Officials obscuring facts on Bandon Marsh mosquito infestation

by Rob Taylor The saga of The Bandon Marsh National Wildlife Refuge & Mosquito Preserve is continuing to unfold as the people of the Coquille Valley are learning to live with what the US Fish & Wildlife Service is calling … Continue reading

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Gov. Victor Atiyeh: Master of now-faded political art

by Dave Fiskum The passing of former Oregon Governor Victor Atiyeh last month has prompted an outpouring of positive comments about the last Republican governor in Oregon, both for his accomplishments, as well as for the positive way he conducted … Continue reading

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Speakers named to honor Gov. Atiyeh on Sept 3rd

Atiyeh Service Planning Committee Speakers Named To Honor Governor Atiyeh at September 3 Public Memorial Service Six prominent Oregonians will deliver remarks at a public memorial service September 3, 2014, for the late Governor Vic Atiyeh. Atiyeh died July 20 at … Continue reading

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Hatfield documentary premieres September 7

Oregon Historical Society Portland State University and Oregon Historical Society to Host Events Portland, OR – A feature-length documentary film highlighting the life and legacy of the late Governor and United States Senator Mark O. Hatfield will premiere Sunday, September … Continue reading

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Ads exposes SEIU agenda behind Seattle $15-hr min wage

International Franchise Association WASHINGTON, D.C. – The International Franchise Association, the world’s largest organization representing franchise owners, launched an ad campaign this week to inform Seattle residents about the Service Employees International Union’s (SEIU) well-planned, strategic attack on independently-owned, small … Continue reading

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Web Poll: Ferguson’s biggest mistake?

Web poll: The Brown shooting has turned the City of Ferguson into an unfolding crisis and a national debate over how the City & local law enforcement handle a volatile situation.  Commentators point to three controversial decisions that may have … Continue reading

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Web poll: Your opinion of Obama airstrikes

Oregon Catalyst poll, Obama has ordered airstrikes into Iraq to stop the advancement of the ISIS terrorist group and to protect religious minorities that are under attack. Three different opinions evolve from this decision; #1 Bad idea — because it … Continue reading

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