Dems further tighten stranglehold on Oregon

Which party has controlled OR govt Dec 2014 thb Dems further tighten stranglehold on Oregon

by Dan Lucas

Last month’s election further consolidated what the Oregonian’s Steve Duin has called the Democrats’ “near-monopoly on political power” in Oregon. Democrats have returned to super-majority status in the Oregon Senate – an advantage they’ve enjoyed for 3 of the past 5 election cycles. Starting in January they will hold 18 seats to Republicans’ 12 seats.

In the Oregon House, Democrats have moved to within one seat of super-majority status. Dems will hold 35 seats to Republicans’ 25 seats. Continue reading

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Concerns with Oregon marijuana-related investments

Sen Doug Whitsett Concerns with Oregon marijuana related investments

by Sen. Doug Whitsett

Despite the recent passage of Measure 91 in Oregon’s November general election, state laws allowing the recreational and medicinal use of marijuana are in direct conflict with the Controlled Substances Act that was enacted by Congress in 1970.

When passing that law, Congress determined that marijuana must be listed as a Schedule I drug. It reasoned that the drug has a high potential for abuse, and that acceptable safety standards for its use have not been established.

Our federal elected representatives concluded that the use of marijuana was unsafe, with or without medical supervision. Continue reading

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America has become a feckless ally

Dan Lucas July 2012 BW America has become a feckless ally

by Dan Lucas

In 1945 the United States and its allies defeated imperialist Japan and NAZI Germany. At great cost and after great sacrifice the Allies stopped these two aggressor nations who had been committing horrific atrocities across the globe — atrocities like the Rape of Nanking and the Holocaust.

Then, based on some hard learned lessons after WW I, the United States committed to rebuild these former totalitarian nations as democracies. We made solid, long-term commitments to these countries and to their neighbors. We demonstrated our commitment with the Marshall Plan, with the Berlin Airlift and with a strong U.S. military presence as a counter balance to Communist Soviet and Chinese expansionist ambitions throughout the Cold War and its proxy “hot wars.” Continue reading

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Kitzhaber’s new taxes (which fund his scandal driven pals)

TAO to fight back against two new tax increaseskitzhaber moneygrab2 Kitzhabers new taxes  (which fund his scandal driven pals)
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Expect a raid on your Income Tax Kicker Refund

Just after being elected Gov. Kitzhaber announced that is looking into plans to take your kicker tax refund. Economist cite a 50% chance of a 2015 kicker tax refund.   Your refund could be as high as $300.

Expect a Carbon Tax

The politicians have already spent $250,000 of your tax dollars on a plan to implement an Oregon Carbon Tax — something Kitzhaber has been campaigning on and recently said it was “inevitable”. A Carbon Tax penalizes people for using electricity, heating their homes and driving their car. One study shows that a Carbon Tax can add 18% to your utility bill. Continue reading

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Tough Oregon legislative session coming with increased Dem control

member photo e1297275445101 Tough Oregon legislative session coming with increased Dem control

Dems have introduced at least 40 tax increase bills already and Kitz administration has made changes to have taxpayers fund $150K “sex reassignment surgery” starting in January

by Sen. Jeff Kruse (R-Roseburg)

Monday night the Senate Republican Caucus elected our leadership for the upcoming Session. Senator Ferrioli will once again be our leader. Additionally we elected four deputy caucus leaders. They are Senator Knopp, Senator Baertschiger, Senator Thomsen and myself. I think we have a good representation in this group of the state, both geographically and on subject matter. We will need it as the Democrats now have supermajority status in the Senate. Continue reading

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Oregon Senate GOP select caucus leadership

 Oregon Senate GOP select caucus leadership

Oregon Senate Republicans

Salem, OR – The Oregon Senate Republican caucus elected leaders for the 2015 legislative session during a caucus meeting Monday night. Senator Ted Ferrioli (R-John Day) was re-elected as caucus leader. The 2015 session will mark his tenth year as caucus leader. Ferrioli is Oregon’s senior State Senator.

“Senate Republicans are committed to helping Oregonians from every walk of life and all parts of the state grow and prosper,” said Ferrioli. “I look forward to serving the caucus this session and working with the Democrat majority to make Oregon stronger.” Continue reading

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Restore the Democratic Process: Repeal Obamacare

larryhuss Restore the Democratic Process: Repeal Obamacare

Right From the Start

By Larry Huss,

When Congress convenes in January, a new Republican majority will be in control. There are a host of problems that President Barack Obama has ignored or made worse that the new Congress needs to address. In the normal course of business I would put the economic and national security issues at the top of the list.

But, in the aftermath of disclosures about the process used to secure the enactment of Obamacare, I believe repeal of Obamacare should take precedence. (For purpose of this discussion I am agnostic about the benefits that may have arisen from Obamacare.) The corruption of the legislative process threatens the very foundations of democracy and as such the trust of the American people in its government. It is no wonder that an overwhelming number of Americans believe the country is headed in the wrong direction. A new Rasmussen poll pegs the number at seventy-six percent.

Let’s review the process. Continue reading

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