Capitol reviews 2 multi-billion business tax plans

Legislative panels previews Son of 97 tax ideas — Gross Receipts Tax & Corporate Activity Tax

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

A Joint Committee of the Oregon Legislature met yesterday to continue efforts to reform Oregon’s business tax system. The Joint Committee on Tax Reform has been looking at major taxes in light of voters rejecting the billion dollar Measure 97 tax last November.  Continue reading

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The Sustainable Energy Ordinance Violates the Right to Commerce

By Rob Taylor

Since the first time cavemen traded bones for beads humans have participated in the most basic ritual of shopping the marketplace commonly referred to as the Right to Commerce. Preceding any government or religion, the market is an organic element existing because we exist surviving on the unique trait of adaptability, not the artificial illusion of sustainability. Continue reading

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Sacred Cows on Parade: What the Pepsi Protest Ad Says About Contemporary Protest Culture

By Shahriyar Smith

Outrage over Pepsi’s new protest-themed ad is common here in the Pacific Northwest. We are, after all, no strangers to protest. And what’s more, we take it seriously. Protests are part of our culture – a form of street cred.
We know how to spot a fake, which Pepsi’s ad certainly is. It shows a multi-ethnic crowd of good-looking people with signs bearing banal platitudes like “join the conversation” marching through the streets while singing, dancing and even playing the cello. But the ad is also more than that. Kendal Jenner handing an unarmed cop a Pepsi shouldn’t have us this worked up, but somehow it does. Continue reading

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Teachers Unions Bankroll School Board Candidate Who Will Vote on Union Contracts in Central Oregon

By NW Spotlight

It’s well known that unions will contribute to candidates for public office who have their general interests at heart. This happens all the time. However, unions have become much more brazen about supporting candidates as of late.

Candidates like Angela Chisum running for Bend-La Pine School Board are being bankrolled by the Oregon Education Association and Bend Education Association with the primary purpose of influencing them in upcoming school board actions. Continue reading

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FoxNews Video: Portland parade shut-down

Fox News covers Portland parade cancellation
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon,

National television news media outlet, Fox News, interview local Multnomah County Republican Chair, James Buchal regarding the cancellation of a traditional parade along 82nd in Southeast Portland. The parade is called 82nd Avenue of Roses parade and is a neighborhood parade of various community partners. An anonymous email threatened the parade by saying “You have seen how much power we have downtown and that the police cannot stop us from shutting down roads so please consider your decision wisely”. The parade was cancelled. This follows other events in Portland and nationwide where certain liberal protestors create an atmosphere of violence and intimidation that chills free speech. Continue reading

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The Greatest Challenge to Traffic Safety? It’s Not Residential Speed Limits

By John A. Charles, Jr.

Last week the Oregon House of Representatives passed HB 2682, which will allow Portland to lower traffic speeds on residential streets from 25 MPH to 20 MPH. This was hailed as an important step towards reaching the city’s goal of zero traffic fatalities by 2025, but in reality the bill is mostly symbolic.

First, HB 2682 only affects residential streets. Most traffic fatalities occur on higher-speed arterials.

Second, reducing travel speed is just one of many factors in traffic safety, and not always the most important. According to the 2015 Portland Traffic Safety Report, 54% of fatal crashes involve alcohol or drugs. When pedestrians are involved, 30% of fatalities involve either an intoxicated walker or driver.

Traffic speed is a factor, but 80% of Portland’s fatalities and serious injuries occur on the 19% of roadways that are posted at 30 MPH or higher. None of those roads will be affected by HB 2682. Continue reading

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Why a Progressive Supports Redistricting Reform

We live in a time of highly partisan redistricting. Secretary of State Dennis Richardson has developed a plan to lead us in a new, less partisan, less biased direction. Many Democrats have been lining up to call this a power grab, but in reality, Richardson seeks to hand over this power to a computer algorithm that could only be overridden by a supermajority of technical experts with a balanced party affiliation.

