The High Cost of Liberalism

larryhuss The High Cost of Liberalism

Right From the Start

The high cost of liberalism continues to increase. Tuesday mornings Oregonian reported on another “green energy” fantasy slipping into failure at considerable cost to taxpayers. An article by Molly Young stated:

“Portland’s SoloPower Systems has missed another monthly payment on a $10 million public loan that’s been in arrears since February.  A state Energy Department spokesperson confirmed Monday the agency had not received $119,000, as required, for June.  SoloPower had some cash — it wired $124,950 to the state in late May — but is now behind by a total of $238,000.  State officials in charge of the loan have said they are hopeful SoloPower will soon bring the loan current. Company executives, though, have declined to comment on financials.“SoloPower’s North Portland plant has been dark for a year.

* * *


“It received millions of dollars in state and local tax breaks and subsidies to start up.  Yet it closed in mid-2013, months after turning on its first production line.  Documents show executives sought upwards of $50 million to turn the factory back on.

Despite what state officials say is in the pipeline, SoloPower does not yet appear to be hiring. Its web page lists no open positions.  The company is also dealing with lawsuits filed separately by two former top executives, both alleging they are owed money. Continue reading

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Timber Counties built their communities from trees

Craig Pope Polk Co Comm thb Timber Counties built their communities from trees

by Craig Pope, Polk County Commissioner

Michael Cairn’s recent criticism of rural county governments in his Statesman Journal op-ed deserves a response.  Mr. Cairns lives in Polk County, where I serve as a County Commissioner charged with balancing the budget in the face of declining revenues.  As one of 18 O&C timber counties, it’s our responsibility and challenge to fund basic services despite declining support from the federal government.

Mr. Cairns’ opinion exemplifies the “hands-off” approach to forest management and the tactics of environmental litigation and obstruction that helped create the mess we are now trying to fix. Though I can agree that there have been poor management practices in the past by public and private land managers, I continue to maintain that significant progress has been made toward sustainable timber harvests that are in balance with conservation values. Citing spotted owls as a “canary in the coal mine” is short sighted and simply not true considering current landscape management practices in Oregon.  Even with the steep decline in federal timber harvests, spotted owl populations have declined due to predation by barred owls which the federal government is now spending millions to eradicate. Continue reading

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Small Business Owners Say: $15 Minimum Wage Is a “Mortal Threat”

CascadeNewLogo e1342826659899 Small Business Owners Say: $15 Minimum Wage Is a “Mortal Threat”By Kathryn Hickok

This week Seattle became the first city in the nation to mandate a $15 minimum wage. But far from being a victory for workers, a super-high minimum wage is likely to cause more harm than good by destroying businesses and reducing workers’ options.

Washington Policy Center’s Erin Shannon writes: “Some business owners in Seattle say they are holding off on opening new business or expanding their current business, delaying plans to hire new workers and even moving into neighboring cities. Continue reading

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Market manipulation by US Green Building Council benefits a select few

Sen Doug Whitsett Market manipulation by US Green Building Council benefits a select few

by Sen. Doug Whitsett

The US Green Building Council is a non-profit, non-government tax exempt organization that claims to promote sustainability in how buildings are designed, built and operated. The Council created the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification standards for the construction of sustainable green buildings.

All across the nation, LEED standards are coming under long-overdue critical evaluation. People are beginning to understand that the regulations that mandate LEED standards in public construction projects represent little more than social engineering. The arbitrary LEED preferences, designed by the Council, are being enforced in the construction of schools, hotels, offices and government buildings throughout America. Continue reading

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Two Oregon heroes remembered on D-Day

By Jason Williams
Williams is State Director of the Taxpayer Association Oregon

Last year I was fortunate to visit the Normandy beaches.  At the American Cemetery I left behind two tributes.  One was for Vern White.  He served in the area as a bomber crew and later served in Oregon through Oregon Tax Research.   The other tribute was for Bill Moshofsky who served in the Army in Europe and came through the Normandy opening that the D-Day troops secured.   Bill was nice enough to write a letter for the fellow Americans who fought in Europe.  Bill Moshofsky later served Oregon by founding Oregonians In Action — the state’s premier property right advocate organization.   Noble WWII veterans who went on to shape Oregon.   (click the photo to enlarge)

dday Two Oregon heroes remembered on D Day

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WW II Memorial: Oregon House GOP to honor greatest generation

D Day thb WW II Memorial: Oregon House GOP to honor greatest generation

Oregon House Republican Office

Salem, OR — Members of the House Republican Caucus will attend today’s dedication ceremony of the Oregon World War II Memorial to honor the nation’s Greatest Generation and mark the 70th anniversary of the D-Day invasion at Normandy.

Today’s dedication will include several vintage military aircraft flyovers, remarks from veterans and state officials and a ceremonial transfer of the memorial from the World War II Memorial Foundation to the state of Oregon. Continue reading

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ORP schedules HD19 Nominating Convention, June 11th in Salem

ORP 2014 logo ORP schedules HD19 Nominating Convention, June 11th in Salem

Oregon Republican Party

Process for Filling Vacancy Announced;

Deadline for Candidates is Friday June 6th at 5:00 PM

Wilsonville, OR  Oregon Republican Party Chairman Art Robinson announced that the Nominating Convention for House District 19, a seat formerly held by Representative Kevin Cameron (R-Salem), has been set for Wednesday June 11th at 6:00 PM in the Emitte Room of Schimmel Hall at Corban University, 5000 Deer Park Drive SE in Salem, using a process determined by Oregon Law and Oregon Republican Party Rules.

“We are going to nominate strong Republican candidates to follow Representative Kevin Cameron’s’ superb public service for the citizens of House District 19,” said Chairman Robinson. Continue reading

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