Capitol Tax List: Over 50 taxes proposed!

WatchdogBy Taxpayer Association of Oregon

HB 2066 – Increases cigarette tax and provides for distribution of increase in revenue.
HB 2073 – Disallows, for purposes of personal income taxation, mortgage interest deduction for residence other than taxpayer’s principal residence if taxpayer’s federal adjusted gross income exceeds $125,000, or $250,000 if reported on joint return.
HB 2074 – Expands definition of tobacco products for purpose of taxation to include electronic cigarettes and nicotine solution.
HB 2075 – Increases plane fuel tax
HB 2076 – Provides that corporate minimum tax may not be reduced, paid or otherwise satisfied by use of tax credits.
HB 2078 – Imposes state property tax on property subject to local ad valorem property taxation. Continue reading

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Equal Outcome Is the Wrong Goal

By John A. Charles, Jr.CascadeNewLogo

In Governor Kitzhaber’s final inaugural address last week, he focused on the themes of equality and community. Specifically, he wants to reduce the gap between rich and poor. He also believes that only through collective action can we achieve that goal.

Unfortunately, his obsession with “equal outcome” guarantees that we will lose “equal opportunity.”

For instance, our Governor is passionate about spending more public money on the “free” public education system, because free education is supposed to make everyone better off. But the taxes required for this very expensive entitlement impose major burdens on families that prefer to educate their children at home or through private schools. Continue reading

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Governor Kitzhaber’s socialist, environmental agenda

Jeff Kruse

by Sen. Jeff Kruse (R-Roseburg)

During the time the Governor has been in control of the education system, Oregon has been in a downward spiral

We are just a couple of weeks away from the beginning of Oregon’s 78th Legislative Assembly. Here are some relevant facts. The Democrats have an 18 to 12 majority in the Senate, which means they could pass anything they want including taxes without Republican support. The Democrats have a 35 to 25 majority in the House, which means they would have to have one Republican vote for tax increases. As a Republican this could be very challenging, especially in light of the Governor’s socialist, environmental agenda. Continue reading

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Obama joke from Oregon

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

When I saw that Obama skipped the Paris world unity march against terrorism because he was busy vacationing in Hawaii and his Attorney General (who was in Paris but was doing TV interviews during the march) skipped it as well, this joke came to us. Please pass it on!


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Governor’s budget based on dubious assumptions

Sen Doug Whitsett

by Sen. Doug Whitsett

Earlier this week, Representative Whitsett and I were among Oregon’s 60 state representatives and 30 state senators participating in a two-day organizational session in preparation for the 78th Legislative Assembly. Newly elected and re-elected legislators took their oaths of office and then assembled in the House Chamber to listen to the governor’s State of the State speech.

The Speaker of the House and Senate President formally assigned members to serve on House and Senate committees. All bills that were pre-session filed had their first reading in their chamber of origin so that the Speaker and Senate President may assign them to committees for further work. Continue reading

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Capitol eyes gas tax — yet we’re 17th highest!

WatchdogCapitol eyes new gas tax. — yet we’re 17th highest
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Among the biggest rumors in the first week of the 2015 Legislative Session has been the call for a new gas tax.   The reason is that since prices have fallen people wouldn’t notice a giant gas tax increase.   Others say that the gas tax Oregonians are paying is just not paying enough to fund road projects.   According to the Tax Foundation Oregon ranks #17 for the nation’s highest state gas taxes.   So we are paying more than most states and apparently getting less.   A gas tax was just approved by lawmakers a few years ago, and now it looks like they are back for more.  Portland Congressman Earl Blumenauer is trying to jack up the federal gas tax at the same time.   This means Oregon could witness a double gas tax increase in hopes that no one will notice.

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Rep. Greg Barreto: What drives Oregon business away

barrettogrgeLawmaker profile of State Representative Greg Barreto
By Taxpayer Association Oregon

“We need to keep businesses in Oregon,” says Oregon Legislator Greg Barreto. In fact, the major reason he ran for office was his frustration with Measures 66 and 67, which proposed tax increases on business. Both passed. Barreto says that Oregon has 40 different taxes trying to get passed this year. “We need to keep in mind that business owners & entrepreneurs donate and create jobs. Oregon is chasing these people out,” Baretto says. He cited as an example a donation of $9 million to the Salem-Kaiser School District to get a tech career curriculum going and fund a building and equipment. Continue reading

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