In opposition to Jackson County Measure 15-119 GMO ban

by Sen. Doug Whitsett A great deal of media talk is concentrated on genetically modified plant and animal food products. The public is subjected to virtually daily alarmist claims that allege dangerous issues regarding GMO food safety, decreased nutritional value … Continue reading

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James Madison wrote about Obamacare

by NW Spotlight 221 years before Obamacare passed, James Madison wrote a pretty good description of Obamacare and its problems. “It will be of little avail to the people, that the laws are made by men of their own choice, … Continue reading

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Budget crisis in Polk County

by Dan Lucas I have been somewhat horrified at the headlines about the budget problems in Polk County. Things have gotten so bad that Polk County now goes for 14 hours a day without sheriff’s patrol and the sheriff’s office … Continue reading

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Oregon Tax Hell: 16th highest taxed state

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon The National Tax Foundation rates Oregon as the 16th highest tax state in the nation. Oregon’s high taxes matches with its big spending ways. U.S. Census Bureau data reveals that Oregon is the 17th biggest … Continue reading

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Another broken Obama promise: Openness and transparency

by NW Spotlight Obama’s administration: “a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy; or, perhaps both.” Remember back in January 2009 when President Obama said in a memo to his administration “My Administration is committed to creating an unprecedented level … Continue reading

Posted by at 06:43 | Posted in President Obama, Transparency | 15 Comments

Oregon GOP US Senate contenders make Wall Street Journal

by NW Spotlight Oregon’s Republican primary race for U.S. Senate made the Wall Street Journal late yesterday. The article by Fred Barnes, with the subtitle “Republicans in Washington [D.C.] picked an ‘electable’ primary candidate. They may need to rethink what … Continue reading

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2 in 5 potential US workers do not have a job

by Sen. Doug Whitsett The national employment report for March was both encouraging and misleading. On the positive side, the rate of unemployment held steady at 6.7 percent. The report stated that nearly 200 thousand net new jobs had been … Continue reading

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