IP 28 hurts those it’s intended to help

Bud Pierce_thbBud Pierce for Governor

Even before the vote is in on ballot measure IP28, Kate Brown has pitched how she’d spend the money—all 6 billion.

Yep, she’s crafted her “Corporate Tax Implementation Plan” without an inkling of remorse over the impact the latest money grab would have on hardworking Oregonians. While IP28 is written as a “corporate tax,” the reality is it would hit working Oregonians to the tune of roughly $1,500 per household, based on the estimated impact of $600 per Oregonian and the size of the average household in Oregon of 2.50 individuals.

That’s more money for big government and less for individual and community innovation. Continue reading

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Get Ready for High-Cost Electricity

CascadeNewLogoBy John A. Charles, Jr.

During Oregon’s month-long legislative session earlier this year, the big environmental “win” was Senate Bill 1547, a bill that was hatched in secret by two large utilities and a group of environmental activists. The bill promises to rid the Oregon electricity grid of coal-fired power and to double the required levels of “renewable energy” from 25 percent to 50 percent by 2040.

When the legislature was debating SB 1547, members were calmly assured by proponents that the cost of these requirements would be minimal. They were reminded that the existing standard of 25 percent (by 2025) had always included an “off-ramp” if the cost of compliance reached 4 percent of utility revenue—and the costs had never come close to 4 percent.

Indeed, compliance costs for PGE in 2014 were only 0.24 percent of revenue (or $4.2 million in dollar terms). Obviously, ratepayers had nothing to worry about.

This storyline was especially soothing when it was repeated by Sen. Lee Beyer, former member and chair of the Oregon Public Utilities Commission. In his grandfatherly way, he told his colleagues that everything was under control. Continue reading

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Oregon State Economist: Legislature spent like ‘drunken sailors’ during short session


by NW Spotlight

During the June revenue forecast presentation yesterday in Salem, State Economist Mark McMullen referred to the Democrat-controlled Ways & Means committee as “drunken sailors” because they overspent during the 2016 ‘short session’, leaving the budget $74 million short of what was predicted.

Although the comment on the overspending was made in jest, it was still interesting to hear a high-level state employee make that kind of accusation – and there was certainly basis for his comment. Continue reading

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Obamacare catastrophe and Cover Oregon controversy continue

Sen Doug Whitsett

by Sen. Doug Whitsett

Many of us predicted the passage of the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in 2010 would cause harmful consequences to citizens throughout the country. Those initial concerns have proven to be prophetic during the six years since Obamacare was signed into law.

Obamacare was passed on party-line votes by Democrats in both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. Republicans in both chambers opposed the new law.

Then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-California) famously stated that “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.” Most veteran lawmakers should have found that remark beyond offensive. Like many others, I make it a point to read and try to understand each piece of legislation before I cast a vote either in committee or on the floor of the Oregon Senate. Voters should expect no less from their elected representatives, regardless of party affiliation. Continue reading

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Oregon Grassroots Slate brings Trump & Cruz together

gopconventionBy Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Jacob Daniels, Oregon State Director of Donald Trump for President, and Narlina Duke, Oregon State Director for Ted Cruz Campaign, have worked together to approve and support the Oregon Grassroots Coalition Slate. The election of these Oregon delegates to the National Republican convention will be held tomorrow Saturday June 4th in Salem by registered Oregon GOP Precinct People. Oregon’s working together crosses campaign lines and has the support of nearly a dozen grassroots political groups in Oregon is a role model for the rest of the nation.

The slate is below.

AT Large Delegates
1. Tim Nashif
2. Russ Walker
3. Chris Barreto
4. Representative Bill Post
5. Senator Kim Thatcher
6. Kevin Hoar
7. Jeff Kubler
8. Cythia Kendoll
9. Larry Talbert
10. Betsy Close Continue reading

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Who’s to blame for the Cover Oregon failure?

Dan Lucas_July 2012_BW

by Dan Lucas

A Congressional panel recently released a report on Oregon’s failed $305 million health insurance exchange, Cover Oregon. The Washington Post reported “Republicans on the [U.S. House] committee said they are asking the Justice Department and state attorney general to conduct criminal investigations into the actions involving Cover Oregon.”

The Washington Post also noted “Democrats on the panel blamed the state’s contractor, California-based Oracle Corporation, for the website’s problems.” Blaming Oracle was also the strategy of a “secretive campaign consultant” for former Democratic Gov. John Kitzhaber, who “by her own admission” “knew virtually nothing about health care reform or the reasons Cover Oregon had crashed.”

