Oregon bills on ivory, pot and attacking religious freedoms

Jeff Kruse

With one-party rule in Oregon, we are seeing more loss of freedoms every week

by Sen. Jeff Kruse (R-Roseburg)

At this point in the Session I thought I would show the track of three bills and the way they have been characterized.

The first one is Senate Bill 913 otherwise known as the ivory bill, which basically bans the sale of ivory and rhinoceros horn products in Oregon. We received a large number of emails on this subject, all of them basically saying that elephants need the ivory more than humans. The goal of the legislation was, in theory, to stop the poaching activities in Africa, which would be a good goal. Continue reading

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Coos County officials propose Transient Lodging Tax

Coos County Watchdog Logo_thb

by Rob Taylor, Coos County Watchdog

The past several weeks the Board of Commissioners have been reviewing the county’s budget and as expected there is a 10% shortfall of the necessary amount needed, which is the equivalent to 3.1 million dollars.

It came as no surprise, but the question remains, how does the county make up for the insufficiency?

One proposed solution comes from Commissioner Cribbins in the form of a 10% countywide transient lodging tax, or room tax on all hotels and motels, which would apply to the unincorporated areas of the county, as well as to all the cities. Continue reading

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Supreme Court PERS ruling: Sen. Tim Knopp calls for immediate action

Sen. Tim Knopp_thb

Sen. Tim Knopp

Salem, OR – Yesterday, the Oregon Supreme Court announced their decision to overturn major PERS reforms from the 2013 Grand Bargain that would have saved the state close to $5 billion in unfunded liability.

“[Thursday] we lost 95% of critical savings from PERS reform,” said Senator Tim Knopp (R-Bend). “That means larger class sizes; fewer school days; teacher layoffs; eliminating programs like art, music and PE in schools; tuition increases at community colleges and Oregon universities; fewer police officers, firefighters, and prison guards; fewer resources for fixed-income seniors; cuts to community mental health services; park closures; a reduction in sustainability and community development programs; and significant reduction in other critical services. The legislature must take immediate action to streamline bloated government, create jobs and seek legal PERS reform without raising taxes before Oregon falls off this looming fiscal cliff.” Continue reading

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GOP leadership on Oregon Supreme Court PERS ruling


Oregon Senate Republicans

Salem, OR – House Republican Leader Mike McLane (R-Powell Butte) and Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli (R-John Day) issued the following joint statement regarding today’s Supreme Court decision to strike down the PERS reforms passed by the Legislature as part of the 2013 Grand Bargain:

“Today’s Supreme Court decision represents a step backward for our state and reverses much of the bipartisan work done to address Oregon’s skyrocketing PERS liabilities. The 2013 Grand Bargain compromise was negotiated in good faith and allowed us to streamline state government, reduce taxes on small businesses and put millions back into Oregon classrooms. Once again, Oregon faces billions in unfunded PERS costs that will hurt schools, police departments and other local critical services. It is clear that we will need to work together again to streamline government and create jobs in order to protect Oregon from a looming fiscal crisis.”

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Next Generation invades Capitol

youth-cap1By Taxpayer Association of Oregon,

An impressive delegation of 26 young voters descended on the Capitol to meet and mingle with a dozen lawmakers this week to learn more about the Legislature and our democracy.   The Capitol Pizza Social was a team work event by many partners (Taxpayer Association of Oregon, Emerging Leader for Oregon, Representative John Davis, Representative Bill Kennemer, The Next Generation Project & more) who are devoted to increasing opportunities for Oregon’s young and new leaders.   The top photo on the right shows State Representative & Minority Leader Mike McLane welcoming these students and young leaders to the Capitol.

Continue reading

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Update on 3 main Oregon gun bills


by NW Spotlight

The House has been receiving thousands of emails and phone calls opposing SB941, and it’s making a difference! Please continue emailing and calling your representative to help stop this bad bill.

There are three main gun bills that are still actively moving through the Oregon Legislature.

1) SB 941 – “Universal” Background Checks

The most broadly impactful bill, and the one that has received the most media attention, is SB 941 – the “universal background check” bill that unnecessarily expands background checks to almost all sales and transfers of guns by private individuals. Continue reading

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The Ethics of Hillary Clinton

Right From the Start

Right From the Start

“Money-grubber: a person who cares too much about getting money” – Merriam-Webster Dictionary

When I was growing up in eastern Montana, the term “money-grubber” was used sparingly but derisively by my father to apply to people who would routinely sacrifice ethics, morality and, occasionally, legality in pursuit of money. He was entitled to be critical. My father, like many of his generation, was a “boot-strapper.” He was the only child of a divorced mother who worked as a cook at various ranches and restaurants in the small towns surrounding Miles City. She had nothing – not even a wooden floor in her homes until she was well into her 50’s. My father worked as a “pearl diver” – dishwasher – during high school to help put food on the table. He became a bookkeeper after high school, married my mother and began a family. There was no opportunity for college. While I was in junior high school he began a home study program to become a certified public accountant. He passed the boards and became a CPA. When I was in high school, he began a similar program to become a lawyer. He passed the bar exam and became an attorney. And all the while he worked, he served his community as a city councilman and city attorney, he and my mother raised four children, and he sacrificed to provide the financial resources for each of us to attend college. And not once did he engage in anything that even suggested ethical, moral or legal lapses. Continue reading

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