“Facing Reality” Report Offers Solutions to Governor Brown’s $1.7 Billion Budget Hole Without Raising Taxes

PORTLAND, Ore. – Cascade Policy Institute and Oregon Capitol Watch Foundation jointly released a new report Wednesday, entitled Facing Reality: Suggestions to balance Oregon’s budget without raising taxes. The report offers practical solutions to fill Governor Kate Brown’s estimated $1.7 … Continue reading

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Enjoy the illusion that you’re not really paying taxes, when you cash that expensive refund check

By Steve Buckstein Are you happy getting three extra days to file your income tax returns this year? For nearly eighty percent of us, it doesn’t matter much because we are expecting refunds. No check writing for us. Why? Because … Continue reading

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America’s 2015 Tax Bill? It’s 31% of the Work Year

By Kathryn Hickok Tax Freedom Day arrives this year on April 24, six days later than it was two years ago. Tax Freedom Day is a calendar-based measure of Americans’ cumulative tax bill. It is calculated as the day on … Continue reading

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“Tax the Rich,” Reprise

In President Obama’s State of the Union address this evening, he apparently will advocate for more taxes on the rich. It’s a tried-and-true political platform aimed at gaining support from those who think that some people make too much money … Continue reading

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Do You Know Taxes Take 30% of Your Year?

By Kathryn Hickok If every penny earned since the beginning of the year went to pay federal, state, and local taxes, by April 21 Americans would have worked long enough to pay this year’s tax bills (April 20 for Oregon). Tax Freedom … Continue reading

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Income Inequality: A Problem That Isn’t

By Steve Buckstein The debate over “income inequality” has simmered for some time, but now seems to be upfront as a key dividing line in American politics. President Obama uses the concept to make his case for raising the federal minimum wage. … Continue reading

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The Marketplace Fairness Act: Taxation Without Representation?

Congress is poised to raise taxes again, this time by allowing states to impose sales taxes on online sales. Senators Ron Wyden (D-OR), Max Baucus (D-MT), and Kelly Ayotte (R-RH)―all representing states without sales taxes―oppose the Senate’s “Marketplace Fairness Act” … Continue reading

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Don’t End Tax Increase Warnings

In the late 1990s Oregon voters approved measures that require envelopes containing certain property tax measures to be boldly stamped in red with this warning: CONTAINS VOTE ON PROPOSED TAX INCREASE. Now, public employee unions are asking the legislature to … Continue reading

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Tobacco Cessation or Just Increasing General Fund Revenue?

The Oregon legislature is once again trying to raise the cigarette tax, this time by $1.00 per pack. According to the sponsors of the bill―Representative Mitch Greenlick and Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward, both of west Portland―the primary purpose of HB … Continue reading

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Oregon Legislature: Let All Oregon Businesses Find Their Greatness

All Oregon businesses should get the same opportunities to find greatness. As shown in this ad by Nike, greatness is not reserved for a few. “Greatness is no more unique to us than breathing. We’re all capable of it.” Governor … Continue reading

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Raising Taxes Won’t Reduce the Deficit

With just weeks to go before America slides off the so-called Fiscal Cliff, many politicians and pundits argue that we must forge a “grand bargain” which includes tax increases and spending cuts. But now, two noted economists have crunched the … Continue reading

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Three Oregon Tax Measures: What They Would Do

With less than a week to go in this election cycle, Oregonians are faced with nine statewide ballot measures. Here are my thoughts on the three that are primarily tax measures. Measure 79 bans future state or local real estate … Continue reading

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Lower the Capital Gains Tax, Ignite Oregon’s Recovery

By Eric Revell As the state of Oregon struggles to ignite an economic recovery, barriers to economic growth must be removed. Oregon’s overall tax burden is among the highest in the country, both in terms of the 9.9% personal income … Continue reading

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