Unifying the Republican Party

Right From the Start

Right From the Start

So this past weekend, the politicians and political pundits dominated the headlines with questions as to whether and how presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump could unify the Party. Before you get all nervous about this let’s remembers a couple of things. First, controversy is the mother’s milk of political reporting. I mean, who wants to report about some kumbaya gathering? That’s one news cycle at best while controversy, conflict and mayhem can go on for days.

And second, the news people that are reveling in the reports of more difficulty for Mr. Trump are the same people who routinely predicted the doom and demise of Mr. Trump at every turn in the road. Even the staid Wall Street Journal has joined the “Armageddon” crowd in publishing an article by some nitwit named Bret Stephens who suggests that the best thing for the Republican Party is the election of Hillary Clinton. The sheer lunacy of suggesting that a money-grubbing, corrupt, congenital liar who has made the politics of personal destruction – including the destruction of the women her husband abused – an art form, as a plausible solution for what ails the nation or the Republican Party, consigns Mr. Stephens to the lowest rungs of stupid. In a twist on the immortal words of Charles Barkley – they may be right, but I doubt it. Continue reading

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Who’s winning the Secretary-State $$$ race?

moneyhatWho’s winning Oregon’s Secretary-State $$$ race?
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon PAC

Val Hoyle (D)……………………..$587,000
Brad Avakian (D)……………….$387,481
Dennis Richardson (R)………$295,000
Richard Devlin (D)…………….$164,000
Sid Leiken (R)…………………….$44,000 Continue reading

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Turmoil & mismanagement in Oregon state government

Sen Doug Whitsett

by Sen. Doug Whitsett

It is becoming increasingly clear that management problems and funding issues are the “new normal” among Oregon state government agencies. Arguably, as many as a dozen agencies have been suffering from management and funding problems for most of Governor Kate Brown’s brief tenure. Although some of the troubles are certainly the result of legacy issues she inherited from the Kitzhaber administration, Governor Brown is now well into her second year as Oregon’s chief executive.

Two weeks ago, Governor Brown abruptly fired Jack Roberts, the Oregon Lottery Director. Her office explained the reason for firing Roberts was “management problems.” Roberts is a Republican who was appointed to the position by former Governor John Kitzhaber in late 2013. He also previously served as the state’s Labor Commissioner. A subsequent Willamette Week article details some of the behind-the-scenes circumstances leading to his dismissal, and was followed up by an Oregonian article providing a different perspective. Continue reading

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Help the Working Poor Adam Smith’s Way

CascadeNewLogoBy Steve Buckstein

This year’s May Day activities in Portland centered on promoting “workers’ rights” and “resistance to capitalism.” Unfortunately, too few critics of capitalism seem to realize that many of the workers they seek to help are being kept from using their knowledge and talents by a system of occupational licensure that dates back centuries.

May Day activists may not know that eighteenth-century Scottish philosopher and political economist Adam Smith, Capitalism’s Founding Father, was not simply interested in how markets profit those they now call “the one percent.” In fact, Smith strongly condemned restrictions on the working poor that kept them from benefiting from free exchange and the division of labor enabled by markets.

What in Smith’s day was called “incorporated trade” is today known as occupational licensure. Smith noted that apprenticeship requirements for weavers, hatters, tailors, etc., kept many out of these trades, while raising the wages of those already secure in them. Continue reading

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Voters discover wrong party registration

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon,

It appears that hundreds of voters have complained to the Secretary of State Office that their ballot contains the wrong party affiliation. We also have heard of complaints. KOIN-TV news did some investigating to shed some light on the issue.

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Climate Change and a Few Simple Questions

Rep Mike Nearman_thb

by Rep. Mike Nearman

I’m running for re-election to the statehouse, and I was at a League of Women’s Voters candidate forum the other night. One of their questions was, “What environmental programs would you implement to help Oregon do its part to stem the local impacts and the increasing pace of climate change?”

I answered by saying that I did not accept the premise of the question and that I wasn’t sure the planet is warming and even if it is, I’m not sure that humans can do anything about it, and even if we can, Oregon is kind of a small player, but if you wanted to cut greenhouse emissions, I think that the best thing to do would be to return federal lands to the state and let us manage them so that we have fewer acres burned.

For this I was booed. Continue reading

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Who’s winning the Gov. $$$ race?

moneyhatBy Taxpayer Association of Oregon PAC

Here are the latest fundraising totals for the top three governor candidates in Oregon as measured from 2015-2016 to date.

Kate Brown (D)…………$3,093,100
Bud Peirce (R)…………..$1,515,000
Allen Alley (R)…………..$344,800

Continue reading

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