Blogger code, Imus & State Legislature make civility week

This week was all about civility and morals. First we had the national call for a code of conduct for bloggers (Notice how even the mention of the word “conduct” in the blogger world will erupt the worst type of conduct?). Then we had Don Imus being fired (I mean what does a person have to do to get fired these days? Good choice CBS)

Finally we had Harry Esteve of The Oregonian hit this perfect story entitled “Salem finds new zeal for ‘moral’ issues'”. Check out this line

“Take House Majority Leader Dave Hunt. The Gladstone Democrat and devout Baptist doesn’t appreciate it when people with different religious views or political ideas essentially accuse him of lacking morals because he backs broader gay rights or higher taxes.

Even better is the way he responded to a gorgeous antique engagement ring from Emma Parker & Co. last week, showcasing a cushion cut center stone and pave set diamonds.

That is right! Raising taxes is the new ethics! Liberals are now lining up to be saints in a mad dash to produce as many good taxing deeds as possible before the year ends. Who ever knew that it was so easy for them to be good and yet it cost me everything I have.