Nevada’s Education Innovation

CascadeNewLogoBy Emma Newman

According to the U.S. Department of Education, Oregon’s 2013 graduation rate is the worst of all 49 states which reported data. Nevada, which held Oregon’s position at the bottom in 2012, has decided to do something truly bold and create a system that allows for unprecedented levels of accountability, opportunity, and individualization in education.

Next January, Nevada will start the most inclusive educational savings account program in the nation. Educational saving accounts, or ESAs, allow public school students to take 90 percent of the money the state would spend on them and put it on a restricted use debit card. Parents can spend this money on a wide variety of approved educational options, such as private school, individual tutoring, and distance learning. Any money not used is rolled over for parents to spend in the future. Continue reading

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Chattanooga tragedy: Should our Armed Forces be unarmed?

Chattanooga firearms prohibited sign

by NW Spotlight

Photos from the tragedy in Chattanooga, Tennessee, this week show a troubling paradox: unarmed Armed Forces.

On Thursday, Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez attacked two military facilities in Chattanooga and murdered four Marines and one sailor. He also wounded another Marine and a police officer.

The first facility was an Armed Forces Career Center, where the service members were not allowed to be armed. A sign on the door reads “Federal Installation – Firearms Are Prohibited In This Facility.” Photos now show that door riddled with bullet holes. Continue reading

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Ode to METRO

John Ludlow_thb

by John Ludlow

1METRO is the shepherd….I do not want.

2It maketh me to buy up green pastures: It preventeth me from building beside still waters.

3It sappeth my soul: It leadeth me in the paths of regionalism for Portland’s sake.

4Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of METRO, It fears no upheaval: for METRO says “I’m with you and my rod and my staff will guide thee.”

5METRO preparest a table before me in the presence of mine “stakeholders”: It anointest my head with assurances they that are listening. Continue reading

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Chattanooga shooting and Islamic terrorism – the ‘I’ word


by Lars Larson

We know a man murdered four United States Marines. What we don’t know is the motive. I’ll bet you’re hearing that a lot today.

But why the mystery? When a cop shoots a black criminal, the President and half of America immediately conclude “racism”. When a nut who likes Confederate flags kills, conclusions are quickly drawn. If a victim is gay, why it must be a bias crime.

But when a devout Muslim, named Muhammod Youssuf Abdulazeez and who just returned from time in the Middle East, deliberately targets the American military, you’ll see a lot of folks on CNN and your local news channels with a quizzical look on their faces wondering out loud “what in the world could have caused that”? Continue reading

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2015-17 Oregon budget is out: Spending is up!

Dan Lucas_July 2012_BW

by Dan Lucas

Information on the current 2-year Oregon state budget came out yesterday afternoon from the Legislative Fiscal Office. This is for the 2015-17 Oregon budget – that was just passed by the 2015 Regular Session of the 78th Oregon Legislative Assembly, which adjourned on July 6th.

This new 2-year budget reflects a continued jump in state spending. The All Funds budget has grown to $69 billion, a 10% increase over the previous budget. The General & Lottery Funds budget has grown to $18.9 billion, a 13% increase over the previous budget. Continue reading

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Continued opposition to Wyden O&C Land Grant Act

AFRC logo_thb

American Forest Resource Council

U.S. Senate Committee Also Holds Hearing on National Forest Ecosystem Improvement Act to Improve Health of Federal Forest Lands

The Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee yesterday held a hearing on the Oregon and California Land Grant Act of 2015 (S. 132), legislation sponsored by U.S. Senator Ron Wyden to change the management of O&C timberlands administered by the Bureau of Land Management.

The committee also held a hearing on the National Forest Ecosystem Improvement Act of 2015, legislation introduced by U.S. Senator John Barrasso to expedite ecosystem restoration projects on National Forests across the country. Continue reading

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Oregon taxpayers on hook for ‘free’ college education for undocumented aliens

Sen Doug Whitsett

Thanks to legislation passed by Democrat majority

by Sen. Doug Whitsett

During the 2013 regular session, the Legislative Assembly enacted House Bill 2787. It was better known as the “Tuition Equity Act,” and passed with a significant bipartisan majority vote. That Act established eligibility for in-state tuition for students that demonstrated the intent to become United States citizens and who met certain previous attendance requirements in schools both in Oregon and other U.S. states and territories.

The Legislative Fiscal Report for that bill estimated that only 38 undocumented alien students would take advantage of the opportunity to pay in-state tuition to attend an Oregon University during the 2013-15 budget period. The report estimated that 80 students would participate during the 2015-17 budget period. The “tuition equity” bill did not affect Oregon community colleges because they do not have residency requirements. Continue reading

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