Oregon ranks 31st in long-run solvency

by NW Spotlight In January 2014 the Mercatus Center at George Mason University released a study titled State Fiscal Condition – Ranking the 50 States. It included a Ranking of States Long-Run Solvency using data from FY 2012. Oregon ranked … Continue reading

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Flat revenue forecast indicates “Failure to Thrive”

Oregon Senate Republican Office Salem, OR – Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli (R-John Day) issued the following statement in response to the June revenue forecast released yesterday: “For many cycles, the State Economist has warned that Oregon’s economy sinks deeper … Continue reading

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State audit finds DHS failing at welfare-to-work program

by Sen. Doug Whitsett “The growth in Oregon’s welfare program has led the nation by a wide margin for the past six years” “About one third of all Oregonians receive some form of public assistance” Temporary Assistance to Needy Families … Continue reading

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Oregon increasing its appetite for federal money

by Shelby Sebens | Northwest Watchdog Oregon is gorging itself on the the federal pie. The money it gets from the feds rose to 6.1 percent — to $16.4 billion — in 2013-15,  as compared to  2011-13. The Oregon Health Authority got … Continue reading

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Forced Charity Isn’t Charity…It’s Just Force

By Steve Buckstein When Phil and Penny Knight announced last September* that they would offer $500 million to OHSU for cancer research if the public matched their gift, it understandably led to an outpouring of positive comments and support. But … Continue reading

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Oregon’s tax kicker law is important

by Richard Leonetti The Oregonian recently had an editorial about eliminating the Kicker (“Waiting for the income tax kicker to kick” Sarasohn 2/12/14) – I think they mis-characterize the entire purpose of the law. To gloss over the Kicker as mere … Continue reading

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Oregon House & Senate GOP on Revenue Forecast

Oregon House Republican Office Oregon Senate Republican Office Salem, OR - Rep. Mike McLane (R – Powell Butte), House Republican Leader issued the following statement related to yesterday’s revenue forecast: “There are good signs, but Oregon’s economic recovery remains slow. It … Continue reading

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