed an amended judgment converting my 2011 felony tax evasion “convictions” to misdemeanors. The new judgment is retroactive to August of 2011 and replaces the old one, … Continue reading

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Real Education Reform

I was asked the other day whether I thought President Barack Obama’s proposal to provide free community college to all was a good idea. I responded that “free” is just another way of saying someone else should pay, and that … Continue reading

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Obama and the Internet

President Barack Obama didn’t invent the internet (that honor is reserved for former Vice-president Al Gore) but he may well retard its growth. According to Politico, Mr. Obama will propose increasing competition for high speed internet service by encouraging local … Continue reading

Posted by at 05:00 | Posted in Government Regulation, Government Waste, Internet Regulation, President Obama, Public Employee Unions | 5 Comments

Be wary of govt-sponsored retirement plan for private sector workers

by Sen. Doug Whitsett It is often said that bad ideas are never truly defeated in the legislative process; they simply remain dormant until being resurrected in a different form for a future Legislature to debate. House Bill 3436 is … Continue reading

Posted by at 05:00 | Posted in Government Overreach, OR 78th Legislative Session, Oregon Senate, PERS, Public Employee Unions, State Government | 6 Comments

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