All Kitzhaber’s scandals in a single cartoon

All of Governor Kitzhaber’s scandal headline friends at one sitting!
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

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Lars Larson: Cylvia Hayes profiting from ‘low carbon fuel’ pillow talk


by Lars Larson

We all heard a lot about Cylvia Hayes, the girlfriend of Governor John Kitzhaber, who scored more than 80 thousand dollars in consulting contracts, by using her position as a so-called energy advisor to the governor. In fact, we heard about most of the story before Oregon voters re-elected Kitzhaber to another term in office.

But now the Portland Tribune is reporting that Hayes did even better than that. She received two contracts worth more than a hundred thousand dollars from a Washington D.C. energy foundation pushing a low carbon fuel standard. Continue reading

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Kitzhaber scandal: $118,000 dirty lobby money on ‘Low Carbon Fuel’ scheme

dog-logo-stamp.serendipityThumbGovernor Kitzhaber scandal: $118,000 dirty lobby money on ‘Low Carbon Fuel Standard’ scheme
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

The Governor’s environmental adviser was paid $118,000 by a consulting company to push the Low Carbon Fuel Standard scheme which is up for a vote in the 2015 Legislature. Governor Kitzhaber’s environmental adviser is not only a government representative, who had fully utilized government resources at her disposal, but Cylvia Hayes is also the Governor’s fiancée. Also, the Willamette Week reports that Cylvia may not have reported the income on her taxes.  This comes weeks after it was revealed that she used state government employees to book her travel schedule for her private businesses and also transport her cats & dogs around the state.   Taxpayers are witnessing their ethics laws compromised and our democracy up for the highest bidder.   The Low Carbon Fuel Standard scheme could cost taxpayers 20-cent in hidden gas taxes while Kitzhaber’s fiancee nets $118,000 suspected lobby money. You can read the about Governor Kitzhaber’s-Cylvia Hales Low Carbon Fuel Standard scheme here in the Portland Tribune.

Here is what needs to happen next: Continue reading

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Real Education Reform

Right From the Start

Right From the Start

I was asked the other day whether I thought President Barack Obama’s proposal to provide free community college to all was a good idea. I responded that “free” is just another way of saying someone else should pay, and that just spending more money on education is a fool’s errand – the last thirty years should have taught us that. (Free community college will only be free when the teachers unions, administrators and education bureaucrats offer their services free.) As further proof that more money is not the solution, please note that New York and New Jersey are among the highest states in the union on per capita spending on education and among the lowest on achievement. (The Portland public schools however are yearning to catch up to them – high spending/low achievement.)

If you are looking for real education reform there are four things that you must do to achieve it. Continue reading

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Kitzhaber’s education official OKs graphic sex workshops for minors

Parents Rights in Educ_thb

Parents’ Rights in Education

On November 18, 2014, a KOIN 6 investigative report exposed shocking details about the Adolescent Sexuality Conference (ASC) held in Seaside, Oregon. The state responded:

  • 12/01/14 – Oregon Department of Education (ODE) quietly announced the termination of Sexuality Specialist, and Oregon Teen Pregnancy Task Force (OTPTF) Chairman, Brad Victor.
  • 12/10/14 – Rob Saxton, Governor Kitzhaber’s Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction sent a letter to some Oregon school district superintendents who sent attendees to the 2014 ASC.

Continue reading

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2015’s Forward-Looking Celebration of School Choice

By Kathryn HickokCascadeNewLogo

January 25-31 is National School Choice Week. Every January, National School Choice Week highlights the need for effective educational options for all children “in a positive, forward-looking, fun, nonpolitical, and nonpartisan way.”

Planned by a diverse coalition of individuals and organizations, National School Choice Week features special events and activities that support school choice programs and proposals. School Choice Week began four years ago with 150 events. Since then, it has grown into the world’s largest celebration of education reform. The 2015 School Choice Week will feature more than 10,200 independently planned events nationwide. Continue reading

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Marijuana & Vaping future: Death by taxation

dog-logo-stamp.serendipityThumbBy Taxpayer Association of Oregon

The future of Oregon marijuana could be caught up in the history of Oregon’s over-taxation of tobacco.  Tobacco taxes were just increased in Oregon just barely over a year ago & now we are witnessing a flood of new tobacco & vaping taxes (Hb 2066, Hb 2074, Hb 2134, Hb 2160, Hb 2162, Hb 2163, Hb 2166, Hb 2555, SB 14).  Right after the passage of the marijuana legalization Measure 91  there were over 50 cities that considered a local marijuana tax.  Even before there was even a ballot measure written there were lawmakers considering a tax medical marijuana. Continue reading

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