Turkey: Obama’s Latest Gaff

Right From the Start

Right From the Start

Son, Keep Your Eye on the Ball
– Fathers to sons everywhere

While the presidential campaign rages on between former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (D) and businessman Donald Trump (R), critical focus is off President Barack Obama (D). And yet Mr. Obama continues a nearly unbroken string of international mistakes, misunderstanding and betrayals. The latest comes in the form of Turkey and Turkish President Recep Erdogan.

In a July column immediately following the failed coup d’etat in Turkey, I wrote:

“President Barack Obama called upon people to resist the attempted coup and to support the “democratically elected” government of Mr. Erdogan. Mr. Obama’s decision will continue an unbroken line of mistakes and missteps on both the foreign and domestic fronts.”

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Kate Brown’s ‘House of Cards’

Bud Pierce for Governor

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Measure 97: A $30 Billion Gamble Oregon Voters Shouldn’t Make

CascadeNewLogoBy Steve Buckstein

The massive gross receipts tax Measure 97 on Oregon’s November ballot (previously known as Initiative Petition 28) is guaranteed to suck more than three billion dollars a year out of the productive private sector and deposit them in state coffers. What isn’t guaranteed is how all this new government spending might impact the state economy.

While union proponents of this “sales tax on steroids” argue that putting more money into education and other public services will be good for the state, two reputable economic studies don’t show it. Continue reading

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Oregon state tax collections at historical high

Dan Lucas_July 2012_BW

by Dan Lucas

In response to a query from state Sen. Doug Whitsett, Oregon Legislative Revenue Officer Paul Warner replied on August 18, 2016, that it was safe to say that Oregon’s total state tax collections are at a historical high.

That’s consistent with historical data on Oregon tax collections in a February 2014 research report from the Oregon Legislative Revenue Office (LRO) that I wrote about two years ago. That data from 1970-2013 showed “During the 40+ years, income taxes have outstripped inflation and population growth by about $2.5 billion – ending up at $6.7 billion rather than $4.2 billion.” Continue reading

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BETCs, Biofuels and Boondoggles

Sen Doug Whitsett

by Sen. Doug Whitsett

Oregonians have endured unending cries from proponents of big government for more than a decade, claiming the State must have more revenue to run its operations. Those constant pleas, combined with Democrat dominance of both the House and Senate for the past dozen years, have resulted in frequent tax and fee increases levied on Oregon citizens and businesses.

Proponents of ever-increasing government spending universally fail to acknowledge that state government has a spending addiction. Typically absent from their discussion is any reference regarding where the new revenue has been spent and what that spending has achieved. Also missing is any narrative regarding the wasting of taxpayer money on multi-million dollar boondoggles that should never have been allowed to happen. Continue reading

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Oregonians invited to participate in bipartisan PERS solutions work group


Sen. Tim Knopp and Sen. Betsy Johnson

Salem, Ore. – Recognizing that significant Oregon challenges require strong bipartisan teamwork and solutions, Senator Betsy Johnson (D – Scappoose) and Senator Tim Knopp (R – Bend) invite interested Oregonians to participate in a Bipartisan PERS Solutions Work Group to study and make recommendations to address the Public Employee Retirement System (PERS) funding crisis. Currently, state and local governments face an $885 million increase in PERS costs starting July 1, 2017. Editorial boards across the state have called for leadership to address this issue.

“PERS cost increases in 2017 could result in fewer teachers and school days, larger class sizes, and the inability to fully fund other critical government services in 2017,” said Senator Knopp. “We must adopt fair, constitutional PERS solutions during the 2017 session that reduce costs and strengthen our K-12 education system.” Continue reading

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Front page story notes statewide tax waste campaign

oregonian-front-page-postcardBy NW Spotlight,

Taxpayer Association of Oregon was mentioned in a front-page Oregonian article today over a postcard campaign highlighting outrageous government waste.

“The Taxpayer Association of Oregon, a couple of weeks ago, sent a postcard to 30,000 Oregonians that claims “Oregon is the #1 tax-and-spend state in the West,” based on per-capita state spending figures from the National Association of State Budget Officers. The mailer cites some of the state’s more expensive bungled projects, from $300 million spent on the failed Cover Oregon healthcare exchange to a 10-year, $36.5 million-per-mile highway project between Eugene and Newport.”

Here is the full article article “Quiet start to ad blitz over $3 billion tax measure?” which contrasts this ad campaign to the teacher television ad campaign hitting airwaves and also about the upcoming Measure 97 tax on the ballot.

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