New Monica Wehby ad on govt spending, $17 trillion debt

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Web poll: Your opinion of Obama airstrikes

17 soldier20voteTU.serendipityThumb Web poll: Your opinion of Obama airstrikesOregon Catalyst poll,

Obama has ordered airstrikes into Iraq to stop the advancement of the ISIS terrorist group and to protect religious minorities that are under attack. Three different opinions evolve from this decision; #1 Bad idea — because it risks entangling our nation even more in the volatile Middle East. #2. Good idea — Obama’s limited military action is an appropriate response. #3. Not enough — More needs to be done such as providing military aid materials to Iraq (or even Syria opposition). Please vote on the right hand side of this webpage, then comment below.

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A different way to honor Robin Williams

shortterm12 A different way to honor Robin WilliamsBy Jason Williams
Williams is Executive Director of the Taxpayer Association of Oregon

A friend who once attempted suicide once shared what she learned in recovery which is that suicide always hurts everyone else more than the victim. That sole lesson is what helped her most in her recovery. In light of the Robin Williams suicide that lesson can be lost as we witness an extraordinary outpouring of tribute in the form of attention to his films. Amazon reported a spike in Robin Williams’ film sales. I see people on social media choosing their favorite Robin Williams film to watch this weekend. In light of this trend, I would like to steer people to a different type of movie to watch in honor of Robin Williams and to refocus our attention on this difficult topic of suicide. The film I encourage you to watch is called “Short Term 12”. The film was among the most liked films of 2013 (99% Tomato Rating). I personally bought 16 copies and mailed it to my family & friends earlier this year.


The story revolves around romance within a juvenile detention center and it deals bluntly and painfully with issues of depression, hidden pain and suicide — the very issues we need to be talking about. As in everything there is politics in the film because you see where government laws protecting minors & parents runs into conflict with good intentions of trying to stop abuse. Sometimes there are no easy answers in life. Please consider honoring Robin Williams by better understanding what people with depression go through and enlighten yourself by watching the film Short Term 12.

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American Prestige in Decline

larryhuss American Prestige in Decline

Right From the Start

American Prestige in Decline

What a mess!

As the prestige of America declines conflicts in all parts of the world accelerate. Russia is threatening an actual – as opposed to a proxy – invasion of the Ukraine. The entire Middle East is on fire and substantial portions of Africa are falling to the same form of conflicts. Several Central American countries, with the aid and assistance of American taxpayer funded advocacy groups are exporting their children to America swamping our facilities and overtaxing our welfare programs. China and North Korea have become so aggressive that pacifist Japan is beginning to re-arm and Viet Nam – once a client state of China – is now engaged in military confrontations in the South China Sea.

The August 7 edition of The Wall Street Journal contained the stunning article that Israel and Egypt had shunned American participation in an effort to repress the terrorist activities of Hamas: Continue reading

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Muddled anti-gun “statistics”

 Muddled anti gun “statistics”

by NW Spotlight

The anti-gun folks are continuing to struggle with logic. We’ve run articles before on how anti-gun groups struggle with logic and how they present deceptive numbers.

Well, recently Rachel Lucas wrote two opinion pieces in response to a very intense domestic violence commercial funded by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg – that he made to promote further restrictions on gun rights. Rachel wrote one op-ed for Oregon Catalyst on how guns make women safer and then she wrote a more personal op-ed for the Salem Statesman Journal on how protecting herself with a gun is not academic.

An anti-gun commenter who was opposed to women defending themselves with guns against rapists posted this comment on the Statesman Journal: Continue reading

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Eight Out of Ten Oregonians Agree: Let employees choose whether or not to join a union or pay union dues

header Eight Out of Ten Oregonians Agree: Let employees choose whether or not to join a union or pay union duesBy Steve Buckstein

Because of a deal struck by Governor John Kitzhaber, Oregonians won’t have the opportunity to end forced union dues in the public sector this year. However, a just-released public opinion poll makes it clear that if the Public Employee Choice Act had been on this November’s ballot, most voters likely would have supported it.

The poll, conducted for National Employee Freedom Week (August 10-16) asked adults across America:

“Should employees have the right to decide, without force or penalty, whether to join or leave a labor union?”

Continue reading

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GOP billboard campaign with positive vibe

gpbllbrd GOP billboard campaign with positive vibeBy Dave Hoover,

This week a local group of Republicans in Clackamas County put up this billboard. A spokesperson for the group said that they are tired of the media saying negative things about the Republican Party. He went on to say that the average voter has no idea all the fantastic things the Republican Party has accomplished over the last 200 plus years. Just to name a few:

Republicans are responsible for: Ending slavery, building schools in the south for African Americans and poor whites, women’s right to vote, African American’s right to vote, Yellowstone National Park, the 14th Amendment, the 1964 Civil Rights Act, proposing and fighting for the balanced budget amendment. Republicans even proposed giving land to freed slaves so they could support themselves (Democrats prevented this from happening). Continue reading

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