“Facing Reality” Report Offers Solutions to Governor Brown’s $1.7 Billion Budget Hole Without Raising Taxes

PORTLAND, Ore. – Cascade Policy Institute and Oregon Capitol Watch Foundation jointly released a new report Wednesday, entitled Facing Reality: Suggestions to balance Oregon’s budget without raising taxes. The report offers practical solutions to fill Governor Kate Brown’s estimated $1.7 … Continue reading

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$15 Minimum Wage? More May Turn Out to Be Less

By Kathryn Hickok Last summer, Seattle passed an ordinance raising its minimum wage to $15 per hour. A Portland-area restaurant owner recently explained in The Oregonian how a $15-per-hour minimum wage here would spell lower total wages and less opportunity … Continue reading

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Conservatives should oppose the drug war

Cascade Policy Institute urges a Yes vote on Measure 91 this November to decriminalize marijuana. While Oregon’s marijuana laws aren’t the strictest, and medical marijuana is legal here, possession of even small amounts of recreational marijuana is deemed a misdemeanor … Continue reading

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Shouldn’t the Terminally Ill Have the “Right to Try” to Save Their Lives?

By Matthew Hayes Recently, Michigan approved Right to Try legislation with overwhelming bipartisan support. Colorado, Missouri, and Louisiana all passed similar measures this year, with Arizonans voting on the issue this November. What is Right to Try and why is … Continue reading

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Time for a “New Business Model” for the Elliott State Forest

By John A. Charles, Jr. Oregon’s political leaders have the chance to do what they frequently ask of the state legislature: provide more money to Oregon’s schools. So why aren’t they doing it? The Elliott State Forest on Oregon’s South Coast … Continue reading

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School Choice Fosters Students’ “Profound Gratitude,” Author Says

By Kathryn Hickok Students everywhere are back in school, including grade school children from low-income families who are attending Oregon private schools thanks to the Children’s Scholarship Fund-Portland. New York Post columnist Naomi Schaefer Riley recently interviewed a diverse group of students … Continue reading

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Charter Schools Achieve Superior Outcomes with Unequal Funding

By Kathryn Hickok The University of Arkansas has published a first-ever comparison study of cost effectiveness and return on investment between different types of public schools.The Productivity of Public Charter Schools rates 28 states and the District of Columbia according to … Continue reading

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Time for a Third Bridge to Vancouver

By John A. Charles, Jr. Recently a conceptual plan for a new bridge over the Columbia River was unveiled at a public forum in Vancouver, WA. The plan, presented by Florida-based Figg Engineering, calls for a four-lane bridge east of … Continue reading

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A Prescription for Affordable Housing in Portland

By Everet Rummel A new issue faces Portland. City Hall is considering waiving development fees for developers of market-rate housing in the Old Town Chinatown district. Chinatown is Portland’s oldest neighborhood and has earned an unpleasant reputation. City Hall claims … Continue reading

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Portland Should Be Fair to Taxis by Setting Them Free

By Everet Rummel This issue affects almost all city-dwellers, and cities around the world are taking action. Some view it as their own livelihoods being at stake. It has even sparkedmass protests in Europe. The issue? Whether or not cities … Continue reading

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“Pay-It-Forward” Is a Step Back

By Joel Grey The Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission is considering a proposal called “Pay-It-Forward.” This pilot program would give free tuition at a state university to one thousand high school graduates each year, beginning in 2016. In exchange for free tuition, students would cede 3-5% of their … Continue reading

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Oregon’s Self-Service Gas Prohibition Probably Won’t End—But It Should

By Steve Buckstein Only two states prohibit motorists from pumping their own gasoline: New Jersey and Oregon. I’m not sure what excuses the powers-that-be use in New Jersey, but here they in-effect warn that “you’ll set yourself on fire.” The … Continue reading

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Small Business Owners Say: $15 Minimum Wage Is a “Mortal Threat”

By Kathryn Hickok This week Seattle became the first city in the nation to mandate a $15 minimum wage. But far from being a victory for workers, a super-high minimum wage is likely to cause more harm than good by … Continue reading

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