Oregon businesses pay fair share of taxes

by Dan Lucas Marcia Atkinson reported in the Salem-Keizer Sentinel this week that Bill Dalton, Democratic candidate for state representative in House District 19 (Salem), told a neighborhood association that Oregon’s tax structure is outdated – that revenues are now … Continue reading

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Oregon’s tax kicker law is important

by Richard Leonetti The Oregonian recently had an editorial about eliminating the Kicker (“Waiting for the income tax kicker to kick” Sarasohn 2/12/14) – I think they mis-characterize the entire purpose of the law. To gloss over the Kicker as mere … Continue reading

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Government Complicity in Tobacco Related Health Problems

Cigarettes are back in the news.  A variety of cities and states are contemplating banning e-cigarettes indoors.  The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is reported to have found trace carcinogens in e-cigarettes and is contemplating action.  (California has considered banning … Continue reading

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Tina Kotek goes to Hollywood

by NW Spotlight Yet another legal way for Dems to use our tax dollars to fund their campaigns During this year’s regular legislative session, House Speaker Tina Kotek (D) voted for more Oregon tax breaks for Hollywood – increasing the … Continue reading

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Is Oregon ready for a sales tax?

by Dan Lucas As I’ve noted before, state spending in Oregon doubled in ten years, growing from $30 billion to $60 billion. The Oregon All Funds budget doubled from the budget ending in 2001 to the budget ending in 2011. The … Continue reading

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Like it or not, Grand Bargain is now Oregon law

by Sen. Doug Whitsett (R- Klamath Falls) The three day special legislative session called by Governor John Kitzhaber concluded Wednesday with the passage of five bills. I voted in favor of four of those bills including: · SB 891 further reduced the … Continue reading

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Courting Senior Citizens

Oregon’s economy continues to founder.  Nearly 151,0000 private sector jobs were lost from the beginning of the Bush/Obama recession to its nadir – a period of twenty-six months.  Nearly 66,000 of those jobs remain unrecovered forty months later and that … Continue reading

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