Flat revenue forecast indicates “Failure to Thrive”

 Flat revenue forecast indicates Failure to Thrive

Oregon Senate Republican Office

Salem, OR – Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli (R-John Day) issued the following statement in response to the June revenue forecast released yesterday:

“For many cycles, the State Economist has warned that Oregon’s economy sinks deeper and recovers more slowly from economic recession than other states, and that analysis is proving to be even more accurate than ever before.

“Oregonians should be asking themselves why Oregon is not recovering like other states in the nation, and slower than our neighboring states in the region. Continue reading

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Hard Questions About Oregon’s Employment Picture

larryhuss Hard Questions About Oregon’s Employment Picture

Right From the Start

Last week the Oregonian published an article on the declining labor force participation rate in Oregon. Well it wasn’t actually an article – it was a rewrite of the Oregon Department of Employment’s press release right down to the pretext of the decline that holds Gov. John Kitzhaber and three decades of Democrat administrations blameless. Not a single critical question was asked by the Oregonian. Not a single moment was spent on any independent research. It’s what happens when a decidedly liberal press corps evolves from watchdog to lapdog.

I suppose one can be encouraged that Mr. Kitzhaber and the Oregonian have stooped to even acknowledging the labor participation rate in contrast to the much ballyhooed and specious unemployment rate. Mr. Kitzhaber has trumpeted the declining unemployment rate in Oregon for the past several years as if it were a sign of an improving Oregon economy. It is not. The decline in the unemployment rate in Oregon is due more to people giving up, unemployment benefits drying up, and welfare benefits increasing than to an improving economy. Continue reading

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“Street Car” Charlie wants new large Portland street tax

250px Portland panorama3 Wikipedia.serendipityThumb “Street Car” Charlie wants new large Portland street tax

by Bob Clark
Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Public Hearing set for this Thursday, May 29th, 2 pm Portland Council Chambers

Mayor Charlie Hales (Street Car Charlie) and Transportation Commissioner Steve Novick are seeking to impose a new street maintenance and safety tax on Portland water and sewer customers.  They seek to impose this tax through City Council vote, and not refer it to voters.  Under their proposal, home owners would be charged this new tax at a rate of $11.50 per month, via water and sewer bills.

The proposed amount of this new tax is excessive. Continue reading

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The Last Communist City: Havana or Portland?

CascadeNewLogo e1342826659899 The Last Communist City: Havana or Portland?By Steve Buckstein

It’s clearly a stretch to describe Portland as a communist city, but there is an eerie similarity between Portland and the real communist city of Havana.

Portland-based independent journalist Michael J. Totten recently traveled to Cuba to see for himself the Havana that most tourists never see. He published his fascinating account in a long column he titled “The Last Communist City.” Continue reading

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Real solution to fed land mismanagement: fight elitist Progressivism

forest thb Real solution to fed land mismanagement: fight elitist Progressivism

by Jack Swift

MANIFEST DESTINY – An Analytic View of Federal Ownership

In the great dispute over utilization of our Federal lands in the West, the attempt is frequently made to end run the arguments over how best to manage those lands by asserting the Federal government has no capacity to own the lands. The argument goes that since the Constitution is a delegation of enumerated powers, if there is no provision therein for ownership of land, the Federal government must lack standing to be a legitimate owner. This is not an idle question. It is said to have given Jefferson great pause prior to deciding to make the Louisiana Purchase. Continue reading

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Handling of Oregon marriage ruling an affront to all Oregonians

Sen Doug Whitsett Handling of Oregon marriage ruling an affront to all Oregonians

by Sen. Doug Whitsett

I strongly oppose Federal District Judge Michael McShane’s decision to overturn Oregon’s constitutional amendment that defines a marriage as a union between one man and one woman. The Judge ruled the Amendment unconstitutional under the Equal Protection Clause of the United States Constitution’s Fourteenth Amendment because, in his view, the Oregon marriage law discriminates on the basis of sexual orientation, without any rational relationship to any legitimate government interest.

More than one million Oregon voters cast their ballots in favor Ballot Measure 36 to establish that constitutional definition of marriage in 2004. McShane negated our votes with a single stroke of his judicial pen. Continue reading

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Kitzhaber caught on tape ignoring media

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