Roughly 2 of 3 voters oppose gas tax

New poll shows that nearly 2 of 3 voters oppose gas tax
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon Foundation,

This month Oregonians were polled on their view of raising the gas tax.  This comes at a time when the issue of improved roads and taxes are being debated in the state and local level.  Portland has been considering a street tax and Washington County floated a car tax that was defeated by voters last year.  The poll shows that 60% of Oregonians surveyed opposed an increase in the gas tax.  Only 22% supported a gas tax increase. 17%  of those surveyed were either unsure or don’t know.

poll-gastax-2015 Continue reading

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Sheriff Arpaio to lead Salem rally Sat. June 27

sheriff-arpiaoOregonians for Immigration Reform Press Release,

Join the patriotic crowd Saturday, June 27 from 3:00 – 5:00pm on the steps of the Oregon State Capitol.

Known as “America’s Toughest Sheriff” and the “Pink Underwear Sheriff”, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, of Maricopa County, Arizona will be in SALEM, OR – Saturday, June 27 and will be the keynote speaker at the rally!

Several state legislators, leaders and grassroots activists have been invited to speak, including OFIR’s President. Continue reading

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Our Most Overestimated President

Right From the Start

Right From the Start

This past weekend’s Wall Street Journal carried an article entitled “Our Most Peculiar President” which reviews two new books on former President Richard M. Nixon. The reviewer concludes that Mr. Nixon was an extreme introvert in an extreme extrovert job. The lengths to which Mr. Nixon would go to avoid engagement in social discourse – focused primarily on conversations with others – were extraordinary. Virtually everyone in Washington was aware of Mr. Nixon’s peculiarities – meaning that the press had to also know – and yet it was left to the historians to compile and comment on those peculiarities decades later.

It has been nearly four decades since Mr. Nixon was forced to resign the presidency in disgrace. It will probably be another forty years before the historians have banished the progressive sycophants and deal honestly with the peculiarities of President Barack Obama. And when they do one startling characteristic will subtend all of the actions of Mr. Obama’s presidency. Continue reading

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FrankenTax strikes — income tax, business tax hike!

dog-logo-stampFrankenTax strikes — income tax, business tax hike!
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon
The House Committee on Revenue has voted out the FrankenTax SB 925 with all the Democrat lawmakers voting yes and Republican lawmakers voting no for this particular bill. The FrankenTax SB 925 is a highly unconstitutional deceptive tax bill that combines tax increases with tax credits in hopes of cheating the voter approved law requiring 3/5th majority for tax increases.

Oregonians are not fooled! Continue reading

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Sneaky Cigar Tax – liberals kill tax revenue success story

dog-logo-stampSneaky Cigar Tax – liberals kill tax revenue success story
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

First of all, liberal  lawmakers have violated the public meeting law intentions by stuffing a cigar tax to the Frankentax bill (SB 925) at the last minute with no adequate public hearings during the regular session on this important topic that effects small businesses across the state. Raising taxes in top speed is one way to cheat the public and the media.

In Oregon cigar used to be taxed as a percentage like cigarettes. The result was that it drove sales to the internet and hurt tax revenue. Small businesses lost under this scenario. Oregon tax revenue lost. It was an absolute lose-lose failure. Then lawmakers capped cigar taxes at 50 cents a cigar. Customers returned to stores and revenue went up. Now the state was earning more money not just from the cigar tax revenue but also from the income taxes from owners and employees. Continue reading

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Preparing for the end game in the Oregon Legislature

Jeff Kruse

by Sen. Jeff Kruse (R-Roseburg)

At this point there are a lot of tensions and disagreements in the Legislative Assembly. The interesting point is the battle at this point is between the House Democrats and the Senate Democrats. Because they basically have total control of the process, one could assume they will eventually reach an agreement, but at this point they still have a ways to go.

The original target date for the end of the Session was June 26th, which is Friday. At this point it appears we may come closer to the constitutionally required date for adjournment which is July 11th. Continue reading

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Oregon’s Proposed Sick Leave Law Doesn’t Fit All

CascadeNewLogoBy Anna Mae Kersey

Senate Bill 454, which mandates that employers implement paid sick leave for employees, may leave small business owners and the agriculture industry in the dust.

SB 454 states, “Employers that employ at least 10 employees working anywhere in this state shall implement a sick time policy that allows an employee to earn and use up to 40 hours of paid sick time per year.” Employers with fewer than 10 employees must provide the same amount of sick time, but it can be unpaid.

For big businesses and corporations, this mandate might not pose a problem; many larger companies already offer competitive benefits packages that include paid sick leave and vacation time. Continue reading

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