What is Oregon Catalyst?

Oregon Catalyst started in 2005 as place for conservative Oregonians to gather and share news, commentary, and gossip. Today, it is the largest Conservative political blog in Oregon.

Legal Stuff

Copyright to and responsibility for all posts and comments are owned by their respective authors individually. Articles, posts, and comments on OregonCatalyst are the views of their authors, and do not represent an endorsement by Oregon Catalyst, nor that of the companies, campaigns, or agencies that the authors represent.

Commenting Rules

The posting rules for Oregon Catalyst are as follows:

  • No personal attacks.
  • No harassment, demonization, or advocacy of harm to a particular individual.
  • No disruptive behavior or off-topic remarks for their own sake.
  • No whining.

Postings, comments, etc., contrary to these rules fall under the rubric of “disruptive behavior” and will result in banning from Oregon Catalyst. You may or may not get a warning — it depends on how harried the moderators are. Contributors of all political persuasion must respect the site’s stated purpose.

There is a strict prohibition of fundamentally anti-American ideologies. Nazis, Environmental Terrorists, Communists, and racists are unwelcome at Oregon Catalyst. The proprietors of this site are the sole and final judges and enforcers of this policy.

Highly charged issues (i.e. race, sex, and personal comments of public figures) carry a higher standard in the journalistic world, and also with Oregon Catalyst.  We understand that taking the extra time to choose the right words in such cases is what often makes the difference from an effective compelling commentary versus another opinion lost in its own muddled controversy in the ever-expanding graveyard of conservative gaffs.

Contact Us

If you would like to contact one of our contributors or have general questions regarding Oregon Catalyst, please contact our editor by writing to [email protected].