Sen. Cruz Loses His Base for Good Reason

Right From the Start

Right From the Start

“Live by the sword, die by the sword”

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has a history remarkably similar to another divisive political figure – President Barack Obama (D). And while there are similarity there are important differences.

Both Mr. Cruz and Mr. Obama were born of immigrant fathers; however, unlike Mr. Obama’s father, Mr. Cruz’ father decided to stick around and help raise his son – the two remain close to this day.

Both attended prestigious undergraduate schools – Mr. Obama at Columbia and Mr. Cruz at Princeton. However, Mr. Cruz graduated with honors (cum laude) with a host of academic and debating awards and publication of a treatise entitled “Clipping the Wings of Angels” arguing for constitutional limitations on the power of government. Mr. Obama had neither academic honors or published dissertations.

Both Mr. Cruz and Mr. Obama attended Harvard Law School where each graduated magnum cum laude and where each was selected as executive editor of the Harvard Law Review; however, where Mr. Cruz published articles ad nauseam, Mr. Obama published none, becoming the only editor in chief to do so. Continue reading

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Oregon Senate passes whistleblower protection bill

Rep Knute Buehler_thb

Office of Rep. Knute Buehler

Bend, OR – Oregon whistleblowers will receive enhanced protections and transparency thanks to legislation passed yesterday by the Oregon Senate. The bill was championed by Representative Knute Buehler who initially introduced whistleblower legislation last session in response to the Kitzhaber-Hayes whistleblower, Michael Rodgers.

“Last year, we learned the identity of an Oregon hero – Michael Rodgers. In the face of indifference at best – or intimidation at worst – he blew the whistle on potential corruption. This bill sends the message that we will stand with other heroes, like Rodgers, and will not let their voices be silenced,” said Buehler. Continue reading

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Executive Club: John Charles

john_charlesKeynote: John Charles, President of Cascade Policy Institute
Executive Club Meeting
700p.m.  Wed. Mar. 2nd
Portland Airport Shilo Inn

Topic: What’s behind Oregon’s coal battle in the Legislature

John used to walk on the dark side, with the Oregon Environmental Council. Director for 17 years.  He knows how this works, from the leftie point of view.  Prolific writer, digger for detail, with a wit to match.  Why is “renewable power” so tough? The wind don’t always blow, and the sun don’t always shine. Renewables require backup, and Surprise! That makes your power more expensive! Continue reading

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WES at 7: Still a Financial Train Wreck

CascadeNewLogoBy John A. Charles, Jr.

February marks the seven-year anniversary of the Westside Express Service (WES), the 15-mile commuter rail line that runs from Wilsonville to Beaverton. While the train’s owner, TriMet, promotes WES as a transit success story, the truth is that commuter rail has been a failure.

WES was originally projected to cost $65 million and open in 2000. It actually cost $161 million and opened in 2009.

TriMet projected an average daily ridership of 2,400 weekday boardings in the first year. Actual daily ridership in 2009 was 1,156, less than half the forecast. Continue reading

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Wolves and min wage: Oregon’s urban-rural divide deepens

Sen Doug Whitsett

by Sen. Doug Whitsett

Oregon’s urban-rural divide has been a constant theme of my weekly updates during my three terms serving in the Senate. Both the 2015 and the current 2016 Legislative Assemblies have served to highlight that ever-increasing split. It will only continue to get worse over time.

Two contentious issues being debated in recent weeks illustrate the extent of the gulf.

Wolf Conservation and Management

Last November, the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission (OFWC) voted to remove the Canadian gray wolf from the state’s endangered species list. My staff attended the OFWC meeting and entered the support that I and Rep. Gail Whitsett (R-Klamath Falls) have for the de-listing decision. The meeting’s attendees were evenly divided between pro-wolf activists from the Willamette Valley, where none of the wolves are actually located, and ranchers and elected representatives from the areas that wolves do inhabit. Continue reading

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Games being played by Dems in Oregon ‘short session’

Jeff Kruse

by Sen. Jeff Kruse (R-Roseburg)

Thursday I gave a short speech in the Senate basically talking about how we are violating the very essence of the legislative process this Session.

Agreements reached over weeks of negotiations are now being thrown out. Last week we had a presentation in our caucus by the Ways and Means chair on what was in the budget and now a whole lot of other things are showing up.

Admittedly, because the Democrats have a super majority in the Senate, they can pass anything they want without Republican support – but they should at least be honest about it. Continue reading

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Cartoon: Harmful anti-Coal, Cap-Trade bills

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

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Continue reading

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