Progressive Policies Lead to a Lousy Economy

Right From the Start

Right From the Start

The state of the economy is, in a word, LOUSY. The friends of President Barack Obama – the bankers and moneychangers on Wall Street – are doing just fine. They have improved their wealth – without contributing to the expansion of the economy – by leaps and bounds. So much so that in a June 4, 2013 tongue-in-cheek column I wrote that I had decided to become an Obama liberal:

“I could live with all of that, but a recent squib in the Wall Street Journal finally showed me the error of my ways. Michael Derby reports:

‘Americans have recovered only 45% of the wealth they lost during the recession, adjusted for inflation, the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis estimated. . .‘. . . The bank said data that shows a near complete recovery in total aggregate wealth is misleading. The analysts argue aggregate household net-worth data aren’t adjusted for inflation, population growth or the nature of wealth. They note a lot of the recovery in net worth has been tied to the stock market, thus is concentrated in holdings of wealthy families.’

“Bingo!! There it is. While the recession may have begun under President George W. Bush, the “recovery” is all Mr. Obama’s. All of the major stock market indices have recovered and/or surpassed their pre-recession highs. Wall Street moneychangers and investors like me have increased our net-worths beyond pre-recession levels even when adjusted for inflation. Thank you very much Mr. Obama – the overwhelming campaign contributions given to you have paid off handsomely. (Well, the money changers’ campaign contributions, not mine – there are some things not even a pig will do.)”

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Anti-gun bill SB 941 passed in the Oregon House


by NW Spotlight

The anti-gun bill SB 941, “universal” background checks, passed the Oregon House 32-28 yesterday afternoon after a lengthy floor debate. SB 941 was already passed by the Oregon Senate back in mid-April. The bill now moves to Gov. Kate Brown (D), who has indicated she will sign it.

Senate Bill 941 is the bill that unnecessarily expands background checks to almost all sales and transfers of guns by private individuals. Continue reading

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Exec. Club 5/6: Kevin Starrett, Recall petition, Gun bill

strett-kevinExecutive Club Meeting
7:00 pm • Wed. May 6th
Portland Airport Shilo Inn

Our speaker, Kevin Starrett of the Oregon Firearms Federation

The plot thickens, and our speaker is stirring the pot!  Recall petitions have been filed against three liberal Democrat legislators who support SB941, the so-called “universal” background check bill (where “universal” means “except for criminals”, naturally)

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Threats to take your kicker tax refund renewed

dog-logo-stampThreats to take your kicker tax refund renewed.
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Last week’s Oregon Supreme Court ruling over government pensions (PERS) has exploded the budget debate and it will lead to a giant money grab to steal you Kicker Tax Refund. The Supreme Court ruled that lawmakers cannot trim any costs from state government’s $16 billion retirement debt hole.  The court ruling means an immediate $358 million hit in the next state budget cycle.

The forecasted Kicker refund is about $379 million.   This $379 million is over-collected government funds that by law must be returned to the people like you and me.   Now this $379 million is the massive target of politicians who wish to steal it. Continue reading

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Oregon bills on ivory, pot and attacking religious freedoms

Jeff Kruse

With one-party rule in Oregon, we are seeing more loss of freedoms every week

by Sen. Jeff Kruse (R-Roseburg)

At this point in the Session I thought I would show the track of three bills and the way they have been characterized.

The first one is Senate Bill 913 otherwise known as the ivory bill, which basically bans the sale of ivory and rhinoceros horn products in Oregon. We received a large number of emails on this subject, all of them basically saying that elephants need the ivory more than humans. The goal of the legislation was, in theory, to stop the poaching activities in Africa, which would be a good goal. Continue reading

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Coos County officials propose Transient Lodging Tax

Coos County Watchdog Logo_thb

by Rob Taylor, Coos County Watchdog

The past several weeks the Board of Commissioners have been reviewing the county’s budget and as expected there is a 10% shortfall of the necessary amount needed, which is the equivalent to 3.1 million dollars.

It came as no surprise, but the question remains, how does the county make up for the insufficiency?

One proposed solution comes from Commissioner Cribbins in the form of a 10% countywide transient lodging tax, or room tax on all hotels and motels, which would apply to the unincorporated areas of the county, as well as to all the cities. Continue reading

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Supreme Court PERS ruling: Sen. Tim Knopp calls for immediate action

Sen. Tim Knopp_thb

Sen. Tim Knopp

Salem, OR – Yesterday, the Oregon Supreme Court announced their decision to overturn major PERS reforms from the 2013 Grand Bargain that would have saved the state close to $5 billion in unfunded liability.

“[Thursday] we lost 95% of critical savings from PERS reform,” said Senator Tim Knopp (R-Bend). “That means larger class sizes; fewer school days; teacher layoffs; eliminating programs like art, music and PE in schools; tuition increases at community colleges and Oregon universities; fewer police officers, firefighters, and prison guards; fewer resources for fixed-income seniors; cuts to community mental health services; park closures; a reduction in sustainability and community development programs; and significant reduction in other critical services. The legislature must take immediate action to streamline bloated government, create jobs and seek legal PERS reform without raising taxes before Oregon falls off this looming fiscal cliff.” Continue reading

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