Obama’s Guile Comes Home to Roost

larryhuss Obama’s Guile Comes Home to Roost

Right From the Start

There are consequences for being a demonstrable liar – no one believes you.  There are consequences for being a back stabber – no one trusts you.  And there are consequences for being a feckless leader -–everyone pushes you around.  President Barack Obama, after demonstrating these traits repeatedly for five years, is reaping what he has sown in the arena of foreign relations.  And no where has that been demonstrated more than on Mr. Obama’s recent trip to Europe and Saudi Arabia.

Russian President Vladmir Putin, having taken the measure of Mr. Obama long ago has treated Mr. Obama with disdain.  A part of that is Mr. Putin’s innate racism in that he believes that having to deal with a person of color is beneath him.  But a larger part is based on years of observation of a man who promises (or threatens) everything and delivers nothing.  As a result Mr. Putin knew with certainty that he could invade and take control of the Crimea without serious consequences.  He has done just that and the consequences have been less than serious – travel and visa embargoes on some of his advisors and disruption of some international banking privileges for others – all telegraphed several weeks in advance such that these advisors could safely remove and otherwise protect their assets. Continue reading

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Ukraine suffers as America stands down

DanLucas.serendipityThumb Ukraine suffers as America stands down

by Dan Lucas

A former Ukrainian foreign minister and a current member of the Ukrainian Parliament have recently called for Ukraine to rebuild a nuclear arsenal — given the West’s impotent reaction to Russia’s invasion. After the breakup of the former Soviet Union in the early 1990s, Ukraine ended up with the third largest nuclear arsenal in the world. Their nuclear weapons were diverse, modern and survivable in the event of a first strike.

But the U.K. and the U.S. pressed them to disarm, resulting in the 1994 Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances. Negotiated by the Clinton Administration, Ukraine received national security assurances from the U.K. and U.S. in exchange for relinquishing their nukes. Continue reading

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Prozanski to star in Eyes Wide Shut remake?

Floyd Eyes Wide Shut thb Prozanski to star in Eyes Wide Shut remake?

by NW Spotlight

Sources inside the Oregon Governor’s Office of Film & Television have revealed that they are in discussions with a major studio that is filming a remake of Stanley Kubrick’s 1999 film Eyes Wide Shut – Kubrick’s last film. Those same sources have indicated that Oregon’s Sen. Floyd Prozanski has been cast in the role of Dr. William Harford, a character played by Tom Cruise in the 1999 version.

One of the remake’s producers is Hollywood heavy weight Jack Nicholson, who has made films before in Oregon. Nicholson has remained friends with the family of Ken Kesey. Kesey wrote One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and Nicholson starred in the 1975 film adaptation, which was filmed in Oregon. Nicholson and Kesey became friends while working on the film project. Continue reading

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Milne leaves commissioner seat to focus on senate race

Patti Milne Milne leaves commissioner seat to focus on senate race

Patti Milne for State Senate

Patti Milne (R) running for State Senate seat held by Peter Courtney (D)

Salem, OR – Marion County Commissioner Patti Milne gave notice today that she would step down from her seat on the Marion County Board of Commissioners on April 21st, citing her responsibility to taxpayers and the increasing demands of her busy campaign for State Senate.

“I have always advocated for government responsibility to taxpayers and, as a commissioner, our paychecks are paid by the hard-working citizens of Marion County.  With my Senate campaign off to a strong start, and knowing it will become increasingly difficult to carry out my duties as commissioner, I feel this is the responsible thing to do,” said Milne. “The citizens are not paying me to be there part time.” Continue reading

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As ObamaCare Turns Four, How’s It Working out for You?

coveroregon busshelter man thb As ObamaCare Turns Four, How’s It Working out for You?By Steve Buckstein

The Affordable Care Act turned four years recently So how’s it working out for you? If you’re one of the millions who lost, or risk losing, the insurance you already had, your answer is probably “not so great.”

If you’re a young person who realizes that ObamaCare wants you to pay much higher insurance premiums to subsidize older and sicker Americans, your answer is probably “not so great” also. Continue reading

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Executive Club April 2nd — Dr. Monica Wehby

Dr Monica Wehby thb Executive Club April 2nd    Dr. Monica WehbyGuest Speaker: Dr. Monica Wehby
We. April 2nd, 7pm.
Portland Airport Shilo Inn
11707 Northeast Airport Way
Bring a friend! ~~ $20 buffet option ~~ no host bar

Writing good laws isn’t brain surgery, is it? Well, maybe it is, because we sure have gotten some lousy laws out of Congress, and when is the last time we’ve seen a scalpel deftly applied to the out-of-control spending in Washington? Meet Dr. Monica Wehby, Republican candidate seeking to replace Jeff Merkley as Senator from Oregon. Continue reading

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Merkley lied to voters, can’t work across the aisle

Jeff Merkley thb Merkley lied to voters, cant work across the aisle

by NW Spotlight

Oregon’s U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley (D) has a lot to answer for to Oregon voters – primarily around Obamacare. Beyond the disastrous roll out problems with Obamacare, which passed four years ago, there are the larger issues for Sen. Merkley of lying to voters and refusing to work across the aisle on health care reform.

Lied to voters

Sen. Merkley lied to Oregon voters in 2009 when he told them that “If you like your current health insurance, you will be able to keep it.” It’s a statement that’s still up on his web site. Yet even left-leaning PolitiFact called that the Lie of the Year last year. Continue reading

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