I spoke with Seth Woolley of the Pacific Green Party about this plan, and he points out the Oregon Democratic Party has been gerrymandering districts in its favor; so they are likely to oppose a more fair system that changes that status quo. Woolley is uniquely qualified to comment on Richardson’s proposal for three reasons. First, he’s not a Republican. Second, as a computer scientist at Uber, he has expertise in database algorithms that deal with geospatial-based services, and third, he was on Richardson’s Independent Redistricting Task Force, having helped provide the principles that produced this proposal.
Continue reading

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Stop HB 2006 from slashing your Home Mortgage Interest Deduction

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

What would you say if I told you that you and your family could lose your mortgage interest deduction forever?

Well, that’s exactly what Big Government leaders are trying do under a scheme to pass HB 2006. Unbelievable, right?

Middle class families have built their entire financial lives around the promise of the mortgage interest deduction. Now greedy politicians want to pull the rug out from homeowners and cause a financial collapse for many families. Continue reading

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Don’t Let Politics Ruin Good Things

The cancellation of the The 82nd Avenue of Roses Parade in Portland due to threats from groups who were unhappy that the local Republican organization dared to participate really made me realize how much American society in 2017 allows politics to ruin otherwise good things.  Politics are very important and they require some degree of participation from the general populous, but I don’t believe politics were meant to dominate as much of our lives as they have come to.  Life is about so much more than just politics and forgetting that can cause us to miss out on some really wonderful things, like a parade. Continue reading

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Comparing Ponzi Schemes between Bernie Madoff and Gov. Kate Brown

Ad campaign compares Ponzi Schemes between Bernie Madoff and Gov. Kate Brown

By the Self-Serving Politicians are Driving Oregon into Bankruptcy Coalition

April 26, 2017 — The Self-Serving Politicians are Driving Oregon into Bankruptcy Coalition has begun a statewide ad buy to educate Oregonians on the $22 Billion PERS deficit crisis and how Oregon and its political leaders have gotten into this deficit. You can view the website at This is the first ad of a series designed to report on the Coalition’s research and inform Oregonians. Continue reading

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Political Correctness Driven to the Absurd

Right From the Start

Rigid adherence to any political ideology will ultimately produce foolish results.  For instance the accepted norm for conservatives is to oppose abortion on demand while supporting imposition of the death penalty.  I have been a conservative all of my adult life – over fifty years – and have never been able to reconcile those two views.  The taking of a human life (except in self-defense or war) is the taking of a human life.  I oppose both and feel quite comfortable defending those views.  I believe in individual responsibility and yet recognize a societal obligation to care for the poor, the disabled, and the abused.

Continue reading

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Oregon Might Join the 21st Century on Ride-sharing

By Steven Greenhut

Oregon has a reputation as young and hip, given the vibrant tech economy in cities like Portland, Eugene and Salem. But the Beaver State sometimes also shows a stodgy resistance to newfangled ideas. After all, this is a state where it’s still illegal for customers to pump their own gas at service stations — a make-work throwback to the 1950s. Continue reading

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Arizona’s Universal Education Savings Account Law: A “Breakthrough” in Education Financing for Students Today

By Kathryn Hickok

Six years ago, Arizona became the first state to pass an Education Savings Account law for some K-12 students. Earlier this month, Arizona lawmakers passed a new ESA bill which expands the program eligibility to include all Arizona children, phased in over the next few years.

The Heritage Foundation’s education policy fellow Lindsay Burke explains:

Education savings accounts represent a breakthrough in public education financing. Instead of sending funding directly to district schools, and then assigning children to those schools based on where their parents live, parents receive 90 percent of what the state would have spent on their child in their district school, with funds being deposited directly into a parent-controlled account.

Parents can spend the money on the educational services that best meet their children’s individual needs, such as private or home schools, tutors, online courses, and therapy. Funds not used by the student in a given year can be rolled over for future years. Continue reading

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