The Votes Are In: Small Scholarships Have a Big Impact

CascadeNewLogo e1342826659899 The Votes Are In: Small Scholarships Have a Big ImpactBy Kathryn Hickok

The Children’s Scholarship Fund is a nationally recognized, privately funded scholarship program which has helped more than 139,000 low-income children attend tuition-based elementary schools nationwide since 1998. The program recently surveyed scholarship families in New York about their experiences. The results include:

  • 98.5 percent said their CSF scholarships help them make the best educational choices for their child.
  • 73.1 percent reported they could not afford to send their child to their chosen school without a CSF scholarship.
  • 70.3 percent noticed an improvement in their child’s academic performance and/or engagement since enrolling in their current school.

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Ethics complaint filed: Jamie Damon concealed govt job income

Jamie Damon thb Ethics complaint filed: Jamie Damon concealed govt job income

Dem candidate Jamie Damon

The Leadership Fund

Jamie Damon concealed government job income on mandated disclosure form – complaint filed with Government Ethics Commission

Salem, OR – Jamie Damon, candidate for State Senate, did not disclose income received from working as a state bureaucrat over the last year on an ethics disclosure form required of all state candidates. John Savory, a voter in Senate District 20, filed a complaint with the Oregon Government Ethics Commission (OGEC) Wednesday and asked for a full investigation into Damon’s deceptive report.

“The law says candidates must regularly disclose their income so voters know the financial interests of their representatives,” said John Savory. “It’s a common sense rule that Jamie Damon didn’t follow.”

To encourage transparency and accountability for elected officials, Oregon law requires that candidates for office file an annual Statement of Economic Interest (SEI), including disclosure of large investments and ALL significant sources of income. Continue reading

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New pro-business, pro-middle class Monica Wehby ad: Small Business

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Call to rebuild America’s once proud and productive workforce

Sen Doug Whitsett Call to rebuild America’s once proud and productive workforce

by Sen. Doug Whitsett

Labor Day is a national holiday that is set aside to commemorate the working public. It is a day dedicated to celebrating being gainfully employed. It is meant to honor the myriad attributes that “having a job” provides for individuals, families and communities.

The survival of this great nation is dependent upon a well-educated, talented, productive, innovative and dedicated workforce.  That dependency is two-fold. An employed, self-sufficient workforce contributes to a healthy and growing gross domestic product. For the past six years, our chronically unemployed workforce has subtracted from that productivity, resulting in the poorest post-recession growth in our nation’s history. Continue reading

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Act Four: Merkley’s partisanship

Dr Monica Wehby thb Act Four: Merkley’s partisanship

Dr. Monica Wehby for U.S. Senate

Jeff Merkley Is The Embodiment Of The Pot Calling The Kettle Black

Portland – Hypocrisy is the scarlet letter of modern day politics, and Jeff Merkley is wearing it. From Main Street to Wall Street, Senator Merkley’s actions rarely match his rhetoric. Saying one thing, and doing another is the recipe by which Merkley and his political cohorts hold on to power, proving his allegiance lies not with the people of Oregon, but rather D.C. special interests.

The fourth act of hypocrisy we’ve caught Senator Merkley in is his extreme partisan voting record, despite running against partisanship during his 2008 campaign for U.S. Senate. Continue reading

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Confronting the Islamic State in Spite of Obama

larryhuss Confronting the Islamic State in Spite of Obama

Right From the Start

In the aftermath of President Barack Obama’s monumental gaffe admitting that he did not have a strategy for dealing with the Islamic State terrorists in Syria, America’s pundits have had a field day. They are roughly divided into two camps – the apologists who sought to minimize the gaffe by asserting “what the President meant to say;” and the critics who used it as proof that Mr. Obama is unfit for the high office he holds. I tend to lean toward the latter. For five years I have been critical of the claims of Mr. Obama’s superior intellectual capacity (he is simply not the smartest man in the room unless the only other person in the room is Vice-President Joe Biden), his honesty (he has lied to everyone from the Pope to the average Joe seeking healthcare coverage) and his duplicity (so evident that today not a single world leader believes him or trusts America, under his leadership, to follow through on a promise or a threat). Continue reading

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Executive Club: The Columbia Bridge solution

madore david Executive Club: The Columbia Bridge solutionKeynote Speaker: David Madore
Clark County Commissioner & founder/CEO of U.S. Digital,
Oregon Executive Club
Wednesday, September 3rd,
Portland Airport Shilo, 11707 Northeast Airport Way
$20 buffet option.

He returns from Vancouver to talk to us about what happens when voters actually have a say in how to cross the Columbia. About the proposal to build a third bridge across the Columbia River four miles east of the I-205 Glenn Jackson Bridge at 192nd Avenue and SR-14. With no tolls, and no light rail, built cheaper than the down payment of the CRC. Continue reading

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