Oregon Land Board Low-Balls Elliott Timber with Fixed-Price “Bidding”

CascadeNewLogoBy John A. Charles, Jr.

On July 27 the Oregon Department of State Lands announced the “fair market value” of 82,450 acres of Common School Trust Lands within the Elliott State Forest as $220.8 million. The number was picked by Roger Lord of the consulting firm Mason, Bruce & Girard after analyzing three different professional appraisals. Proceeds from the land transfer will go to the Common School Fund and be invested for the long-term benefit of public school students.

At a public meeting held in Salem, the Director of the Department, Jim Paul, reiterated that anyone hoping to acquire the 82,450 acres must offer exactly $220.8 million. Any offer above that will be considered “outside the protocol” and deemed “non-responsive.” This announcement was the latest step in the Land Board’s plan to dispose of the Elliott property in a non-competitive bid process. Continue reading

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Oregon GOP legislative leaders on Gov. Brown’s Measure 97 support


Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli
House Republican Leader Mike McLane

Salem, Ore. – Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli (R-John Day) released the following statement in response to Governor Kate Brown’s endorsement of Measure 97 (also known as Initiative Petition 28):

“Kate Brown’s endorsement of Measure 97 proves she has been playing ‘rope-a-dope’ with Oregonians, appearing to deliberate for months on the issue while intending to give her ringing endorsement. The Governor is a fully owned subsidiary of Big Unions Incorporated. It is disingenuous for the Governor to ask Oregonians to support Measure 97 to fund education when not one penny of new revenue is guaranteed to end up in the classroom. The sad state of our schools is the sole result of years of Democrat mismanagement of taxpayer dollars. Oregonians deserve the truth about Kate Brown’s endorsement of Measure 97: it’s not for our children. It’s about keeping the corrupt relationship between Democrats and public employee unions in Oregon alive and well.Continue reading

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Bud Pierce reacts to Kate Brown’s support of IP-28/Measure 97

Bud Pierce_thb

Bud Pierce for Governor

Salem, OR – Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Bud Pierce is disappointed, but not surprised that Gov. Kate Brown is supporting the largest sales tax increase in Oregon’s history, Measure 97, formerly called IP-28.

“The choice is clear. Kate Brown believes that the government never has enough and always wants more. I believe that the government has enough, if the government spends wisely,” said Pierce.  “If passed, this tax increase would greatly raise the cost of living in Oregon. Everyone, including low income families would be paying on average more than $1,800 per family more for goods and services. A tax increase like this will not help anyone. It will hurt low income families in Oregon the most,” said Pierce. Continue reading

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SB 941: Dems warned REPEATEDLY of unintended consequences

Gail Whitsett

by Rep. Gail Whitsett

Editor’s note: A Lake Oswego pastor spent $3,000 of church funds to buy tickets for an AR-15 raffle in support of a girls’ softball tournament – with the intent of destroying it if he won. He did win, and after passing a background check at a local gun shop and taking possession of his AR-15, the pastor then transferred it to a parishioner, a “responsible gun owner,” to store in his gun safe. That transfer without an additional background check with both parties present violated the law created by SB 941 in 2015. In an interview on KGW on Tuesday evening, Sen. Ginny Burdick (D-Portland), one of the chief sponsors of SB 941, tried to say the allegations go against the spirit of the new law. She told KGW “[the pastor] was trying to do the right thing. He was trying to protect his own family by making sure the gun was safely secured – and that is not the same thing as somebody going into a store, buying a gun and then immediately giving it to a convicted felon.” Continue reading

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Oregon SB 941: Bad gun law is not being enforced

Bill Post_State Rep_thb

by Rep. Bill Post

In April of 2015, the Oregon Legislature (minus ALL Republicans in the House and Senate) passed Senate Bill 941, the Universal Background Check.

There were many reasons to oppose this bill but one of the most obvious was: “unintended consequences”. For instance: I testified in committee and on the House floor about how a woman in my district was being threatened by her ex-husband, so she wanted to purchase a gun but didn’t necessarily want it stored in her home. The bill (now law) would only allow her to transfer that gun for safe keeping to a relative’s house without having a background check done. She could not transfer it to her best friend’s home without a background check being performed.

I thought that that was very wrong and eventually would lead to a law abiding citizen actually breaking this new law by in fact handing over his or her gun to a trusted friend for safekeeping without doing a background check on that friend. Continue reading

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The Road to Economic Ruin Runs Through Obama/Clinton

Right From the Start

Right From the Start

The numbers were out Friday on the United State’s economic growth and it wasn’t good.  For the third quarter in a row the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was at 1.2% or lower.  (For those of you forced to endure an education in the teachers union dominated Portland Public Schools, the GDP represents the broadest measure of all goods and service produced in the country.)  That means that the GDP is tracking at about 1% for 2016, the worst start for a year since 2009, at the depths of the Bush/Obama melt down which began in 2008.  These numbers combined with the other years under President Barack Obama have produced the slowest economic recovery since 1949.

Continue reading

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Will huge new Measure 97 (IP 28) taxes be ‘for the kids’?


by NW Spotlight

The public employee unions behind Oregon’s Measure 97 (IP 28) say that the $3 billion per year in new taxes will go “to better fund Oregon’s schools, health care and senior services.” Those new taxes will be borne by businesses like Powell’s Books.

The Oregon Business Association reports “this unprecedented new tax would increase costs for working families and consumers and would hurt businesses in our state without any guarantee the money will make it into our classrooms or help our schools. That’s because all of the money from this measure goes to the General Fund with no plan and no accountability for how IP28’s billions in new taxes would be spent.”

So is there any guarantee that Measure 97’s billions of dollars in new taxes will be ‘for the kids’? Or even for health care and senior services and not pet priorities? Continue reading

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