Immigration Reform: Obama’s Canard for Racial Animus

larryhuss Immigration Reform: Obama’s Canard for Racial Animus

Right From the Start

A letter to the editor in the Arizona Republic last week asked the impertinent question – if President Barack Obama was serious about immigration reform why didn’t he wait to work with the new Congress? Good question. What do we know about the author of such impertinence? You mean other than she was “spot on” with her question? Nothing. We don’t need to know anything about the author because the integrity of the question stands on its own and the answer is pretty much self-evident.

Mr. Obama views “immigration reform” not so much as an issue that needs a solution, but rather, primarily, as a “wedge issue” – an opportunity to further infect the national commonweal with racial animus, class envy and political divisiveness. He seeks to exploit the situation rather than to heal it. The proof of this is in the actions taken, or not taken, during his six years as president: Continue reading

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Executive Club tonight: Lars Larson

 Executive Club tonight: Lars LarsonExecutive Club Keynote Speaker: Lars Larson
Most popular radio talk show host in the NW.
Wed. Dec 3rd, 7pm
Portland Airport Shilo Inn ~~ 11707 Northeast Airport Way
Bring a friend! ~~ $20 buffet option ~~ no host bar

Next meeting after this: January 7th, 2015

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Street Tax poll: 83% want a vote!

pollstreettax Street Tax poll:  83% want a  vote!By Taxpayer Association Oregon,

Excerpts from Dec 2, 2014,Riley Research Poll on Portland street tax

Nearly two-thirds of likely voters in the City of Portland are opposed to the new personal income and business tax (63%), including 50% who strongly oppose the proposed new tax. With 26% in support of the new tax, 11% are undecided.

Likely voters age 18-34 were slightly more likely to support the proposed tax (34%), although a plurality of voters in that age group oppose it (47%). Pre-retirement voters (those 55-64) were most likely to oppose the new tax (72%).

More than eight-in-ten voters (83%) feel that the decision about whether or not to implement the new tax should be referred to the voters,
including 71% who strongly support referring the decision to the voters. About one-in-eight voters support a decision by the council alone (13%), and only 4% were undecided on the issue. Continue reading

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Protect legislative interns and other Capitol workers

 Protect legislative interns and other Capitol workers

by Dan Lucas

I saw a notification recently from the Oregon Legislature that intern positions were available for the upcoming session. It made me cringe — I don’t feel there are adequate safeguards in place yet for it to be a safe workplace environment for young Oregonians to work in.

One of our daughters was fortunate enough to work as an intern for several dedicated and very ethical Republican state representatives while she was in her senior year of college. Not everyone has been that lucky. Continue reading

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Portland’s “F” Doesn’t Stand for “Transportation Friendly”

By Matthew HayesCascadeNewLogo e1342826659899 Portland’s “F” Doesn’t Stand for “Transportation Friendly”

R Street Institute, a D.C.-based think tank, released its Ridescore website last week. The site grades 50 large U.S. cities based on taxi, limo, and transportation network friendliness. Portland received an F, making it the second-most transportation-hostile city in the survey. Why did Portland rank so poorly?

For taxis, competition is restricted through the use of a fleet cap, which limits the number of vehicles each cab company can operate. A recent study by the Portland Bureau of Transportation shows demand for taxis far exceeds supply on weekends, a direct symptom of fleet caps which prohibit even one more cab unless consumer demand for that cab can be proven before it is even put on the street. Continue reading

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Merkley’s war on fossil fuel hurts real middle class

Wil Keepers thb Merkleys war on fossil fuel hurts real middle class

by Wil Keepers

An open letter to U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley

Senator Merkley,

In your recent reelection to the US Senate, you fashioned yourself as firmly rooted in the middle class, as a man who “Has middle class views and values because he never left it.”, as you played table tennis in your garage wearing flannel.  Yet recently, you gave a speech that firmly belies that advertising campaign.

I am middle class.  I live in Salem, Oregon, and commute 14 miles roundtrip to work each day, while my wife commutes 18.  One day a week, I work a second job in the evening and commute 22 miles round trip to it.  Our family of five lives on an income of 62,000 a year.  We have been between 56,000 and 62,000 every year since we returned to Oregon in 2009, placing us firmly in the middle class.  We are the middle class you claim to belong to and support, and I am offended by your statement that 80% of fossil fuel must stay in the ground to meet climate change goals. Continue reading

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Thanksgiving note from a Portland Street Tax resistance fighter

Recall Hales and Novick thb Thanksgiving note from a Portland Street Tax resistance fighter

Bob Clark – A Happy Taxpayer Association of Oregon Volunteer

I am grateful for my fellow Portland citizens who are showing resistance to City Commissioner Novick and Mayor Hales’ collectivist-like efforts at invoking a new city income tax. The surest way to prevent Hayek’s Road to Serfdom is for each of us to be skeptical, and not simply follow the spin of those who support an ever expanding slant towards collectivism. Novick and Hales continue to repeat a lie about their skeptics when they say to reporters: We are waiting for a counter proposal (to their proposal for a new City income tax). Continue reading

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