Democrat Paul Evans’ disturbing war on women

NW Spotlight thb Democrat Paul Evans disturbing war on women

by NW Spotlight

Paul Evans is the Democratic candidate running for state representative in Oregon House District 20 (Salem). Willamette Week reported back in 2008 that Paul Evans “and a few buddies in his Oregon National Guard squadron penned [a book] while stationed in Iraq from 2003 to 2006. … Springtime in Babylon,” – published under the pen name D.G. Burns.

Today the Oregon Family Council (OFC) and the Oregon House Leadership issued press releases condemning the very disturbing depiction of graphic sexual and physical violence against women in the book. Continue reading

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Cylvia Hayes: troubling and disturbing attitude toward marriage

Teresa Harke thb Cylvia Hayes: troubling and disturbing attitude toward marriage

by Teresa Harke

Several years ago I was asked by OPB to discuss the subject of cohabitation as it related to Governor Kitzhaber and First Lady Cylvia Hayes. Many Oregonians were uncomfortable with the idea of the Governor’s girlfriend being able to take the position of First Lady. One legislator confided in me her worry that the Governor’s relationship was sending the wrong message to young people about marriage and commitment.

Well I agree.

Yesterday their relationship was rocked with scandal when Governor Kitzhaber’s now fiancé Hayes announced that she did in fact enter into a felony green card marriage 17 years ago. It also revealed that she has been married three times now, and is engaged for her fourth. She was visibly upset as she confessed to an illegal marriage, one she said she was “embarrassed” and “ashamed” of.  While it is clear that Ms. Hayes regrets the marriage now, it further reveals a troubling and disturbing attitude toward marriage. Continue reading

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Oregon Sec of State: It’s OK if Democrats do it

Kate Brown on TV thb Oregon Sec of State: Its OK if Democrats do it

Kate Brown, Oregon SOS

by Jacob Daniels

Cronyism is Alive and Well in Oregon: Patricia McCaig Decision Diminishes Transparency in State Elections

On September 24, Willamette Week’s Nigel Jaquiss reported that an advisor to Governor John Kitzhaber, named Patricia McCaig, was “working off the books.” McCaig, who used her consulting skills to save Governor John Kitzhaber’s 2010 campaign for Governor, and later became a consultant on the defunct Columbia River Crossing project where she was paid $553,000, has been advising Kitzhaber in his 2014 bid for a 4th term without reporting her work to the Oregon Secretary of State (SOS).

It is common that political consultants who are donating their time to a campaign will “in-kind” the value of their services to the SOS.  The public interest is obvious: elections are more transparent when consultants report political work that is performed in-kind. Continue reading

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Marijuana and President Obama

I am traveling today and have turned my column over to James Puterbaugh, M.D.  Dr. Puterbaugh has been a Portland physician for over thirty years. He is a 1973 graduate of the University of California at Los Angeles Medical School who did his residency at Oregon Health Sciences University. He specializes in Internal Medicine and has been board certified since 1977. Dr. Puterbaugh has been previously published in medical journals and this constitutes his first published foray into applying medical information to observed public behavior.

Marijuana and President Obama

by James Puterbaugh, MD

Along with the recent legalization of marijuana in two states, America also has, for the first time, a President who not only used marijuana, but used it heavily, and is open about this use. The President has also made statements that marijuana is no more dangerous than alcohol, (although, even if true, is not a winning recommendation as alcohol is the third leading cause of death in America). These have all bent the public perception of marijuana use towards acceptance with discussions centering on drug cartels and finances with almost no consideration of long-term effects. However, behind the scenes in the smaller world of medical research, long-term effects have provided a fertile ground for new research and findings that marijuana use causes abnormal brain development, especially if used by the young, has bent perceptions towards caution. This article is to open this smaller world, explain why caution is needed, and as more and more questions are being asked about Mr. Obama’s seeming disengagement from the world’s difficulties, to see if these findings relate to our current leadership.

Continue reading

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Gayle Atteberry: Breast cancer diagnosis

Gayle Atteberry thb Gayle Atteberry: Breast cancer diagnosis

by Gayle Atteberry

Dear Oregon,

I wanted to take a few minutes to address all that pink you’ve been seeing in stores, on athletes and on your TV screen. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and it has never hit home harder for me than this year.

“We did find cancer cells in your breast biopsy,” said the doctor matter-of-factly. Cancer!!! I was stunned, shocked senseless with words I never thought I would hear! Cancer happens to other people, not to me! The doctor’s words were droning on: ”…we need to start treatment right away; do you have a surgeon, or would you like me to recommend one?” Treatment! Am I going to die? My mind raced. The thought of heaven was a peaceful one in this sin-filled, trouble-wracked world. But am I ready to leave my family just now? How could I find someone to take my job quickly? My mind darted to all of the things I needed to do before I die. The doctor’s voice was assuring me that she would have the surgeon call and set up an appointment quickly. I hung up the phone. Continue reading

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Chuck Riley campaign turns to out-right lies in race against Bruce Starr

 Chuck Riley campaign turns to out right lies in race against Bruce Starr

Oregon Senate Republicans

Hillsboro, OR – In a desperate attempt to undermine Senator Bruce Starr’s strong record supporting education in Oregon, Chuck Riley (D-Hillsboro) and the Democratic Party of Oregon have sent a mailer to thousands of voters that are based on falsehoods and complete reversals of Starr’s voting record.

Riley claims that Starr voted for Senate Bill 5520 in 2009, a budget written and pushed by a Democrat controlled legislature that cut education funding. In reality, Starr voted against the bill three times. Ironically, it was Riley who voted in favor of the bill not once, but twice. So while the record clearly states Starr’s innocence, Riley is guilty of his own hasty accusations: supporting a woeful education budget that left classrooms underfunded and class sizes increased. Continue reading

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An appreciation of law enforcement

Dan Lucas July 2012 BW An appreciation of law enforcement

by Dan Lucas

A number of years ago one of my daughters had car trouble in front of a convenience store. It was a convenience store I’d driven past hundreds of times. I drove over and we waited for the tow truck. I was struck by how unsafe it felt, watching the people who came and went, and watching them sizing us up. I realized that by becoming vulnerable in front of this very familiar landmark, we had somehow stepped into a “parallel universe.” A definitely uncomfortable one.

I had the same type of feeling after having served on a grand jury earlier this year. A number of the cases we reviewed involved places I was very familiar with — but now I was seeing them in a very different light. They were no longer just happy-go-lucky places I had been — now they were also places where something dangerous or troubling had happened. Just two weeks of grand jury duty has permanently changed how I look at those places. Continue reading

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