Is DeFazio calling for fed crackdown on marijuana in Oregon?

Peter DeFazio_thb

by NW Spotlight

It seems that NOW Oregon Rep. Peter DeFazio (D) wants the U.S. Department of Justice to enforce federal laws in Oregon.

DeFazio recently “gave a fiery speech on the U.S. house floor” on the “armed militia protest near Burns.” In his speech, he said “my state of Oregon, where we abide by the laws,” and “Yeah, we disagree over a lot of federal policies, but we abide by the laws. It’s time for the justice department to take some action. Wake up down there!”

Yes, he ACTUALLY said that: “my state of Oregon, where we abide by the laws.” Continue reading

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2nd Amendment and due process rights under attack

Sen Doug Whitsett

by Sen. Doug Whitsett

Once again, Oregon’s Democratic leadership is planning a further attack on our Second Amendment rights to own and bear firearms.

Legislative Concept 250 (LC 250) is scheduled to be introduced as a Judiciary Committee bill this week. It is nothing less than a major gun control act camouflaged as relating to mental health reporting. Moreover, as currently written, the proposal may violate other provisions of our Bill of Rights.

LC 250 would automatically prohibit the purchase of a firearm by any person who has been reported to the Oregon State Police (OSP) Firearms Unit as experiencing a mental health emergency and posing a danger to themselves or others with a firearm. The automatic prohibition would be in force for 30 days from the time the report is made. Continue reading

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Oregon CD5 GOP candidate Willis raises over $50K in 7 weeks

Colm Willis 2016_thb

Colm for Congress

Oregon families, not Washington special interests, power Republican’s candidacy for 5th Congressional district

STAYTON– Today, Colm Willis, a candidate for the Republican nomination in Oregon’s 5th Congressional district, announced he raised over $50,000 in individual contributions in just seven weeks. Willis announced his candidacy on November 9th, and the contributions apply to the fourth quarter FEC deadline which was on December 31st. Willis currently has $43,000 cash on hand. Over 150 individuals contributed to his campaign, making an average donation of just over $300. Continue reading

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Oregon Senate Dems pursuing ‘Dirty Dozen’ partisan proposals


Oregon Senate Republicans

Senate Democrats Pursuing ‘Dirty Dozen’ Partisan Proposals for 2016 Session
New Mandates Slam Families and Small Businesses with Higher Costs

Salem, Ore. – In the aftermath of a contentious legislative session defined by partisan politics, the majority party is determined to abuse the short February session by once again advancing a partisan, polarizing agenda backed by special interests. What was originally sold to Oregonians as a chance to adjust the budget and correct legislative mistakes and omissions has turned into a strategy for advancing ideological, controversial political issues that lack transparency and pay off wealthy campaign donors. Continue reading

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Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney is an Idiot

Right From the Start

Right From the Start

On this past Thursday evening, Edward Archer shot and critically wounded Officer Jesse Hartnett, a Philadelphia police officer, in an unprovoked attack. Mr. Archer proclaimed that he was a disciple of the international Islamic terrorist organization known as the Islamic State and that he shot Office Hartnett in “the name of Islam.”

I watched the initial press conference and saw the look of anguish, anger and determination on the face of Police Commissioner Richard Ross as he detailed, with photos, the filmed attack on Officer Hartnett. While Mr. Ross described the horror that Officer Hartnett must have felt when Mr. Archer reached inside the officer’s vehicle and shot him multiple times and point blank range, he also took time to praise the courage of Officer Hartnett who, though critically wounded, exited his patrol car when Mr. Archer sought to flee and fired several times wounding Mr. Archer seriously enough that his fellow officers were able to locate and arrest Mr. Archer. Continue reading

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Media bias fuels national polarization

Dan Lucas_July 2012_BW

by Dan Lucas

One of the factors in the popularity of Donald Trump is how he thumbs his nose at the media and their various narratives, political correctness and sacred cows. It taps into an ever-present frustration that conservatives have.

It’s been said of the great film dancer Fred Astaire “Sure he was great, but don’t forget Ginger Rogers did everything he did backwards…and in high heels!” That’s the way it is for Republican politicians and elected officials. They have to do everything that Democrats do, but also do it in a way that can’t be spun, distorted or misrepresented by a very biased media. Continue reading

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“They Left out Radio!” ― Human creativity is the key to economic growth

CascadeNewLogoBy Kathryn Hickok

Bull market? Bear market? Recession? Recovery? What does 2016 have in store for us?

Our economy—national, state, and local—is usually described in terms of numbers, percentages, and quarterly comparisons. But the picture is richer than an aggregate dollar value of impersonal production and consumption. No economy exists without millions of unique people bringing to the marketplace their gifts of creativity, intelligence, initiative, and effort. Human capital―the knowledge, skills, and experiences of people―is the true wealth of a society.

The story is told that during his presidency, Ronald Reagan remarked on the limitations of economic predictions that don’t take into account people’s capacity to invent the unimaginable. During a meeting on economic policy, he said: Continue reading

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