Bud Pierce: Let’s Improve Oregon’s Term Limits Law

By Dr. Bud Pierce

In 1859, Oregon became America’s 33rd state. The authors of Oregon’s Constitution wisely term limited Oregon’s Governor, Secretary of State, and Treasurer. These founding citizens realized that politicians consolidate power when elected to political office. With increasing time in office, political power only increases. Special interests, including the very wealthy, big business, and powerful labor, ask for favors in exchange for political support. These favors generally enhance the control and the ease of living for these special interests and their members, to the detriment of ordinary everyday Oregonians. The political class controls the machinery of government, and incumbent office holders are shielded from accountability by the bureaucracy. Many political office holders seek to control the press, to control information available to the public.

While there are term limits for Oregon’s Governor, Secretary of State, and Treasurer, there are no term limits for members of Oregon’s State Senate or State House of Representatives. At the founding of our state, our state government was weak and only had minor impact on the daily lives of Oregon’s citizens. Over the past 158 years, the size and influence of federal, state, and local government has increased dramatically. Citizens labor from January into May to pay their increasing burden of taxes. The laws and rules of federal, state, and local governments number in the millions. Because of the power of Oregon’s state government, the 90 elected members of Oregon’s Senate and House have enormous impact on the daily lives of Oregon’s citizens through their rule-making and taxation policies. Continue reading

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Transportation Bait and Switch

Democrats love to promise “infrastructure spending,” a phrase ripe with the logical fallacy of equivocation where a loaded term means different things. For many businesses across our state, infrastructure most readily means expanding freeway capacity in the Portland area so that our main economic engine’s own local traffic does not block the predictability of the beaver state’s exports to its significantly wealthier evergreen state neighbor to the north and to prevent this gridlock from raising shipping costs on all Oregonians. To Democrats, the same word tends to instead mean bike paths and light rail. Continue reading

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Waiting For Oregon’s Superman

I was born in 1992, meaning that Oregon has not had a single Republican Governor in my lifetime.  It is no secret that one of my greatest aspiration is to have a Republican move into Mahonia hall before I die.  Assuming I make it to the average life expectancy of a male in the United State, that gives us 54 years to get it done.

For a long time I have said that if a Republican were to get elected in Oregon, it would be someone of a high enough caliber that they would warrant national attention.  Scott Walker, Charlie Barker, and Larry Hogan are all successful Republican Governors in states as blue as Wisconsin, Massachusetts and Maryland.  So if they found a way to get elected as Republicans in those states, we should be able to find a way here in Oregon too. Continue reading

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Oregon GOP Chair Files Ethics Complaint Against Mult. Co. Judge On Strong Suspicion of Having Helped A Criminal Illegal Alien Escape From ICE Through Her Chambers


Wilsonville, OR– Oregon Republican Party Chairman Bill Currier filed an official Judicial Complaint with the Oregon Commission on Judicial Fitness and Disability against Multnomah County Judge Monica Herranz for her role in helping a criminal defendant to escape Federal ICE Agents on January 27th, 2017.

The complaint filed by Currier alleges, based on an audio recording and local press accounts, that Judge Herranz aided and abetted Diddier Pacheco-Salazar, a suspected illegal alien, in escaping ICE agents by opening a secure door in the back of the judge’s chambers to help him evade capture by the agents who were waiting to detain him in the hallway outside of Judge Herranz’s courtroom. Mr. Pacheco-Salazar had just pleaded guilty to a DUII in her court prior to escaping the Multnomah County Courthouse by means of the Judge’s private access route. Continue reading

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Government Investing Social Security Funds

Right From the Start

Monday’s Wall Street Journal (April 10, 2017) carried competing opinion pieces regarding “Should the Social Security Trust Fund Be Allowed to Invest in Stocks.”  It is an interesting debate that surprisingly finds the left supporting stock market investment and the right damning the idea.  The left – well not all of the left but those who actually “think” rather than “feel” – acknowledge that there is no way that the current investment of the Social Security Trust Fund in unsecured federal government bonds can ever pay the current $32 Trillion of unfunded future liability.  The right, while acknowledging that investment of at least a portion of the social security funds in the stock market is a better choice for beneficiaries, argues that the sheer size of the Social Security Trust Fund would distort the market and give the government too much influence over private companies in which it might invest those funds and, therefore, resists the government making such investments.

Continue reading

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Stuck in the Middle: Poll Shows Kate Brown Has Average Approval Rating Compared to Peers

Image from Morning Consult

Today, Morning Consult — a media and political research firm — updated their list of America’s Most & Least Popular Governors. In the polling conducted by Morning Consult, Governor Kate Brown is shown to have a positive approval rating of 58% and a disapproval rating of 31%. 11% didn’t know her or didn’t answer. The margin of error is +/- 2%.

These numbers give Kate Brown the ranking of 23rd out of 50th. Brown’s poll results are the median (or statistical middle) of the results for all governors. While any governor would certainly appreciate a spot in the top 10, it’s also possible governors in the bottom 10 will use this negative designation to motivated their biggest supporters to become more involved. Brown’s campaign is unlikely to promote her results in any fundraising or promotional material.

