Election 2014: No bad idea is ever dead in Salem

Sen Doug Whitsett Election 2014: No bad idea is ever dead in Salem

by Sen. Doug Whitsett

An anti-Obama Republican red wave swept across the United States in Tuesday night’s midterm election.

For the first time since 2006, Republicans reclaimed control of U.S. Senate. Up until now, they have held 45 seats, but the defeat of incumbents and the pickup of seats held by retiring Democrats will give them a minimum of 52 of that chamber’s 100 seats. The possibility exists that the margin may grow larger, as Louisiana’s hotly contested race will go to a December runoff election and a seat in Alaska is poised to be won by Republican Dan Sullivan. Continue reading

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House-Senate target races latest results

Watchdog House Senate target races latest resultsBy Taxpayer Association Oregon

Target Senate & House Races

Alan Bates(D) 22,935 51.9%
Dave Dotterrer(R)19,732 44.7%

Bruce Starr(R) 13,497 45.9%
Chuck Riley(D) 13,399 45.5%

Sara A Gelser(D) 23,809 55.3%
Betsy L Close(R) 19,027 44.2%

Peter Courtney(D) 9,486 53.5%
Patricia Milne(R) 8,155 46.0% Continue reading

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America turned more red, Oregon turned more blue

vote ballot America turned more red, Oregon turned more blue

by NW Spotlight

Election 2014 – As of 6:00 AM Thursday 11/6/2014

Republicans have won control of the U.S. Senate, and so will now control both chambers of Congress.

As of 6:00 AM Thursday, Real Clear Politics is reporting that Republicans have won 52 U.S. Senate seats, and they may win two more – in Louisiana and Alaska. It looks like Republicans also came close in a U.S. Senate race that wasn’t even supposed to be competitive in Virginia. Real Clear Politics is also reporting that Republicans have picked up 13 more seats in the U.S. Congress and there will be 3 more Republicans governors.

That’s the good news on the national level.

It’s a different story here on the Left Coast in Oregon. Continue reading

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Six million-dollar Oregon House races

 Six million dollar Oregon House races

by Dan Lucas

Tonight’s voting tallies will determine the winners of races across Oregon. Six of those are races for the Oregon House where the candidates have raised close to a million dollars or more combined in each race – in house districts 20, 54, 30, 51, 29 and 40.


For the past two years Democrats have held 34 of the 60 Oregon House seats, and Republicans have held 26. Democrats took four seats back from Republicans in the November 2012 election – in house districts 30, 51, 29 and 49 – breaking the 30/30 split that had been in the Oregon House in 2011-2012 for the 76th Legislative Assembly. Continue reading

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Executive Club: Post-election recap Wed Nov 5th

executive club Executive Club: Post election recap Wed Nov 5thExecutive Club Post-Election recap event
— In a time honored event, The Oregon Executive Club will be the place to recap the wins & losses of the election.  Join us.
Wed. Nov 5th, 700pm,
Portland Airport Shilo Inn

Join the Executive Club thsi Wednesday Nov 5th for a post-election recap from the experts in the field. Continue reading

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$15 Minimum Wage? More May Turn Out to Be Less

By Kathryn Hickok

CascadeNewLogo e1342826659899 $15 Minimum Wage? More May Turn Out to Be LessLast summer, Seattle passed an ordinance raising its minimum wage to $15 per hour. A Portland-area restaurant owner recently explained in The Oregonian how a $15-per-hour minimum wage here would spell lower total wages and less opportunity for his employees.

Lee Spectator wrote: “I start most of my new hires at minimum wage, then, based on their performance, give them a raise within their first 30 to 60 days. I give merit raises based on performance [and] annual performance reviews….With a $15 per hour minimum wage, that would go away. I would have no room to pay them any more, and they would have no incentive to work harder.” Continue reading

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Chris Dudley to Oregon Republicans: Get those votes in now!

Chris Dudley thb Chris Dudley to Oregon Republicans: Get those votes in now!

Chris Dudley

The Leadership Fund

Chris Dudley urges Republicans to vote in closing days of election

Salem, OR – Former Trail Blazer and Republican candidate for Governor Chris Dudley is encouraging fellow Republicans to Get-Out-and-Vote. A message sent to Republicans on Monday will encourage them to cast their ballots and end the wasted government spending and lack of accountability under Democratic control.

“This election is too important to stay on the sidelines,” said Dudley in the call. “Many state legislative races will be decided by hundreds of votes. Help ‘Bring Home’ a victory for Republicans.”

In 2010, Dudley lost the Governor’s race to John Kitzhaber (D) by less than 1% of the vote. Continue reading

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