Income tax increase for homeowner’s bill up today

Income tax increase for homeowner’s bill up today — House Bill 2771

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon,

This afternoon the House Revenue Committee will be hearing an income tax increase bill for homeowners House Bill 2771.  House Bill 2771 phases out allowances of itemized deductions for homeowners. This bill raises taxes on any homeowners who earns more than $50,000. For higher income earners this bill eliminates entirely one’s deduction for property taxes. This is a steep income tax tax increase for most Oregon homeowners. Continue reading

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Former Candidate: National Popular Vote Compact is Unconstiutional

By Dan Laschober

Before the ink had dried on the Electoral College votes which elected Donald Trump as our 45th president, the chattering class was aflutter over the idea of enacting the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPV). In Groundhog Day (the movie) fashion, legislators across the country have drafted bills to enlist their states in the NPV folly. While I applaud those who want to educate the public, and I’m happy to debate its merits, I consider the NPV approach a bad idea in search of a problem. More importantly, this interstate compact is unconstitutional. Continue reading

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Could Rob Patridge Be Named U.S. Attorney for Oregon?

Chair of the Oregon Liquor Control Commission and Klamath County District Attorney Rob Patridge, announced his resignation from both positions today. This adds fuel to previous rumors that he is being considered by the Trump Administration for the job of U.S. Attorney for Oregon.

Patridge served three terms as State Representative from Medford has been General Counsel and District Director for U.S. Congressman Greg Walden. Walden is Oregon’s ranking Republican, who is typically consulted by the administration on picks of this nature.

Thank you to Nathan for the tip.

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Free Speech & Unionism Debate at Willamette University

The following event is sponsored by the Freedom Foundation, American Constitution Society for Law And Policy, and The Federalist Society.

Is public employees’ free speech protected?

After the U.S. Supreme Court 4-4 split in Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association, 136 S. Ct. 1083 (2016) two questions remain unsettled in labor law. Continue reading

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The Shack: A Celebration of America


By Eric Shierman

William Paul Young’s book, The Shack, finally hit theaters last week. This quick, easy read springs forth from the fertile theological ground that is the Portland metro area. A best-selling Christian book, The Shack is considered by many Christians to be dangerously heretical. Continue reading

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Oregon Taxpayers, Not Riders, Pay Most Costs of Public Transit Operations

By John A. Charles, Jr.

In a recent interview with the Portland Business Journal, Chris Rall of Transportation for America argues for increased state support of public transit service. He says that Oregon only covers three percent of the operating costs of transit, while other (unnamed) states pay for 24 percent.

I don’t know the source of Mr. Rall’s claim, but the audited financial statements for the largest transportation districts in Oregon show a very different picture.

In FY 2016 TriMet had total operations revenue of $542,200,000 but only $118,069,000 came from passenger fares. That means TriMet riders received a 78% subsidy from other sources. Continue reading

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Oregon Trump rally show support

Several hundred Trump supporters rallied at Lake Oswego on Saturday.

As expected anti-Trump protesters showed up to harass.

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Oregon’s Quest for Secure Driver’s Licenses

By Rep. Mike Nearman

For over a decade, we’ve been engaged in a battle for a secure driver’s license in Oregon. Much of the drama has been self-inflicted and it’s about time we get with the program and move on.

It started in 2005 when Congress passed, and President Bush signed the Real ID act, which calls for a more secure driver’s license. We don’t have a national ID card, so state-issued driver’s licenses are accepted by the federal government as identification when boarding a plane or entering a federal building.

States have different standards, and so Congress, in response to the 9/11 Commission, set uniform, secure, standards for states to apply. Driven by costs and other considerations, states are in various levels of compliance. For years, Homeland Security has been granting waivers to states, including Oregon, if they make progress. Now, the gig is up. Continue reading

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Big GOP Dorchester event starts today in Salem

 Dorchester March 3-4, Salem Oregon

Oregon’s longest running political conference begins tonight in Salem.  Here are some of the speakers.

Keynote Speaker
Author of The “President Will See You Now”, Keynote Speaker and Specialty Project Consultant, Executive Assistant to Ronald President Ronald Reagan Continue reading

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Confirm Gorsuch At All Costs

By Jacob Vandever

In the past I have been critical of Republicans in Congress for being too obstructionist.  That being said after the death of Justice Antonin Scalia in regard to the Supreme Court my personal motto became “Obstruct, Baby Obstruct”.  Nothing against Judge Merrick Garland himself, compared to some of the other Justices in the liberal bloc I think Garland would have made a solid addition to the Supreme Court, but his elevation to the High Court would have tipped the balance in favor of the liberal bloc and that would have had wide ranging consequences. Continue reading

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Capitol abounds in new business taxes

Capitol abounds in new business taxes
Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Photo:Taxpayer Association Lobbyist Matt Evans opposing SB 165

Two weeks the Taxpayer Association of Oregon testified against SB 165 which would strip away the small business tax cut for many of Oregon’s smallest businesses. SB 165 would cancel existing tax breaks for small business if they do not increase hiring. It in effect would penalize Oregon’s most hurting businesses in an economic downturn by raising their taxes while not raising taxes for those businesses that doing fine. Furthermore, it raises these taxes by avoiding the 3/5th majority needed to raise taxes because the politicians deem it not a tax increase (which it does) but rather an eligibility change. Continue reading

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Oregon needs honest debate on Bundy case – Dorchester event

By Jason Williams

The Malhuer Refugee Ammon Bundy Case made national headlines last year, yet Oregon has lacked a true honest public debate from both sides on it. Oregon’s longest running political event, the Dorchester Conference is daring to call for a statewide debate on this critical case.  Please sign up for the Dorchester Conference March 3-4th 2017. Continue reading

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Lies, Damn Lies and Mainstream Media Reporting

Right From the Start

A lie told once remains a lie but a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth
Joseph Goebbels – Minister of Propaganda, National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazis)
In the wake of the not so surprising loss by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to now President Donald J. Trump, Democrats and the mainstream media (some say they are the same organ) have been peddling a narrative that Russia at the behest of Mr. Trump or in coordination with Mr. Trump engineered the defeat of Ms. Clinton – all without a shred of proof and relying exclusively on anonymous sources and “wink/wink” innuendo.  It is their excuse for losing the “un-loseable,” and for botching the inevitable coronation of Ms. Clinton.

Continue reading

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