Even PolitiFact acknowledges Nancy Pelosi is a liar

Nancy Pelosi thb Even PolitiFact acknowledges Nancy Pelosi is a liar

by NW Spotlight

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif) spoke at her weekly press conference about the recent Supreme Court decision on Hobby Lobby. In her press conference, Pelosi lied about the Supreme Court decision and made sexist comments about the justices.

Because she belongs to the “right party”, the media completely let it slide – except for Fox News’ Megyn Kelly – who called out both Nancy Pelosi and the media. Kelly also asked left-leaning PolitiFact to fact-check Pelosi.

Their finding? FALSE! Nancy Pelosi lied.

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Oregon should be 25th state to adopt Right to Work Law

Sen Doug Whitsett Oregon should be 25th state to adopt Right to Work Law

by Sen. Doug Whitsett

In a truly free market economy, labor relations should be decided in voluntary negotiations between business and labor interests. People should have the right to work in any labor environment that is mutually acceptable to the employer and employees.

Many companies and their employees have endured and prospered for generations without the need for third party influence. On the other hand, some labor and business interests have exhibited a long history of attempting to gain control of the workplace through political influence. Continue reading

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Lars Larson: Crisis growing in Oregon’s timber counties

 Lars Larson: Crisis growing in Oregon’s timber counties

by Lars Larson

A crisis is growing in Oregon’s timber dependent counties along with the Douglas Firs. Law enforcement is falling apart in that half of the state where you don’t find a Starbucks on every corner. I talked with Sheriff John Bishop, who’s quitting after 6 years of trying to police 16-hundred square miles with only six deputies.

Thirty years ago the Willamette Valley contracted gang green ecological insanity and decided that the logging industry had to die…so they killed it. That cut off the life blood of jobs and taxes that supplied paychecks and public services. Continue reading

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Free Speech vs. Collective Bargaining (Non-legalese)

larryhuss Free Speech vs. Collective Bargaining (Non legalese)

Right From the Start

Last week’s column dealt with the United States Supreme Court’s recent decision in Harris v. Quinn. This is the case in which the court ruled that the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) could not require individuals who received public funds for providing home health care services to relatives to join or pay dues to the public employees unions. Since that column a number of people have raised the question with me as why there isn’t a balance between the concerns of unions that non-members should not get a free ride for the union’s bargaining efforts and individuals “free speech” and “rights of association (non-association).”

In its simplest form (non-legalese) free speech is a constitutional right while collective bargaining agreements are private contracts – even when they involve the government as one of the contracting parties. Free speech rights are a part of the constitutions Bill of Rights – the fundamentals of a free people – and were enumerated as a barrier to government (or others) impinging on those rights. Free speech rights include the rights of individuals to band together to promote a cause or a point of view (the right of association). Free speech rights also include the rights of individuals to decline joining in the promotion of a cause or point of view (the right of disassociation). Continue reading

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Seattle taxpayers stuck paying to defend unfair $15-hour min wage

WLA logo thb Seattle taxpayers stuck paying to defend unfair $15 hour min wage

Washington Lodging Association (WLA)

Seattle taxpayers forced to fund expensive outside counsel for city attempt to defend discrimination

SEATTLE, July 8, 2014 – The City of Seattle’s decision to hire expensive outside legal counsel to try to defend its discriminatory actions against small businesses in the recently adopted minimum wage ordinance should outrage every taxpaying resident and business, according to Jan Simon, President and CEO of the Washington Lodging Association (WLA).

Last week the City announced it had hired Susman Godfrey, a Texas law firm with offices in Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York City and Seattle, and Erwin Chemerinsky, dean at the University of California, Irvine School of Law, to assist in its defense of the ordinance. Continue reading

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Independent Party of Oregon’s Primary has begun

Independent party oregon.serendipityThumb Independent Party of Oregons Primary has begun

SALEM – The polls opened yesterday, July 7th, for the Independent Party of Oregon’s 2014 Primary Election and Member Survey.  From now through July 19th, IPO members will be able to go to  www.indparty.com/vote to download and prepare their ballot.  

Thirty seven candidates will be competing for the IPO nomination, which includes 12 contested races.  The IPO ballot includes candidates in some of the most tightly contested legislative races in the state as well as the Oregon Governor’s race.  There are three races (Jackson County Commissioner, Position 3; Oregon House, District 25; and Oregon Senate, District 16) where the winner of the IPO nomination will face a candidate who would otherwise have been unopposed on the November ballot. Continue reading

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The Portland Seed Fund: Boom or Bust?

CascadeNewLogo e1342826659899 The Portland Seed Fund: Boom or Bust?By Joel Grey

The Portland Seed Fund started as a public-private venture intended to close a funding gap for small loans to entrepreneurs. The City of Portland, the City of Hillsboro, and the State of Oregon provided a majority of the funds for the first Seed Fund and a significant portion of the second Seed Fund. It was sold as a way for public entities to help private companies begin, with the expectation that the Fund would earn money. Continue reading

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