Real Tax Reform is Not What the Republicans are Talking About

Right From the Start

Right From the Start

Remember when the Democrats talked about “tax reform” but they really meant tax increases?  With the election of Donald Trump (R) as President and control of the House of Representatives and Senate still in the hands of the Republicans that narrative can change. But, quite frankly, I am not particularly encouraged that it will, particularly after an article in Saturday’s Wall Street Journal:
“Fault lines inside the corporate world are emerging over a proposed rewrite of the U.S. tax code, pitting importers against exporters.
“At the heart of the fight is a Republican plan in Congress that would impose corporate taxes on imports while eliminating them from exports, a move that would upend decades of tax policy.
“The proposed shift in effect would curtail existing incentives for U.S. companies to move profits and operations abroad, but it would also pose new challenges for some global businesses. Retailers selling imported products and refiners using imported oil could be hardest hit, while some exporters could see their tax bills vanish.”

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Attack in Ohio stopped by campus police officer with a gun


by NW Spotlight

Yesterday, Abdul Razak Ali Artan, a student of Somali descent, attacked students and faculty at Ohio State University using a car and a butcher knife. He was stopped within minutes by a campus police officer with a gun – who fatally shot him.

The attacker used his car to ram a crowd of people – “sending bodies flying into the air.” He then went after people with a butcher knife, “swinging and slashing wildly with the knife.” Then, according to the Columbus Dispatch, OSU Police Officer Alan Horujko confronted the attacker and shot and killed him, just a minute after the start of the attack. Continue reading

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Portland’s Zoning Policies Make the Housing Crisis Worse

CascadeNewLogoBy Lydia White

The masterminds behind Portland’s newest inclusionary zoning recommendations have proven once again to be economically illiterate.

The Portland Planning and Sustainability Commission unanimously recommended requiring developers with 20 units or more to make 20% of units “affordable” at 80% of median family income, or 10% “affordable” at 60% median family income.

This policy fails to accomplish the Portland Housing Bureau’s stated intentions to “harness the economic power of the private market to increase the supply of affordable housing.” Continue reading

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Bringing accountability and transparency to Salem

Sen Doug Whitsett

by Sen. Doug Whitsett

Governor Kate Brown pledged to increase transparency and accountability in Oregon state government after she took office in early 2015 following Governor John Kitzhaber’s resignation under a cloud of ethics challenges related to alleged influence peddling.

Since her inauguration as Oregon’s 38th Governor, editorials and articles published in multiple news outlets throughout the state have questioned whether she has lived up to that pledge.

The fact of the matter is that little ethics reform has been accomplished during the nearly two years since Brown became Governor. Legislators on both sides of the aisle have introduced several ethics reform bills. Continue reading

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Fresh Dropping from the Campaign Trail: The Aftermath

Right From the Start

Right From the Start

Following are a series of vignettes apropos to the conclusion of the recent presidential elections.  Some things never change.
Leslie Stahl
Ms. Stahl, born to a wealthy Massachusetts family and a princess of privilege herself, promoted the liberal narrative – that people feared for their safety with the election of Mr. Trump.  She pointed to a small group of protestors outside of Trump Tower expressing their outrage that their candidate, Hillary Clinton, lost, When Mr. Trump suggested that among the protestors were professional agitators and Clinton supporters, Ms. Stahl, without a single fact at her disposal, scoffed at the notion.  With the number of plastic surgeries apparently immobilizing her lower face, Ms. Stahl carried on with a litany of accusations about Trump supporters confronting the protestors without ever mentioning the acts of intimidation and violence by anti-Trump protestors, including the recent violence and destruction in Portland.

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Oregon House minority party committee appointments


Oregon House Republicans

House Republicans ask Speaker Kotek to expand minority party role in committee appointment process

Last week, House Republican Leader Mike McLane (R-Powell Butte) sent a letter to Speaker Tina Kotek regarding the process of appointing House members to legislative committees.

In his letter, the text of which may also be viewed below, Rep. McLane asks Speaker Kotek to grant minority parties in the House the ability to make decisions about the appointment of members of their own respective caucuses to legislative committees.

Under current House Rules, the Speaker has complete control over the committee appointment process. House Republicans view this practice as prejudicial to the autonomy of minority caucuses in the House and one that unnecessarily leaves the appointment process vulnerable to partisan manipulation. Continue reading

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Uber Translated: Better Service for the Underserved

CascadeNewLogoBy Lydia White

It’s not news that free-market visionaries provide better service than their corrupt competitors, but big government advocates are reluctant to admit it, even when such enterprise benefits their causes.

Ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft provide cheaper, timelier, and higher quality rides. They better serve those with lower incomes and disabilities. They give Portland residents a local source of income. They also better comply with city regulations.

Uber serves high- and low-income communities equally; taxis underserve poorer neighborhoods. Ride-hailing services connect the disabled with handicap-accessible cars; taxi companies force disabled users to wait and hope for one to eventually pass by. Continue reading

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