The Oregonian: Lawmakers may expand flawed program to release prisoners early (Guest opinion)

By NW Spotlight Steve Doell in a guest opinion for The Oregonian: The legislature is again back to its get-out-of-jail-free ways. This time it’s House Bill 3078, which releases violent and non-violent offenders early and reduces the penalties for identity … Continue reading

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Please vote — Online poll on Republicans voting for Fiscal Cliff Bill

Please vote for our online poll asking Oregonians their opinion on whether Republicans voting for the Fiscal Cliff compromise Bill was a necessary vote to stem higher taxes, or a bad deal where little was gained and much was lost … Continue reading

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Rick Perry: The Man for the Times, the Man for Oregon?

Just in case you missed Governor Perry’s presidential announcement speech, we’ve bullet-pointed the highlights (full text here) and embedded the video below. First, check out Perry’s first campaign video:

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Lame ducks in Damascus ram through $3 billion plan

by NW Spotlight Apparently, lame-duck sessions are not exclusive to the U.S. Congress. Similar efforts to evade the will of the people happened in the relatively new city of Damascus, Oregon.  In mid-December, after the election of a new mayor, … Continue reading

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John Kitzhaber Inauguration Address: Watch Live, Commentary to Follow

Governor Kitzhaber’s address should begin in just a few minutes now. You can watch it live here or KGW’s feed here. We’ll highlight the important parts here once its over. You can read a pre-published copy of Kitzhaber’s speech here.

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Unemployment rate in Oregon remains one of the highest in the nation

US Dept of Labor – Bureau of Labor Statistics Oregon Employment Department Not all of the country is experiencing the same economic hardship as Oregon. Oregon is one of only nine states with an unemployment rate over 10% – one … Continue reading

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A Word for the New Year

Politically, Oregon is a hurting state. The recent Republicans gains in the State House and Senate are extraordinarily encouraging. Oregon is far from a lost cause. These successes came in large part from many of your efforts. The staff at … Continue reading

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Rep. Richardson – “Oregon’s Legislative Rainy Day Fund—Corporate Kicker Agreement”

On Wednesday, February 28, 2007, the Senate Democrat and House Democrat and Republican leadership teams announced the Legislative Rainy Day Fund””Corporate Kicker Agreement. It was an historic occasion. The Agreement not only revealed the creation of a long-awaited Rainy Day Fund, and a negotiated tax and revenue plan that will benefit small businesses, farmers and Oregon families, it also demonstrated that Oregon Legislators can work together for Oregon’s common good. The following provisions are contained in the Legislative Rainy Day Fund””Corporate Kicker Agreement. To view a brief explanation on YouTube, click here.

1. Permanent Rainy Day Fund.

The Legislative Rainy Day Fund””Corporate Kicker Agreement (the Agreement) makes good on the promise to create a permanent Rainy Day Fund. One percent (1%) of each biennial budget will be paid from the ending balance into the Rainy Day Fund beginning with the 2007-09 budget ($126 million based on December 2006 forecasted revenue of $12.602 billion).

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