Ads exposes SEIU agenda behind Seattle $15-hr min wage

Seattle IFA thb Ads exposes SEIU agenda behind Seattle $15 hr min wage

International Franchise Association

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The International Franchise Association, the world’s largest organization representing franchise owners, launched an ad campaign this week to inform Seattle residents about the Service Employees International Union’s (SEIU) well-planned, strategic attack on independently-owned, small business franchisees, and SEIU’s self-serving motives for discriminating against them in the city’s new minimum wage law.

The radio campaign, which begins on KOMO Newsradio and KIRO Radio 97.3 FM, discloses that David Rolf, the president of SEIU in Washington, admitted that part of SEIU’s motivation for the higher minimum wage in Seattle was to break the business model for franchisees and in turn, expand the union’s membership to franchise employees. Continue reading

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Hales and Novick recalls ramp up

Recall Hales and Novick thb Hales and Novick recalls ramp up

by Bob Clark

If you are a registered voter of the City of Portland and have not done so yet, please go online at and sign the personal petitions to recall both Mayor Hales and Commissioner Novick.  At the top of the website is the menu bar for downloading the petitions with instructions on signing and mailing.  The deadline for gathering signatures is October 9, 2014.

Hales and Novick are both pushing a new “street maintenance” tax which would cost most every Portland homeowner and renter as much as $150 or more per year.  They are refusing to give citizens any vote on this new tax, seeking to pass it with only a 3-to-2 majority vote of the Portland City Council. Continue reading

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Columbia River Crossing alternative: Western arterial

Traffic Columbia River Crossing alternative: Western arterial

by Ron Swaren

Gridlock on the Interstate 5 (and I-205) highway through Portland continues at epidemic levels. I was out there on three afternoons last week and noticed it seemed to start earlier now, too. As early as 1 pm for the afternoon rush. A huge portion of the traffic is freight trucks—-and a sure indicator of economic recovery is the movement of freight.

But one overriding economic factor is Washington County growth. With recent announcements by big employers the growth–and the traffic–will continue. This does translate into more tax revenue for the state of Oregon, but with no equivalent of the I-205 highway on the west side of Portland, commuters from SW Washington will continue to be stalled. And freight shipments will also be stalled and wasting time and money. Continue reading

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Oregon’s Public Employee Unions and Pay-to-Play

larryhuss Oregon’s Public Employee Unions and Pay to Play

Right From the Start

Sunday’s Oregonian carried an article on political contributions by corporations authored by David Sirota, a writer for web-based PandoDaily. Mr. Sirota is not a journalist or editorialist for the Oregonian nor for any of the wire services or major news services routinely used by the Oregonian. I point this out to demonstrate that the Oregonian had to go out searching for this one-sided article reflective of the general anti-business attitude of the Oregonian.

The essence of this article is to criticize Republicans for challenging the Security Exchange Commission’s prohibitions against corporate contributions from Wall Street investment firms who manage state pension and investment funds. These prohibitions are often referred to as “pay-to-play” prohibitions. Continue reading

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The case for Rick Perry

Rick Perry thb The case for Rick Perry

Texas Gov. Rick Perry

by Jacob Daniels

Rick Perry’s indictment looks like the ultimate political gift… as of today.  Regardless of your opinion of America’s Longest Serving Governor, political junkies and those who avoid politics seem to agree: Rick Perry is a victim of a political witch hunt led by an overreaching government.

Even President Obama’s longtime friend and architect of his 2008 presidential campaign tweeted that the indictment seems “sketchy.” Furthermore a well-known Harvard Law professor has spoken against the indictment.  It is rare when Perry and a Harvard Law professor agree on anything.

But the question remains, will this indictment turn into a nightmare?

The legal process is complicated and will allow many opportunities for Perry opponents to spin public opinion against him.  Add to that another layer of complication; the upcoming 2016 presidential election. Continue reading

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Web Poll: Ferguson’s biggest mistake?

ferguson Web Poll: Fergusons biggest mistake?Web poll:

The Brown shooting has turned the City of Ferguson into an unfolding crisis and a national debate over how the City & local law enforcement handle a volatile situation.  Commentators point to three controversial decisions that may have added to the turmoil (1) Police withheld name of officer (2) City curfew & ban on night protests and (3) Police too militarized  (as in wielding machine guns, law enforcement in military attire) for the situation.

PLEASE VOTE ON RIGHT HAND MARGIN of this website on your opinion on this case and how government leaders make decisions.

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Decision to deny Morrow’s permit hurts Oregon’s economy

Alliance for Northwest Jobs Exports thb Decision to deny Morrow’s permit hurts Oregons economy

Alliance for Northwest Jobs & Exports

Portland, OR – Today, the Oregon Department of State Lands announced the denial of a removal-fill permit, required to build a dock facility serving the Morrow Pacific Terminal. The permit decision follows a lengthy comment period, in which many area businesses expressed concern over the state’s extraordinary scrutiny of a widely used, administrative permit important to many waterway businesses. Continue reading

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