School Choice Fosters Students’ “Profound Gratitude,” Author Says

By Kathryn Hickok

CascadeNewLogo e1342826659899 School Choice Fosters Students’ “Profound Gratitude,” Author SaysStudents everywhere are back in school, including grade school children from low-income families who are attending Oregon private schools thanks to the Children’s Scholarship Fund-Portland.

New York Post columnist Naomi Schaefer Riley recently interviewed a diverse group of students who have graduated from Children’s Scholarship Fund programs across the country. Her book, Opportunity and Hope: Transforming Children’s Lives through Scholarships, shows what a good education means to young people who have a better chance in life because of private scholarships, and she makes a compelling case for the power of school choice. The scholarship alumni profiled in the book are representative of thousands of others, including more than 650 students who have received scholarships here in Oregon. Continue reading

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Dem hypocrisy on Citizens United

NW Spotlight thb Dem hypocrisy on Citizens United

by NW Spotlight

In the Washington Post this week: Wealthy Democratic donor group Democracy Alliance admitted to the Washington Post they were not pleased to see their dark money list made public – they now vow to be more transparent in the future…

The Washington Post said the group of wealthy donors, which includes billionaire George Soros, has pumped an estimated half a billion dollars into a vast network of liberal organizations over the past decade.

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Woodburn Independent endorses Patti Milne for State Senate

Patti Milne Woodburn Independent endorses Patti Milne for State Senate

Woodburn, OR – One of Senate District 11’s largest newspapers endorsed Patti Milne (R-Woodburn) on Thursday in her race to unseat Senator Peter Courtney (D-Salem). The Woodburn Independent chose Milne for her experience, close connection to the community, approachability and kindness.

The Woodburn Independent joins an impressive array of groups and individuals who believe Milne is the better choice for Senate District 11, including Marion County Sheriff Jason Myers, Marion County District Attorney Walt Beglau, Salem Mayor Anna Peterson, Taxpayers Association of Oregon PAC, Marion County Farm Bureau, and National Federation of Independent Business. Continue reading

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Monica Wehby: An independent voice for an independent Oregon

Dr Monica Wehby thb Monica Wehby: An independent voice for an independent Oregon

Dr. Monica Wehby for U.S. Senate

Now that you know Monica supports marriage equality, here are just a few more examples of where she’s willing to put Oregon ahead of partisan politics….

1. Will Fight for Term Limits: Fixing the mess in Washington, D.C. requires changing the way Congress works. That’s why Monica will press for term limits to end the corrosive cycle of control that long-term incumbents have on our system. Monica has already pledged to serve only two terms, but she understands we need more than the power of example to change Washington. Monica knows it’s time for politicians to stop talking about term limits and start enacting them into law. Continue reading

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New Dennis Richardson TV ad: New Vision

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Price tag for inaction on Cover Oregon: $20 million

 Price tag for inaction on Cover Oregon: $20 million

Oregon Senate Republicans

Embattled agency expected to spend $200,000 a day for remainder of the year

Salem, OR -Without legislative intervention, the defunct Cover Oregon agency is planning to spend an additional $20 million on operation costs through the remainder of the year, or $200,000 per day in a five day work week. A growing number of legislators are calling for an emergency legislative special session to close Cover Oregon.

“It’s yet another reason to immediately shut down Cover Oregon, rather than waiting for a session that is six months away,” said Senator Jeff Kruse (R-Roseburg). “There is too much money at stake, too few answers and a track record of too many failures. It is foolish to maintain the same course knowing how much money will be wasted.” Continue reading

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Solar Industry’s Snarky Advertisement

larryhuss Solar Industry’s Snarky Advertisement

Right From the Start

For the past couple of weeks there has been an ad playing on the radio by one of the companies that sell, lease or install solar panels. That ad asks the question as to whether solar power is now so competitive that it is making the utility companies nervous.

Let me help them with the answer. No! Solar power is not competitive and, in fact, would not be commercially viable except for massive subsidies by the government at virtually every turn of the screw. The same can be said of the wind energy industry.

Supporters of wind and solar energy are quick to point to “subsidies” received by the oil and gas industry as justification for the massive government subsidies received by their industries. The trouble is there is no comparison in size, method, or taxpayer risk in those subsidies. The oil and gas industries receive accelerated depreciation treatment for acquisition and development of oil and gas properties. The wind and solar industry receive subsidies through – well, just about everything. A February 8, 2014 article by Larry Bell in Forbes estimated that the level of subsidies to the wind and solar industries is about fifty times greater (per megawatt hour of electricity) than that available to the coal industry and twenty times greater than available to the oil and gas industry. Continue reading

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