But who’s really to blame here? Continue reading

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The Why’s of the Clinton Email Scandal

Right From the Start

Right From the Start

The Why’s of the Clinton Email Scandal

The Office of the Inspector General for the State Department released its report on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s (D) use of a private email account and server for official State Department business. The results were not good for Ms. Clinton. In essence it confirmed everything that we already expected – Ms. Clinton lied about every aspect of the inception and use of the private email account and server. Peggy Noonan put it best in a column in last week’s Wall Street Journal:

“Which brings us to the State Department Office of Inspector General’s report involving Hillary Clinton’s emails. It reveals one big thing: Almost everything she has said publicly about her private server was a lie. She lied brazenly, coolly, as one who is practiced in lying would, as one who always gets away with it could.

“No, she was not given legal approval to conduct her business on the server. She was not given the impression it was fine. She did not comply with rules on storage and archiving. Her own office told U.S. diplomats personal email accounts could be compromised and they must avoid using them for official business. She was informed of a dramatic increase in hacking attempts on personal accounts. Professionals who raised concerns about her private server were told not to speak of it again.”

Continue reading

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Is Oregon DHS putting political correctness ahead of children’s wellbeing?

Colin Cortbus

Colin Cortbus

by Colin C. Cortbus

Oregon Officials Told To Ignore Immigration Status When Considering Relatives’ Foster Parent Applications

Oregon’s Department of Human Services instructs its social workers to disregard the immigration status of relatives when considering them as potential foster parents for a child taken into care. Experts warn that placing foster children with illegal immigrants can lead to disrupted, short-lived placements with long-term, detrimental developmental effects for the child.

The department’s official “Valuing Diversity in Casework Practice” training materials make clear the Oregon’s child care workers should ignore the question of whether migrant relatives of a child taken into care are in the US legally when considering them as potential foster parents. They state “When it comes to relatives, immigration or residency status does not matter.” They go as far as instructing social workers to not even make enquiries regarding the (il)legal immigration status of such relatives “If they say they’ve been in Mexico, you can request a record check from the Consulate. Make sure to tell them you are not checking on immigration status, whether or not they have legal or illegal status, but rather checking on criminal history to ensure suitability as a placement for the child.“ Continue reading

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Executive Club 6/1 — 5 statewide candidates

xclubcnddts16Five Statewide candidates
Oregon Executive Club
Wed. June 1st, 7:00pm

Portland Airport Shilo,
$20 dinner (optional)

Mark Callahan — U.S. Senate
Dr. Bud Pierce — Governor (GOP)
Cliff Thomason — Governor (Independent)
Daniel Crowe — Attorney General
Jeff Gudman — State Treasurer Continue reading

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Gov. Brown lives up to our cartoon

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon,

The Taxpayer Association first debuted this cartoon at the beginning of the year and months later it stands as the same, except the tax has grown bigger as Oregon Governor Kate Brown refused to comment again this month on the state’s largest tax increase.   Our cartoon says it all. Please pass it along.


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A Sales Tax by Any Other Name

CascadeNewLogoBy Steve Buckstein

Public employee union backers of Initiative Petition 28 appear to have turned in more than enough signatures to place their 2.5 percent corporate gross receipts tax on Oregon’s November ballot.

While the unions portray their measure as making large, out-of-state corporations pay their fair share of Oregon taxes, the nonpartisan Legislative Revenue Office (LRO) just released its more balanced perspective, which includes:

■ IP 28 will increase state and local taxes by $600 per year on average for every man, woman, and child in Oregon, totaling over $6 billion each full biennium.

■ IP 28 will dampen income, employment, and population growth over the next 5 years. Continue reading

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Youth poll confounds, contradicts, breaks history

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

National pollster, Frank Luntz, was interviewed on CBS This Morning Show on a large Snapchat poll of America’s younger generation. The results were surprising, encouraging and alarming. Watch below.

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Dennis Richardson on Cover Oregon: Oregonians deserve the truth

Dennis Richardson SOS

Dennis Richardson for Secretary of State

Dennis Richardson Statement on US Congressional Review of Cover Oregon

Central Point, Oregon – Secretary of State candidate Dennis Richardson, who as an Oregon state legislator and Ways and Means Co-Chair, blew the whistle on the Cover Oregon scandal, this week called for increased transparency and a complete audit of Cover Oregon.

Richardson cites the release of a US Congressional Oversight and Reform Committee report that found Governor Kitzhaber mismanaged Cover Oregon funds and made management decisions for personal political gain during his 2014 gubernatorial campaign. Further, the Congressional committee has asked the US Department of Justice to launch a criminal investigation into the collusion between Kitzhaber’s campaign and his public employee staff as it related to management decisions for Cover Oregon. Continue reading

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