Timber Tax bill absurdity in a single photo

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

The Legislature’s $30 million tax on timber is absurd!   Please tweet, email and Facebook  this photo to spread the word on HB 3481.


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The Inaction of Congress Makes It Complicit in Obama Abuses

Right From the Start

Right From the Start

President Barack Obama has earned a reputation as an accomplished liar. It appears to be a trait that he shares with his former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. I must say that Mr. Obama has been far more successful at covering his lies than has Ms. Clinton despite the fact that he has been subject to greater scrutiny – at least until now. Remember, Mr. Obama was able to bury the information that disclosed his lies about Obamacare for almost four years. In marked contrast, Ms. Clinton has had virtually every lie she tells discredited within days – at times hours.

Ms. Clinton told us that the reason she put all of her state department correspondence on her personal computer is that she didn’t want to carry around more than one communications device (one for her government correspondence and others for her personal use). Quickly videos were discovered showing her claiming to use multiple devices (laptop, tablet, smartphone and Blackberry) with ease. Then experts detailed that that you don’t need separate devices to access multiple email servers. Continue reading

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Crime victims’ group opposed to grand jury bill SB 822

legal court

by Steve Doell, Crime Victims United

To: All Oregon State Senators and Representatives

As many of you may know, I have been a member of Crime Victims United for twenty-one years, sixteen years as president, and have appeared repeatedly over those years to represent the interests of crime victims in the legislature. I wish to address my deep concerns over SB 822, now being considered in the Joint Committee on Ways and Means, which mandates the recording of grand jury testimony in many serious violent offenses. In its current form it would amount to an assault on the interests of vulnerable victims, many of them children, usually only days after suffering grievous injuries or psychological trauma at the hands of criminal offenders. Continue reading

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The complexities and risks of Oregon’s marijuana legalization

Dan Lucas_July 2012_BW

by Dan Lucas

Oregon legalized medical marijuana in 1998 with Ballot Measure 67, and last year Oregon legalized the recreational use of marijuana with Measure 91 – which will take effect July 1, 2015.

Even though marijuana use will be legal at the state level, it remains illegal at the federal level per the 1970 Controlled Substances Act. At the federal level, marijuana is still a Schedule I drug along with drugs like heroin and LSD. Anyone growing, selling or possessing marijuana is still committing a federal crime punishable by at least up to five years in prison and a fine up to $250,000. Continue reading

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Oregon Gov. Kate Brown signs flawed, partisan anti-gun SB 941


Oregon House Republican Office

House Republican Leader Mike McLane (R-Powell Butte) issued the following statement in response to Governor Brown’s signing of Senate Bill 941:

“I’m disappointed, but not surprised, that Governor Brown today signed another partisan bill that was passed into law by one party and without any bipartisan compromise. The good intentions behind Senate Bill 941 do not change the fact that it is a deeply flawed and unenforceable piece of legislation that targets responsible, law-abiding Oregonians without increasing support for critical mental health services or securing additional resources for law enforcement. Today’s signing of SB 941 represents another milestone in what is already becoming the most partisan and misguided session in recent memory.”

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Time to “Uberize” the Transportation Economy

CascadeNewLogoBy John A. Charles, Jr.

We are now two weeks into a 120-day “pilot project” by the City of Portland to allow private car-sharing companies such as Uber and Lyft to legally compete with cab companies. Given the consumer demand for such services, there is little doubt that the Portland experiment will become permanent.

Cab services have long been heavily regulated. Detailed rules governed every facet of operation, including rates, dispatching, and―most importantly―the number of cabs allowed in the city. Although justified as “protecting the public interest,” the system was really designed to protect cab companies from new competition. Continue reading

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A Generational Mistake

CascadeNewLogoBy Steve Buckstein

The Oregon Supreme Court last week struck down key 2013 legislative reforms to the Oregon Public Employee Retirement System (PERS) that would have saved taxpayers billions of dollars.

The Court in effect added some $5 billion back to the unfunded liability of the PERS system, which will now stand at over $14 billion. If not offset by new taxes or spending reductions elsewhere, public bodies such as school districts and state agencies will have to allocate even more of their budgets to pay for worker retirement benefits. Continue reading

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