Dear John: An open letter from Oregon’s citizens to Gov. John Kitzhaber

 Dear John: An open letter from Oregon’s citizens to Gov. John Kitzhaber

by Lars Larson

Dear John,

It has been an interesting relationship for the past twenty years, since we hooked up in 1994. Those cowboy boots and blue jeans, no matter the occasion…the stylish grey hair and folksy manner used to make some of us swoon.  We knew you were a doctor, so we trusted you with our health care…although that Oregon Health Plan practically emptied our bank accounts.  Even you admitted it was a failure.

Then there was the time you walked out the door and declared Oregon ungovernable.  We thought the relationship was over at that point, but you came back and ran again. Continue reading

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Jon Stewart on Dem’s campaign money hypocrisy

Related: Dem hypocrisy on Citizens United

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Paintball Justice

larryhuss Paintball Justice

Right From the Start

The favorite past time of Oregon legislators is passing laws without consequences. They enjoy it so much that they keep passing and revising the same laws without consequences in serial fashion. They do this so that they can look earnest, resolute and decisive while knowing full well they have done nothing to disrupt, impede or punish a single would-be voter. Second only to this is their propensity to enact criminal laws banning the same conduct but with different names – think of violent crimes that also disturb their sense of political correctness.


With regard to the former let me give you three of my favorites – handicap parking violations, cell phone use while driving, and littering. Each has been the subject of initial prohibitions including fines and followed routinely thereafter by an increase in those fines on a periodic basis. And yet despite all of the attention given by Oregon’s legislators, the freeways look like garbage dumps (except when a prison posse is sent out to clean small areas), every third car that passes by has some nitwit thrashing away at the air as (s)he gestures while talking on a phone or stares blankly as (s)he thumbs another text message, and parking lots with acres of handicap parking are littered with twenty something sprites alighting from monster pickups that a handicapped person would need a step ladder to enter. All of this in spite of fines that now reach $6250 for littering, $500 for talking or texting, and up to $2000 for handicap parking violations. Continue reading

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New book out on former Oregon Governor Vic Atiyeh

Governor Vic Atiyeh thb New book out on former Oregon Governor Vic Atiyeh

Press Release

Carlton, OR—Prior to his passing last July, former Oregon Governor Vic Atiyeh conducted a series of interviews with legislative staffer Scott Jorgensen. Those interviews comprise the bulk of a book, Conversations with Atiyeh, which was recently published by Carlton-based Ridenbaugh Press.

Atiyeh, a first-generation American of Middle Eastern descent, served in the Oregon Legislature for 20 years prior to being elected governor in 1978. His stint included terms in both the Oregon House and the Senate. Atiyeh remains the last Republican to have been governor of the state, and left office at the end of his second term in 1987. Continue reading

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Today: last day to register to vote for Nov 4th general election

vote ballot 150x125 Today: last day to register to vote for Nov 4th general election

by NW Spotlight

There are 21 days until the November 4th general election, and Oregonians have until 1 minute before Midnight today to register to vote.

The Oregon Secretary of State 2014 Elections Calendar says for Oct 14th: “Registration cards that are postmarked by this date or submitted online no later than 11:59PM are valid registrations for general election.”

Click here to register to vote online.

If you’re already registered to vote and have moved, click here to update your address so you’ll receive your ballot. You can also use this same link to check your voter registration information and to get a link to voter pamphlet information on your state candidates and ballot measures, as well as a link to ballot drop sites.

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Time for a “New Business Model” for the Elliott State Forest

By John A. Charles, Jr.

CascadeNewLogo e1342826659899 Time for a “New Business Model” for the Elliott State ForestOregon’s political leaders have the chance to do what they frequently ask of the state legislature: provide more money to Oregon’s schools. So why aren’t they doing it?

The Elliott State Forest on Oregon’s South Coast is an endowment asset for Oregon public schools and is supposed to be making money through timber sales. Unfortunately, due to mismanagement by the Oregon Land Board, timber harvest levels (and associated revenues) have been a fraction of their former levels. Continue reading

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Vote NO on Ballot Measure 89

Sen Doug Whitsett Vote NO on Ballot Measure 89

by Sen. Doug Whitsett

Article 1, Section 20 of the Oregon Constitution and the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution already guarantee women, and all other citizens, equal rights under the law

Ballot Measure 89 is the Oregon Equal Rights Amendment for women.

It purports to amend the Oregon Constitution by adding a new Section 46 to Article I that guarantees “equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the State of Oregon or by any political subdivision in the state on account of sex.”

I do not support the measure because it is not needed and adds duplicate and unnecessary language to our Constitution. Moreover, the measure may be construed by future Oregon courts to mandate the State to pay for abortions. Continue reading

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