Will Independent Party of Oregon retain major party status?

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by NW Spotlight

The Independent Party of Oregon (IPO) achieved major party status in February 2015. The IPO qualified by having enough registered IPO voters to reach the 5% threshold of the total voters registered for the November 2014 election.

The Statesman Journal reported at the time “Oregon has become the only state in the country with three major political parties,” with the IPO joining the Republican and Democratic parties as major political parties in Oregon.

Becoming a major party allowed the IPO to participate in primary elections. Continue reading

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The House # 26 Boylston-Vial-Wingard $$$ race

moneyhatWho is winning the House District #26 (vacated by Rep. John Davis) race between John Boylston, Rich Vial and Matt Wingard?
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon PAC

Oregon House District #26
Revenue totals
Rich Vial………….. $86,400
John Boylston……$41,100
Matt Wingard…….$31,900

Continue reading

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A better way to conserve energy: Natural gas

Sen Doug Whitsett

by Sen. Doug Whitsett

The proper role of government is frequently debated in the Legislative Assembly. Most lawmakers agree that one of the fundamental functions of government is to provide the basic infrastructure that enables all citizens to have access to shared services such as roads, public schools and clean, potable water. Arguably, those services should include access to electric and natural gas utilities.

During the 2015 session, the Legislature passed Senate Bill 32 by wide bipartisan margins. The bill states the Oregon Legislative Assembly finds that access to natural gas is in the public interest and the extension of pipelines to rural areas is necessary for communities to preserve and develop local economies and enlarge their tax bases. In addition, I believe the expansion of natural gas infrastructure and services also represents the most cost effective means of energy conservation. Continue reading

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Who’s winning the Portland Mayor $$$ race?

moneyhatWho’s winning the Portland Mayor $$$ race among top candidates?
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon PAC

Ted Wheeler………………..$904,000
Jules Bailey………………….$211,000
Sarah Iannarone……………$42,000
Sean Davis…………………….$4,000

See also these related money totals: Continue reading

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Recommendations for Oregon HD1, HD9 and SD5 Primary


An Election Message to Second Amendment Supporters

by Rob Taylor

The election is upon us and many voters are still wondering who to cast their vote for and who will be the right representative to protect the rights of the individual, especially those who believe in the Right to Bear Arms.

Oregon State House District One

Last year State Rep Wayne Krieger met with groups in the local community, including the leading activists in the Coos County Watchdog network. He asked them who they would like to see as a candidate. Wayne was planning on retiring from his position and he wanted an idea of who the people might like to see run for the district, so he could recruit at least one good candidate. Continue reading

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Unifying the Republican Party

Right From the Start

Right From the Start

So this past weekend, the politicians and political pundits dominated the headlines with questions as to whether and how presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump could unify the Party. Before you get all nervous about this let’s remembers a couple of things. First, controversy is the mother’s milk of political reporting. I mean, who wants to report about some kumbaya gathering? That’s one news cycle at best while controversy, conflict and mayhem can go on for days.

And second, the news people that are reveling in the reports of more difficulty for Mr. Trump are the same people who routinely predicted the doom and demise of Mr. Trump at every turn in the road. Even the staid Wall Street Journal has joined the “Armageddon” crowd in publishing an article by some nitwit named Bret Stephens who suggests that the best thing for the Republican Party is the election of Hillary Clinton. The sheer lunacy of suggesting that a money-grubbing, corrupt, congenital liar who has made the politics of personal destruction – including the destruction of the women her husband abused – an art form, as a plausible solution for what ails the nation or the Republican Party, consigns Mr. Stephens to the lowest rungs of stupid. In a twist on the immortal words of Charles Barkley – they may be right, but I doubt it. Continue reading

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Who’s winning the Secretary-State $$$ race?

moneyhatWho’s winning Oregon’s Secretary-State $$$ race?
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon PAC

Val Hoyle (D)……………………..$587,000
Brad Avakian (D)……………….$387,481
Dennis Richardson (R)………$295,000
Richard Devlin (D)…………….$164,000
Sid Leiken (R)…………………….$44,000 Continue reading

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