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Secretary of State Dennis Richardson launches major expansion of voter access that restores or protects voting rights for more than 60,000 Oregonians

SALEM, OR — Secretary of State Dennis Richardson wants to maximize voter participation and access, while ensuring election integrity. He believes that every Oregonian who is eligible to vote should be able to vote. A new administrative rule and executive action taken by Secretary Richardson will make it easier for voters to participate in the democratic process and will protect or restore the voting rights of more than 60,000 Oregonians who would otherwise be classified as “inactive” and not be mailed a ballot. Continue reading

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Rep. Post champions Sudafed Rx Repeal

Representative Bill Post Testifies In Favor Of “Sudafed Rx Repeal”

State Representative Bill Post,

State Representative Bill Post (R-Keizer) testified before the House Health Care Committee in favor of House Bill 2128, which would make it easier to access certain medicines, like Sudafed, that have been proven as effective remedies for certain cold and flu like symptoms. In presenting the proposal, Representative Post argued that Oregon’s current law requiring adults to obtain a prescription in order to use pseudoephedrine is overly restrictive and has not solved the problem the law was originally intended to solve.Representative Post’s testimony before the House Health Care Committee can be viewed at the following link: Continue reading

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Educational Choice: An Economic Development Catalyst for Urban Neighborhoods

By Kathryn Hickok

A case study on urban renewal suggests that private and charter schools can act as positive drivers of economic development and neighborhood stability. The report, Renewing Our Cities, was produced by EdChoice, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization promoting educational choice for all families.

The report’s authors state:

We find that the school is a strong relocation attractor, and families gravitate toward the school after their children enroll. To the extent public charter schools and/or other parental-choice options influence family relocation decisions, continued growth in these programs may provide a useful policy tool informing urban design and revitalization initiatives in areas where economic growth is otherwise stunted by inferior assigned schools.

These findings are meaningful. A common argument against school choice for low-income children is that neighborhoods and schools would be worse off if families left their assigned public school for a school they thought better met their children’s needs. Continue reading

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Help Oregon fight ISIS, terrorism

I am enlisting Oregonians in the fight against ISIS and terrorism

By Jason Williams
(Founder of Taxpayer Association of Oregon, OregonCatalyst, OregonWatchdog)

Average Oregonians need to be engaged in this historic battle against terrorism, ISIS and in the Syrian war.

Here are four ways you can help; Continue reading

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The Game Theory of the Filibuster’s Demise

There’s little reason to expect the filibuster for legislation to hold now that it’s been removed from all judicial nominations. What’s remarkable is that this procedural rule has lasted this long. Continue reading

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The Buzzkills in Salem

I often joke with my friends about how whenever the Oregon Legislature goes into session it means your freedoms are at risk until Sine Die. Unfortunately recent events indicate that there are forces at work in the capitol building who are a real buzzkill.

House Bill 3441 would make it a crime to bring alcohol to public beaches here in Oregon.  Additionally the State Senate  has already approved Senate Bill 754A, which would raise the smoking age in Oregon to 21.  Hell, Governor Brown even wants to slap a fine on you for floating down the river without a lifejacket.

Now call me old fashion, but I tend to believe that freedom includes the ability to make bad decisions.  And if the pioneers didn’t make the trip out west so that they could enjoy a nice drink of alcohol next to the majestic Pacific Ocean, then I don’t know why they even took the Oregon trail.

I don’t want to live in an Oregon where we tell a 19 year old in the military that they can’t have a cigar when he is back home on leave, or and Oregon where someone saves up vacation time for months to take a trip to the coast that they can’t sit next to a bonfire on the beach and have a beer.

Are cigarettes dangerous? Do people litter on the beach at times? Do life jackets make you safer? Absolutely!

But you know what, freedom is dangerous.  Freedom is messy.  Heck, sometimes freedom can even kill you.

The beauty of America is that we get to make those decisions for ourselves, not for other people. Smokers, non-smokers, micro-brew fanatics, and teetotalers all together make up the wacky, yet wonderful population of our beautiful state.  We will even claim those folks who vape.

I want my legislators to run the government, not act as my nanny.  I already have a mother to tell me not to smoke, to clean up after myself at the beach, or to wear a life-jacket, I don’t need politicians to do it too.

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Ad campaign fights Son of 97 gross receipts tax

Priority Oregon launches ad campaign against Son of Measure 97 gross receipts tax
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon


The Son of Measure 97 tax is back in many forms at the State Capitol.   Standing up for the voters who resoundingly said NO last fall is a coalition of small business, taxpayers and consumers called Priority Oregon.   Seeking to remind the Legislature that voters have already rejected the equivalent of a sales tax on business, and that State revenue will only increase when the State has a healthy business climate. “Priority Oregon” has begun an advertising campaign this week — you can watch their video release above.    Continue reading

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