Are Oregon public employees becoming a privileged class?

by Sen. Doug Whitsett Last September, my office and the Senate Republican Caucus asked the Oregon Department of Administrative Services (DAS) and Legislative Fiscal Office (LFO) to determine both the average and median compensation for Oregon state employees. Completing the … Continue reading

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Call for repeal of LCFS hidden gas tax ahead of 2017 Transportation Package

Oregon Senate Republicans Salem, Ore. – Yesterday, the Oregon Senate Republican Leadership Team sent a letter to Governor Kate brown urging her to protect struggling Oregonians by repealing the Low Carbon Fuel Standard before passing a transportation package in the … Continue reading

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How Much of the Year Do Your Taxes Cost?

By Kathryn Hickok If every penny earned since the beginning of the year went to pay federal, state, and local taxes, Americans would have to work until the middle of April just to cover their tax bills. Tax Freedom Day … Continue reading

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I’m already paying for enough people’s college

by Dan Lucas In his recent State of the Union Address, President Obama talked about making college affordable for every American. He really got my hopes up when he said “But now, we’ve actually got to cut the cost of … Continue reading

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BETC scandal highlights bigger problems in state government

by Sen. Doug Whitsett Governments often attempt to impose their social and political doctrines by using public funds to influence investment behavior. One method of choice is issuing tax credits that encourage and induce speculation in ventures that free market … Continue reading

Posted by at 05:00 | Posted in Government Abuse, Government corruption, Government Waste, State Taxes, Taxes | 2 Comments

Dark underbelly of Oregon revenue forecast

by Dan Lucas On Wednesday the State of Oregon’s Office of Economic Analysis released the final quarterly Oregon Economic and Revenue Forecast for 2015. The opening paragraphs of the executive summary of the forecast contain these hopeful signs: “Full employment … Continue reading

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Proposed new business taxes to pay for huge state worker payroll increases

by Sen. Doug Whitsett Over the past several months, representatives of Governor Kate Brown and the progressive liberal Democrat Party majority have been quietly discussing new labor contracts with the State’s public employee unions. Not surprisingly, these labor negotiations, with … Continue reading

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