Oregon’s transition from medical to recreational marijuana

Rep Mike Nearman_thb

by Rep. Mike Nearman

How’s that going to work out for us?

It’s been 16 years since Oregonians passed Measure 67 and legalized medical marijuana. How’s that working out for us? I don’t dispute that marijuana may possibly have some value in medicine, but I’m skeptical of most medical marijuana usage because most of the medical community and the regulatory structure hasn’t come forward to push for its acceptance as medicine.

As of October of this year, there were nearly 70,000 medical marijuana card holders in the state of Oregon, a little less than 2% of the residents of the state. That makes me skeptical, too. Isn’t it amazing how a recreational drug can become so medically effective? That’s one out of every 50 people who has a card. There are 213 medical marijuana dispensaries in Oregon which means that they have an average of about 330 customers each. Can they operate profitably with so few customers? Maybe they have side businesses. Continue reading

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The Burial of the Kitzhaber Scandal

Right From the Start

Right From the Start

The aftermath of the scandal that forced Gov. John Kitzhaber (D) to resign is like watching a cat bury its poop – a lot of litter is scratched up to cover the mess but the poop is still there and the stench is still redolent.

On its face, this is a run of the mill government corruption scandal – money was taken by a government official to influence government actions that would benefit those who gave the money. The “government official” in this instance was Mr. Kitzhaber’s live-in paramour, Cylvia Hayes, whom he routinely identified as “the First Lady.” Ms. Hayes accepted over $200,000 from the Clean Economy Development Center and tens of thousands of dollars from other environmental activists while providing “environmental guidance” to Mr. Kitzhaber’s administrative agencies – presumptively at the behest of Mr. Kitzhaber since this was his “First Lady.” Continue reading

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Cartoon: How SB 324 crushes small business

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By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

toon-sb324-hiddengastax-tractor-smallbiz Continue reading

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Oregon senate Dems raise car insurance costs, pay back trial lawyer donors


Oregon Senate Republicans

Senate Democrats Pass Bill Increasing Transportation Costs
SB 411 Lines the Pockets of Trial Lawyers at the Expense of Oregon Families

Salem, OR – Today, the Oregon Senate passed SB 411 in a partisan vote, sending a $110 bill to Oregon families for higher auto insurance premiums. SB 411, part of a Portland-centric anti-transportation agenda set by the Democrat supermajority, raises auto insurance costs for working Oregon families trying to get to work and school.

“SB 411, alongside the hidden gas tax passed in the Senate last week, increases transportation costs at the expense of Oregonians and fails to prioritize maintaining safe roads, signaling rough roads ahead,” said Senator Fred Girod (R-Stayton). “This is nothing more than another unfunded mandate on Oregonians trying to make ends meet.” Continue reading

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R.I.P. Oregonian PolitiFact?

RIP PolitiFact_thb

by NW Spotlight

Is it dead and buried or just mothballed? The last PolitiFact from the Oregonian was just before the November 2014 election. Since then, there hasn’t been a peep in four months from the left-leaning PolitiFact Oregon.

Past PolitiFact reporters from the Oregonian have moved on. Two have moved to the Bay Area: Janie Har will be joining the San Francisco bureau of the Associated Press and Ryan Kost is now an Arts & Entertainment reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle. Dana Tims has been re-assigned to cover Washington County. Continue reading

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Stunning, dangerous, repressive move by Dem Gov. Kate Brown

Gov Kate Brown_thb

by NW Spotlight

Punishing the whistle blowers who sought to protect emails from deletion??? Are you kidding???

Please read this article just out from the Oregonian. It is very troubling.

Kate Brown launches criminal probe of Kitzhaber email leak; two managers on leave

As the criminal law expert noted in the Oregonian “It wouldn’t be surprising if this investigation turns out to have a chilling effect on future whistleblowers/leakers.”

Wow. Just wow. Continue reading

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A Refreshing Alternative to Our Top-Down Public Education System

By Steve BucksteinCascadeNewLogo

Many Oregon parents and teachers are standing up to oppose new high-stakes tests designed to measure how well public schools are teaching the controversial Common Core Standards. So-called Smarter-Balanced tests are on track to be given to students in grades three through eight and high school juniors to measure how well they’ve mastered reading, math, writing, listening, research, and thinking.

Opposition to the tests has led Oregon’s “education czar,” Nancy Golden, to announce that although students will take the tests this year, the results won’t be used to evaluate teachers or to compare Oregon schools with one another. Of course, these reprieves won’t prevent an expected 60 to 65 percent of students from failing the tests, according to Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction Rob Saxton. Continue reading

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