Trump wins! GOP also keeps control of US Senate, House


by NW Spotlight

Once again defying the odds, Donald Trump has won the U.S. presidential election!

Yesterday, Real Clear Politics polling averages showed Hillary with a 39 electoral vote lead over Trump, but today they are showing election results with Donald Trump breaking the 270 electoral votes needed to win.

In addition to winning the White House last night, Republicans also held on to control of both the U.S. Senate and House. Politico notes “Trump will not only take the White House in 2017 but Republicans will control both chambers of Congress, where they have an appetite to unravel much of the progressive agenda enacted over the last eight years.”

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Words from Oregon’s Trump chief

jacob-daniels“I am very proud for Mr. Trump, Gov. Pence and our entire team.  Oregonians made nearly 100,000 calls into battleground states to help elect Mr. Trump.  I am grateful, and so is the President Elect.  Thank You!”

– Jacob Daniels
Director, Oregon for Trump

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Statewide: Richardson leads SOS race

As of 10:30pm election night.

Kate Brown (D) 51%
Bud Peirce (R) 43%

Secretary of State
Dennis Richardson (R) 47%
Brad Avakian (D) 43% Continue reading

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GOP edging only one seat pick-up in Legislature

As of 10:30pm election night, it looks like that out of the many open seats in the Oregon House (one in the Senate) that only one seat is trending Republican by a hair.  That is Senate Seat #3 Deboer vs. Moro, where Deboer leads by 1%.   Numbers will change but it doesn’t look good for Republicans.
State Senate — open seat

Alan DeBoer (R) 50%
Tonia Moro (D) 49% Continue reading

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Oddball & dumb Oregon measures on local ballots

vote-ballotTaxpayer Association of Oregon PAC,

Don’t the galactic-sized Measure 97 and historic number of statewide races on the ballot divert your attention from the dumb ballot measures being proposed by city and county governments.

Lake Oswego 3-451 – Creates government funded broadband – Despite a long history of failed and costly government broadband funding meltdowns across the entire nation, it appears that Lake Oswego wants its chance to dump tax dollars into this boondoggle.

Multnomah County – 26-181 – Weaken term limits.  Apparently Multnomah County thinks the answer to our problems is electing more of the same politicians more often. Continue reading

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2016 Election: It’s decision day!

by NW Spotlight

Today’s Real Clear Politics polling averages show Hillary with a 39 electoral vote lead over Trump. RCP has Hillary with 203 electoral votes and Trump with 164. The remaining 171 electoral votes are still toss ups.

270 electoral votes are needed to win.


RCP 11-8-2016

Continue reading

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Power Is the Narcotic of Choice for Politicians

CascadeNewLogoBy John A. Charles, Jr.

Oregon’s free-market research center, Cascade Policy Institute, celebrated its 25th anniversary with a gala dinner party on October 20 at the Tualatin County Club. Since its founding in 1991, Cascade has emerged as a leading voice for individual liberty and economic opportunity. Building coalitions with others, Cascade has helped develop innovative policies such as Oregon’s charter school law and the more recently enacted Right-to-Try statute.

Cascade helped Ethiopian immigrants break the Portland taxi cartel and secure a license to operate a new company. The Institute also helped a young Black woman start her hair-braiding business by persuading the legislature to repeal onerous licensing regulations.

And a paper first published by Cascade in 1996 suggesting that 84,000 acres of the Elliott State Forest be sold off helped persuade the State Land Board to do just that; a sale will be approved by the Board in December of this year.

However, such advancements will be tougher to come by in the years ahead, because the culture of Oregon has changed. The permanent political class that now rules the state has little respect for the entrepreneurial spirit. Continue reading

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