Real Tax Reform is Not What the Republicans are Talking About

Remember when the Democrats talked about “tax reform” but they really meant tax increases?  With the election of Donald Trump (R) as President and control of the House of Representatives and Senate still in the hands of the Republicans that … Continue reading

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Unbelievable! What’s Next?

I didn’t believe it would happen, but my wife did.  I didn’t believe it could happen but her cousin in Dunthorpe did.  I couldn’t believe it was happening but one of my old college roommates, now living in Gig Harbor, … Continue reading

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Borrowing money to pay off PERS debt doesn’t solve the problem

by Sen. Doug Whitsett The compounding financial debacle within the Public Employee Retirement System (PERS) is one of the most persistent and vexing problems facing Oregon lawmakers. Oregon taxpayers now owe about $22 billion more money to Oregon public employees … Continue reading

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What’s ailing Oregon education?

by Sen. Doug Whitsett Our state government’s spending addiction and our failing public school system are Oregon’s two most serious and pervasive problems. According to the Taxpayer Association of Oregon, this is the number one tax-and-spend state in the West. … Continue reading

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Take Time to Meet Dr. William “Bud” Pierce

I like smart people. I like to talk to them, listen to them, probe and challenge them. I like to find out if they are book smart or real smart – the former referring to education, and the latter referring … Continue reading

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Two-Thirds of Oregon Union Members Want to End the Unions’ “Forced-Rider” Problem

By Kathryn Hickok and Steve Buckstein Last month, National Employee Freedom Week (August 14-20, 2016) called attention to the rights of union members to opt out of union membership if they choose and to stop paying dues and fees to unions … Continue reading

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Measure 97: A $30 Billion Gamble Oregon Voters Shouldn’t Make

By Steve Buckstein The massive gross receipts tax Measure 97 on Oregon’s November ballot (previously known as Initiative Petition 28) is guaranteed to suck more than three billion dollars a year out of the productive private sector and deposit them … Continue reading

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