How to Submit a Guest Column

Oregon Catalyst is always looking for innovative new commentary and ideas.  All commentaries should have a NW focus with a flare towards free-market, federalism, and freedom.  Excellent submissions are ones that provide intellectual brainfood, exploratory concepts, and relevant solutions to today’s big government blues.  We aim towards higher criticisms versus predictable complaining and whining.  Newness of ideas is paramount.  Along the way to re-shaping a better Oregon through liberating dialogue, we always take time to have fun and to find humor about ourselves and the politicians who man the ship.

The Internet by its very nature breeds a shorter attention span, so please make all submissions concise so people can absorb your entire column. We ask that submissions be a minimum of 400 words.

Some submissions will not be posted because they do not fit with the voice we are trying to create.

Please send guest articles to [email protected] including a brief introduction of yourself.